State Radio - Calling All Crows Lyrics

Cause I come from the land of the shaman
Where the innocent are taken to the pavement
Won’t somebody just tell them
Won’t somebody oh, won’t somebody oh oh oh oh oh...

Won’t you please look after my children
All the words that are coming from the mouths of the women
From the northland down to the rio grande
New England town to Oregon
Wont somebody oh oh oh oh oh

So we’re calling all the crows
They comin' in slow
It's gonna be a show down
Said the rebel to the revolutionary come with me
And if you feel like you are witnessing a movement
Then get up girl and let them know you're free

Cause I come from the land of the shaman
Where the world is looking up you know it's changing
Won't somebody just tell them
Won't somebody oh, won't somebody oh oh oh oh oh…

So we're calling all the crows
They comin' in slow
It's gonna be a show down
Said the rebel to the revolutionary come with me
And if you feel like you are witnessing a movement
Then get up girl and let them know you're free

Said the rebel to the rebel
I will go if you come with me
I'm tired of living in a fable
Blue sky I'd love to see
The journey must continue and does not stop in me, no
Cause the rivers wide
but with all of us we can reach from side to side
and it is here that we must all ?

So we're calling all the crows
They comin' in slow
It's gonna be a show down
Said the rebel to the revolutionary come with me
And if you feel like you are witnessing a movement
Then get up girl and let them know you're free

It's just a murder of crows
They comin' in slow
It's gonna be a show down
Said the rebel to the revolutionary follow me
And if you feel like you are witnessing a movement
Then get up girl and let them know you're free
You got to get up girl and let them know you're free
You got to get up girl and girl let them know you're free

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State Radio Calling All Crows Comments
  1. Christina Auer

    Here we are with this song being horrifically relevant in the USA right now. UGH

  2. donnadignity


  3. Luckystar311

    Love this song

  4. justmemy1banana

    tap tap revenge 3 was a great game no?

    Verania Hinojosa

    justmemy1banana memories

  5. Chris Brown

    Like song hate femminist

  6. A Z

    I remember this song being on tap tap joy like 40 years ago lol

  7. Marci Wilson

    This video portrays the essence of what International Women's Day is all about, women from around the world, in spite of their differences, standing together and recognizing that we are a force for change and that by coming together as sisters, we have the power to make the world a better place for all of humankind.


  8. sammi4982

    'r u kiddin' me, punk???' That's what a girl should say when they tell her "you must cover yourself in a veil". P.S. that works 2 ways- just sayin'

  9. Angel Cruz

    I don't understand what they are trying to say?

  10. Geovana patricia

    this is so cool

  11. DoubleAAnime

    crazy people be trying to look into this video wayyy too much. The lyrics and the music video is centered around the women and empowering them... OBVIOUSLY they have to sing through a mans voice because he is the freaking singer....

    Balthazar Sapien

    All societal issues in one video that is empowering. Makes me want to get up and take action. I wish there was a feminist group that would stand for this. Because human rights groups do not seem to be doing much.

  12. M Rhodes

    Good beat, crappy message.  Jesus Christ cleared all slates...stop ignoring the memo.  No movement worth pursuing except when sitting on a toilet.

  13. Mike B.

    Rand Paul sent me here!

  14. sammi4982

    Don't mean to get into a battle of the sexes here but... Love this song for what it represents to me...'there are places on this earth where tyranny and oppression have tried to black out those who give half of the light to the earth' and in my day I have been blessed to see that the stars will be triumphant! <3

  15. Cear Camarillo

    15 dislikes? Seriously? That's 15 too many

  16. sammi4982

    Or are they woman who have learned to speak with a voice that sounds like a man so that they might be heard? Just sayin'


    @Justa Man TOUCHE'

    Gargling Marbles

    How high are you on a scale from -1 to porridge?


    @Gargling Marbles Are you gargling marbles? I can't under stand you. 

    Gargling Marbles

    @sammi4982 whargharbbl


    @Gargling Marbles ...and how would you respond to my reply to your comment if  you weren't an educated human being???

  17. April Callahan

    Can we please realize that he isn't being sexist! He is singing his song and giving the women a powerful center stage for the video. The girls mean every word they are mouthing... Chad is just singing because it is his song that he knows how he wants it to be sung. The smiles on these girls faces should show you that.

  18. markvanslam

    Bet it was fun shooting this video.

  19. markvanslam

    Is that Sybil at the start? She's Chadwick's gal yeah?

