State Radio - Black Welsh Mountain Lyrics

Running upon her
She a baby wife on my way through the dark
Since too long you'll be mine
Black welsh mountain I'll see you there
How you love my face
I wanna know all about
I wanna know darling

As the wind blows
He's got his best clothes
He says I need you the most
He said it top light
By now I notice
But now the life weaks from the house
It close out the duffle ring

Listen to this world that would come
From the weight of the world
And he stood up in that light
I carry my secret across the dead
Walk a mountain and over
My only pray is just to hold my baby right now

And as the wind blows
The naughty bar calls
We miss you around here in the clouds
And all for moonlight
She hear the dog fight
The skinny war fed
Against the world ye

And as the wind blows
They put his love down
Said this is all my fault
I'll lie down your head
She said it's alright
She flicks her dark eyes
And now the cloud call
Oh the cloud calls

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State Radio Black Welsh Mountain Comments
  1. TheYontartu

    favorite song on the album. i cant even imagine how good it is live

  2. Holly Booth

    yayy finally! New State Radio tunes making my Monday bearable