State Radio - Freckled Mary Lyrics

The first time I saw her she was messed up
All out of breath and running her mouth
My said she's wanted down criminal girls
All trouble nothing else

But me I always saw something different
And I tried to get close any time I could
And one day she stopped me in the alley way and jumped me
And asked me if I would

And then right away I had wings for the day
And I looked on that line I was over
So I sit in the street and freckled Mary on her knees
Making sure that no one die till we got old

Sometimes in her car she would tremble
And speak how hard her young heart aches
My sisters got dusted, my brothers all got busted
Good Lord how much can you take

And her face was a front seat of freckles
Her eyes as dark as they were blue
She put me in clothes in the custom common anthem
And told me exactly what to do

And then right away I had wings for the day
And I looked on that line I was over
So I sit in the street and freckled Mary on her knees
Making sure that no one die till we got old

And we all wanna be part of something bigger
But now all our friends they're gone
They were taken in from the rabid and rebellion
Ended in a peddy wagon with freckled Mary yelling firebomb

And then right away I had wings for the day
And I looked on that line I was over
As I sit in the street and freckled Mary on her knees
Making sure that no one die till we got old

And then right away I had wings for the day
And I looked on that line I was over
As I sit in the street and freckled Mary on her knees
Making sure that no one die till we got old

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State Radio Freckled Mary Comments
  1. Sloth

    Song starts at 1:06 :3

  2. Dana Turieo

    I was in this music video at the end, it was a good shoot.

  3. William Weaver

    Wow, this is TERRIBLE. I was ready to stop listening before that stupid intro even ended.

  4. Dustin Hughes

    I followed this video from Old Crow Medicine Show's cover of Wagon Wheel. Other than the out of place music video and dragged out introduction, I really dig the sound. If that  rolling, folksy chorus sound would continue throughout the song, I think I could love it. 

    Anthony Brown

    Old Crow Medicine Show are the original ones who performed, unreleased and unfinished Bob Dylan Song

    Dustin Hughes

    ahh cool, didn't know that.

  5. Jared Marshall

    Boston stand up!

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    Fuck the state.

  7. Elliot Chocano

    Song in the intro?


    Lol I wanna know too

    Michael Parks Randa

    @Dante It's an instrumental of their song Take Cover


    @Michael Parks Randa Thanks bro

  8. TheRealCritique

    Weak attempt at a blues-influenced song...

    F U

    weak attempt at a real critique

    Bas Groothedde

    It sounds more like a western influence than a blues influence to me - with a bit of punk. I rather like the song. 

    Stratton King

    punkish/rockabillly style...have you even listened to the blues?

    Milo DaSandwich

    It's not blues-influenced. Honestly if you're not a fan of State Radio, you probably have a terrible taste in music.

  9. Allenstein

    Reminds me of another State Radio tune . . .10 POINTS for the correct answer!


    Knights of Bostonia?

  10. Matt Simon

    This video is a pretty accurate representation of the road our country is being led down right now

  11. Timothy Lambert

    You would have to be pretty dim not to get the pun??? Cool ass song truely original Band last of a dying Breed!!! TOP OF THE MARNIN TO YA!!!!!

  12. susanne hruška

    sounds like pulp fiction

  13. crazyquacker75

    is that the most interesting man in the world?

  14. nur fatihah

    i dont really like the music but the video are cool ^*

  15. nur fatihah

    i didnt get it

  16. John Gumas

    hey kai

  17. ChronicallyClever

    FM... Fuck me

  18. Will Hoover

    heheh, I see what you did there.

  19. mattjusa .FRIDAYFRANKANDB

    Hate much?

  20. noonagurl

    Are you my mummy?

  21. mechacode on the internet

    They're not corporate sponsored and won't be anytime soon. Their message of fighting the system doesn't work well with the current fascism that is gripping the US.

  22. ConnorSwift

    This band seems like a great "undiscovered" talent. They got me interested for sure!

    Also, this video deserves more than 155,829 views, it deserves something like 2 million!

  23. Chro

    And inconvenient.

  24. WigglesAround

    I agree, but the song is cool.

  25. Chad Thompson

    chad went to my high school...

  26. The Roaring Twenties

    wow a fantasy once removed never ever making any real change or taking any risk. dumb video

  27. Christopher Kunst

    Congrats, people, it would seem to me we have a marketable demographic assembled here.

  28. Christopher Kunst

    Name a few for my discerning, I'm sure you can find em somewhere and I am starved for new bands

  29. Archany

    Freckled Mary has a curious lack of freckles

  30. Paul Merullo

    There are so many better bands in Boston. Very dissapointed! Fuck, beards are just that powerful that they distract you from crappy music.

  31. abnormal979

    This music video is so sick!

  32. Carson

    The black cop she tricked is sexy as hell.

