State Radio - Let It Go Lyrics

under the parasol, the magistrate sings the madrigal and shields his face
from the man who sells his madness by way of the gun -
outside the manner yard on the crippled street
young girls sell their bodies for bread to eat
stare the corner down and say so we meet again

but somewhere the people rise and break out in song
their voices are carrying them, and i would but the feet on my souls are
gone from the night they came in

they came in trucks with their iron wrath
driving this country to it's dying breath
but it's never enough for the tyrant and his cattle

let it go

and there he sits, the self-crowned-king, in his bird bath, just rearranging his things
when he hears the songs high over head
he glares at the sky in his disbelief
throws a fit and splashes the bath empty and orders his generals to aim higher

let it go

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State Radio Let It Go Comments
  1. Olivia Marie


  2. Jeff Ault

    Hopping Trains is soooo much fun, I was stoked to see this video, you guys are so rad.

  3. Michael Kass

    saw them live : D

  4. TheMightyNirate

    That looks absolutely beautiful. I'm jealous.

    Wicked music, I love it!

  5. JacksonSpaz

    Aw come on, State Radio is their own band that has proved themselves individually. No need to bring Dispatch or any of their guys into this. That's ancient history :P

  6. andrew Novakowski

    i love state radio so much! i know all the words to all theirs and dispatch songs! im pretty solid at braddigan and petes too! biggest fan right here!

  7. Ad astra

    I love you guys :)
    I need the new album! ♥

  8. showercurtainyo

    lmao. yea what up with the train jumping? awesome though

  9. karissa0989

    I can't wait to see you guys in January! Cool video :)

  10. Brandon Bendfeldt

    saw u guys last night at mohegan. wish u wernt just opening though.