  20. Jack Kobylarz

    Love it!!

  21. Wackford Files

    Way to go Sybil! Great Vid!

  22. izeawalker

    I think the reason the band doesn't even appear represent female value.. men in the background. Women take center stage.

  23. MsWetTowel

    If men can't get involved in fighting for equal rights then it will be a lonely fight.

  24. jakerudnick

    That's like saying you should only try to feed the hungry if you're starving. Get over yourself.

  25. Lois Fitzgerald

    So I love the lyrics and the tune and everything, but the way to video is set up is disturbing me. What with the men in the background/"behind the scenes" and it has the women mouthing the words as if what women have to say only matters if men are making them say it. The only women's movement I'm interested in is by women for women.

  26. Iris

    I just love the message of this song. And it's catchy.

  27. S. Rakes

    <3 it
    thainx fer sharin'

  28. Lauren Stevenson

    I LOVE THIS SONG! It is my favorite State Radio song! Such a good message! My dad went to high school with Chad! There great!

  29. Val Moul

    So kick ass

  30. swingdog

    free itunes music. the only song I actually like.

  31. Make Major

    wow, what a great song!

  32. KMG68

    Wow. Powerful video!

  33. Bleustar Crash

    Music with a message. Love!

  34. Bry Hickey

    That awkward moment when I watch this video all the time and just notice Chad in the background in the beginning moving the ladder...

  35. Andrew Shaman

    guess what my last name is

  36. rnola

    His name is Chad.

  37. rnola

    It it a guy.

  38. Eduard Ciorobitca

    OMG when i listened this first i tought it was a dude singer...

    Professor Swaggamuffin

    He is a guy. Chadwick Stokes.

  39. Cnstr2

    i have no thumbs. i am a fetus

  40. Socrates Razo

    FUCK tap tap I'm here for State Radio.

  41. DamageOverDefence

    Woh Woh Woh! That's all fine but, you have a computer in your kitchen? Nah I'm just kidding...

  42. Mariana Gonzalez

    I found this song because I got my laptop fixed, and the man who fixed it was kind enough to upload a few free songs, including this one :3

  43. DamageOverDefence

    I bought a computer and it came with this song, first i thought it was "calling all the cows" because of the bell at the first part :P

  44. skidmarkymark

    Boston music

  45. longliverocknroll5

    have fun with that anger in jail psycho

  46. jlscout

    I found what seems to be the correct lyrics in other site:

    "I come from the land of the shaming
    Where the innocent are taken to the pavement
    Won't somebody just tell them
    Won't somebody oh, won't somebody oh oh oh oh oh...

    Won't you please look after my children
    Are the words from the mouths of the women
    Some are gettin' all the wood to get the fire laid,
    Some are picking up the pieces of their last days
    Won't somebody oh oh oh oh oh"

    Hope may help.
    Great song. Thanks for sharing :)

    A Weird

    Pretty sure that should be "I come from the land of the shaman"

  47. Emily Long

    @alduesther Why yes, I am a lesbian; thank you for asking. I'm very glad you realize that this song was intended to speak to all oppressed minorities as a call to action.

    You're a douche. Fuck off.

  48. Dominic Youe

    International woman's day. Solidarity with all the women in countries where they are not treated with equality. Peace, love and unity. x

  49. ryanbailey4188

    Who is the creator of this video. I have a strong feeling that it was Chad Urmston

  50. bbhrupp

    @alduesther just because you don't like the song doesn't mean you have to be so mean!!

  51. bbhrupp

    @bananars805 I agree :D the second verse is confusing :P

  52. marekprazak

    i came here because i love great music.

  53. Luco Barcellos


  54. Kristen Faith

    Love this song! And yes, tap tap revenge did take me here. :) Let's go girls!

  55. Aaron Lewy

    @Gnarginsing god do you not know music

  56. Mike Holmes

    thumbs up if tap tap sent you here :)

  57. TheBanana4life

    @TheLevarBurton This is true for a some men, yes, but you are suggesting all men are like this. They are not.

  58. TheBanana4life

    @TheLevarBurton How so? Also are you suggesting that not a single man can stop himself from having sex with the nearest thing that move?

  59. TheBanana4life

    religion is to blame for the oppression of women, but without religion this epic song would not have been made so i guess religion is good for one thing

  60. WakinUptheSheep

    Regardless of what ppl thinks about the vid (which when showing the strength of gathered women, I don't give a fuck who's behind it) the words fuckin rock, man. Thanks so much. Those that are unplugged get it.