  33. mophead241

    I seriously fucking love this music video :O

  34. Kidofrodo

    The girl in the video looks like Sandra Bollock

  35. Dana Turieo

    I'm in this 4:37!!!

  36. Robert Judge

    best episode of dr who :D

  37. Nadhrah Izmi

    The gas masks only remind me of "Are you my mummy?"

  38. Sam Swanson

    is that kanye?

  39. rinmemorichikashi

    Rachel Delante...your beautiful smile got me.

  40. Dominick Tranquilli

    "mary" is cute lol

  41. iFrndlyfire

    reminds me of early Against Me!

  42. Salvador Olivera Iguini

    Me too :)

  43. Borovitskyy Nik

    I watch this video because of beautiful girl's smile ;)

  44. TheCompanionsGuild

    the singer reminds me of bob ross

  45. patryk kk

    raczej słucham rapy i wbiłem tu przez przypadek mimo to bardzo mi się spodobało

  46. Chris Matthews

    oh. you're a troll. wtf man please just stop

  47. Chris Matthews

    what? what makes you say that?

  48. joseworldofwarcraft

    so shut up and kiss me!

  49. joseworldofwarcraft

    but you do want to pay for the ugly girls kids public schooling? look i think libertarain is the way to go

  50. Karim Hozayen

    @kmpgvyz your right! this track kill me Oh Btw use this to get the mp3 of this music >

  51. Thomas Miller

    State Radio is the best band I've found in a long time!! So glad I did!!

  52. joseworldofwarcraft

    so where are the freckles on marry hun?

  53. BladeThisisnot

    I was a wolf in the video lol :)

  54. Stephen Rasso

    ...Not what I was expecting. But I like, Alright.

  55. Space Cat

    Come to Atlanta! Please?

  56. Omer Hascicek

    i enjoyed the song pretty nice

  57. Nay Dub

    Ohhh! I'm diggin it!

  58. Quasimodo

    im pretty sure thats an organ

  59. Raynier Occ

    juz to burn tat piano? owh idiot

  60. Irisedpig

    uh so where are her freckles?

  61. Pinaple Minoxide

    video a shot out to lupe fiasco's words i never said maybe?

  62. benjymeyers5

    i dont get it...

  63. Matt _

    Song sucks...The Brunette made the video for me. Pissed they used my hometown in this shitty video...

  64. Loveismydeath666

    I usually read while I listen to music. Yeah, not with this song.

  65. Chris Matthews

    no. lots of chad's songs are fables he makes up but the message is still true

  66. LBPB97

    is that true about that toxic air in boston?

  67. Rachel Young

    Is the song in the beginning Take Cover?

  68. Furkan aydın

    4:08 ♥

  69. R!R!

    I love this song

  70. Charlie Melody

    the most interesting man in the world 1:35

  71. Naiuhz

    Got to hand it to Rachel Delante. She did a pretty good job.

  72. James Bazzano

    Chad you look like a hairy animal when you have the mask on......

  73. Chris Esposito

    Her eyes are also the wrong color...but it's an awesome video.

  74. Atkins Ears

    wow great video, and song. loved it

  75. Nate Bailey

    goodluck moving a stolen organ with a prius

  76. Matt DeCapua

    *right him up

  77. The Midgets Hammer

    I found it funny that she was protesting the polution and driving a full size pickup.

  78. Soroush Rahimian

    Best state radio video yet. Come back to California. We miss your shows.

  79. Chris Matthews

    haha thank you

  80. ilan sulimanov

    i found some arabs with duck face 1:08

  81. ilan sulimanov

    Stuiped Mayor

  82. Malisa Krzanovic

    they have some potential.. :)

  83. Полина Боярская

    мне нравится)няши)

  84. AstonRock

    OH I LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Ginger Bread

    I dig it, its got like a twang to it. hell ya.

  86. BitchStoleMyNameIdea

    "Her face was a frenzy of freckles" ...PEH-LEEEEEASE.

  87. CP6L1

    are you my mommy?

  88. Alexandre Potvin

    In all honesty I've seen and heard better from high school bands.

    And I don't like high school bands.


  89. Alexandre Potvin

    ...That's... Nothing interesting.

    Darren P

    Yet you STILL watched and listened......

  90. Sabina Shaqiri

    This song is amazing...

  91. Ben Matthews

    oh man this turned out so well!!! I got the shivers at "FIRE BOMB!" Also my girlfriend was an extra in this :D

  92. Bobby Jae

    Faith in State Radio restored :D (it never completely went away but I freakin love this song)

  93. Dan Greenleaf

    Awesome job gang.

  94. Chris Matthews

    anybody else wanna right in Chad Urmston on their 2012 ballot??

  95. Justine Swindell

    FYI "freckled Mary" doesn't have any freckles...

  96. Justin Ivey

    chadwick and state radio doing what they do best. keep it coming boys.