  61. Wong Guan Hao


  62. Wong Guan Hao

    @TheLightningSaix ....r u sure

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  65. Uneica Garrett

    @livefreeordie45 Ok I don't get it? What exactly is the video about o.0 and what are you saying? I only know this song from playing it on Tap Tap Revenge 4 about an hour ago. >.>

  66. Uneica Garrett

    Tap Tap Revenge 4 brought me here. ;D

  67. Wong Guan Hao


  68. Wong Guan Hao

    wtf is that a man or woman

  69. Trenten Woods

    I Really Liked This Video. Everytime I Listen To Them Or Dispatch I Feel Like I Should Go Make A Difference And This Is One Of The First Bands I Heard That There Songs Have A Meaning And They Make A Difference.

  70. Anthony Momsen

    I'm a descendant of royalty and I say the hell with all that ceremonial crap. Hell the Royal's in England are just expensive figure heads. If you need to know I was born in England and am of royal English blood plus a multitude of other nationalities. I would support the woman that want to be free. They have just as much of a right to be free as we men are. I say "Go Girls".

    Ezra Course

    you know practically all the royals believe that, your not special.

  71. Chase Cadena

    HOLLY CRAP!!!!! what are all those girls doing out of the kitchen!!!

  72. Jason J

    This video is wonderful...It's a shame that the powerful musiq takes a back seat to the mass manufactured plastic pop stars...This is alive with beauty!!!

  73. Balmy

    @Xymoxinfest a gay one

  74. Balmy

    god i love this band

  75. crashkadara

    @falconlord5 Okay, A. I'd really appreciate it if you didn't sass me, I mean, how old are you? Twelve? Next, Queen Elizabeth II is still on the throne in England. I live in England, I also work with the homeless while that doddering old bitch wallows in luxury. If their are people dying in your country then why would you take their money? Why would you allow yourself to be surrounded by such decadence when the people in the country you own often don't have enough to feed themselves. It's sick.

  76. Ossimauro

    Who's that girl?

  77. crashkadara

    @drizztf88 Thanks honey, I'm glad someone gets what I'm trying to say.

  78. crashkadara

    @falconlord5 Sorry, what stunt?
    Living in luxury while people die on the street?

  79. drizztf88

    Exactly! you're absolutely right.

  80. crashkadara

    @KevinMB73 Honey, I'm sorry, but no Royal should ever be an inspiration to anyone.
    They are disgusting parasites who live in unimaginable wealth while their 'people' die on the streets. Not only that, but they're fucking Worshiped for it.
    I don't care what either of those horrid bitches said at their ridiculously expensive, bullshit ceremonies, they are still the best example of our ignorant, cannibalistic society to date.
    Sorry if I sound rude, but I can't stand people fawning over them.

  81. jakesoccerfreak

    i love state radio and all, but i think the video could've been a little better.... (yea i know its about women abuse awareness)

  82. KevinMB73

    @dianaw10 maybe because she was strong & an inspiration to some women? as was noted in the reviews of will & kate's wedding, diana broke tradition & did not say the words "to obey" in her wedding vows. kate did not either. that stuff adds up.

  83. KevinMB73

    women will change the situation of women. all they're gonna do is stand up one day and say "new rules". they won't wait for the folks who'll need to stand down to do so because they won't stand down until they're told it's time. (this is from a man. it's neither permission nor instruction. you don't need either from me or anyone. it's just an observation of how the change is gonna come.) the sooner the better.

  84. Wakookaka

    God it's annoying when f-tards use the entire video image as a link...

  85. diegoysteffani

    Happy Women's day!

  86. Diana Weyman

    why is princess diana at the end>?

  87. akavioletcarson

    My inner feminist highly approves of this song. FUCK yeah!!!

  88. princemichiet

    haha I never noticed that it was Chad carrying the ladder at the beginning!

  89. Tajsiwel

    I love this song! i played it on tap tap revenge 4 and fell in love wit it XD

  90. David Woodbury

    @babegina21 me too!!

  91. Sámuel Wulf

    State radio forever :) and tap tap 3!!! ^^

  92. Dixia Aguilar

    this song is the shit lol! =D

  93. Anto Lecco

    Bella bella...scoperta grazie a TAP TAP!!

  94. Anto Lecco

    Bella bella...scoperta grazie a TAP TAP!!

  95. dogs2rulee

    this guy came to our school and sung this! soo good