State Champs - Time Machine Lyrics

So many plans we made were washed away
So many memories faded away
Honestly I didn't know it was ending

We count the calendar, checking off the days
We look ahead, they laugh at the plans we made
Honestly I didn't know it was ending

We don't know what the future holds

I wish I had a time machine
So you would never have to leave
And I wouldn't have to say sorry
But now we're running on a picture perfect memory
Of all the things I couldn't say
And I'll never have to say sorry that I couldn't save you

Under the lights we sang all our favorite songs
We thought the days went dry, somehow we were wrong
Honestly I hope I never remember

We don't know what the future holds

I wish I had a time machine
So you would never have to leave
And I wouldn't have to say sorry
But now we're running on a picture perfect memory
Of all the things I couldn't say
And I'll never have to say sorry that I couldn't save you

(This life is taking forever
Under the lights we sang all our favorite songs
I never want to remember)

Later in the dark with the shades pulled down
I wait for the part where you bleed me out again
I never want to remember (again, again, again)

Later in the dark with the shades pulled down
I wait for the part where you bleed me out again
I never want to remember (again, again, again)

I wish I had a time machine
So you would never have to leave
And I wouldn't have to say sorry
But now we're running on a picture perfect memory
Of all the things I couldn't say
And I'll never have to say sorry that I couldn't save you

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State Champs Time Machine Comments
  1. Jhoon Rhee Quinto

    Philippines is wating for you champs!

  2. Aya Afterlife

    oh my god Mark's voice is magical...

  3. Devon Brown

    Why hasnt anyone made a cover of this? Is this not one of the best melodic songs on this album?

  4. Joey Biyola

    "so you would never have to leave"

    my heart hurts 💔

  5. Devon Brown

    what key is this in?

  6. rachel krats

    I love this song they better do this at sad summer 3rd time seeing state champs 2nd meeting them lets goo!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  7. Axl Baya

    Philippines 🇵🇭

  8. Alec Burmeister

    Listen to Adam's Song and you'll see that his voice can get a bit higher pitched :)

  9. Rani Hapsari A

    beautifully filtered? it so good tho TT

  10. Joshua Manoy

    Why does the first verse sounds like Alex Gaskarth

  11. Dam Son

    Hoppus @ 2:08

  12. mamshmellow


    Scarlet Molinas

    mamshmellow 😢😢

  13. Blackouted Inc.

    Times Machines...
    Times Machines...
    Am madafakin Time Machines.. 😂

  14. Jundamen

    So underrated

  15. Travis Okula

    The songs not horrible definitely not their best they honestly shouldve just used the piano on this song bc all the other instruments sound rly thin in this

  16. Travis Okula

    How does the song fting mark hoppus end up being the most un pop punk thing theyve done

  17. gibby

    I didn’t know All Time Low changed their name to State Champs!

  18. laurel

    this exactly sounds like it's taken from blink's california


    essi that’s because John Feldmann produced this song and the whole album. He also produced bands like All Time Low, 5SOS even blink-182’s California. So his sounds is pretty recognizable and predictable in the pop punk world.

  19. laurel

    wow 2 of my faves 💝

  20. Levi Sowell

    Love this whole album!

  21. geckoztom

    after the song i was like,.. wait was mark hoppus in this? didnt even recognize him! Let me listen again to find which one is his voice

  22. dirtyfingers _

    Mark hoppus on california's style

  23. jsamm13

    I’m convinced that everything Mark Hoppus touches turns to gold

  24. Jritchi94

    this song really resonates with me

  25. Samantha Welker

    Y'all are so inspiring....

  26. Josuel Filho


  27. Beto Romero

    I feel that Mark's voice is intentionally edited to a higher pitch to simulate Tom's old voice. Metaphorically relating to this song


    I love you Mark Hoppus my hero 😍🤙

  29. Paul Thomas

    Been a fan for years, but I think they've crossed the point of no return. Their next album will be a bad clone of All Time Low, just like about half of this album

  30. Harley Ponder

    I feel like Mark’s vocal style’s different here lol, is that just me?😂

  31. Felipe Guimarães

    where is Mark Hoppus

  32. Tyler Cornelison

    Anybody else think that Derek looks baked asf in the thumbnail? 😂

  33. N J

    Hahahahaha love mark but there’s no way he can sing that in real life.

  34. Prada Story

    This song must in my favorit sad song🖤

  35. Vanessa Wijaya

    cant even recognize mark’s voice in this


    Vanessa Wijaya same for me, I had to put some effort to recognize it

    Jake Giguere

    Right? Like I thought it was one of the members singing that part. I was surprised when I found out it was Mark.

  36. Carter Watson

    Probably my favorite besides dead and gone


    two of the worst songs in Champs history bud. Been a huge fan since the start but this and dead and gone are super weak in my opinion.


    Ironically both written with John Feldmann.... hmm


    @Inyourownwords bruh i never give a chance to State Champs.. since you are an OG can you name me some good songs of them? Big thanks

  37. Ryan A

    Sounds like a sleeping with sirens song

  38. Rudi Setiawan

    Lossless :{

  39. Kyle Armstrong

    Auto Tune on Mark is terrible.v

  40. A J

    i love the video as well although they are all the same in every song 😂😂

  41. wasp

    Sad and beautiful. I love you State Champs ♥

  42. Dominic

    This is beautiful 😭😭

  43. Ultima Umbreon

    This song is brilliant. Brought on sad vibes though haha

  44. proudGDfreak

    So many filters on Mark's voice......

    Matthew Clemons

    Ryan Hayden You understood what he meant. Not everyone is a producer and knows the correct terminology. Let the guy go lol

    Ryan Hayden

    while i realize his terminology is confused, i still disagree on the point.


    Ryan Hayden Ah, while we are being cunty about terminology there are no such things as "sub frequencies". There is sub bass which is low frequencies but no sub frequencies.

    Really though, I could have let this pass since you get your point across just like with you and ProudGDFreak.

    Ryan Hayden

    Jebs what’s a proudgdfreak? The point I’m making is all these people complain about things they don’t understand and can’t even put a finger on. There is no outstanding effects (or “filters”) on marks voice. People just like to complain.


    So if effects make the band untalented than pretty much everything from the 60s on must be trash. they all use effects. Most if not all bands use effects to bring resonance to the vocals compared to the instruments. Obviously thats why certain instruments are set louder or quieter to equalize all of the different instruments tracks. If you really want to complain about using voice effects, make sure your music doesn't do the same exact shit.

  45. shamus248

    song would be better without Mark's vocals...Derek is a way better singer

  46. Jason LovesABR

    I understand the entire vibe, but man, this song is so monotonous and goes almost nowhere. I enjoy the guitar vibes but the drums especially seemed lifeless from Evan..

    Will Skinner

    Dance Gavin Dance’s album makes it hard to like anything else honestly.

    Jason LovesABR

    Will Skinner haha true. I kinda like most of this album, but for the most part it just seems there. DGD will 100% be in my top 10 favorites of the year. As it stands, they are currently at the top with Sevendust.

    Vidics Ferenc

    I like this song. Kinda growned on me. This is a different vibe than the fast pop punk stuff. I could compare this to blink-182s all of this but this is more upbeat.

  47. Nothing Really matters

    Mark Hoppus father of poppunk

    Vini Lopez

    Noah R nah, descendents did it before blink or green day.....if you listened to songs like christmas vacation, cheer or silly girl you could hear exactly where blinks sound came from, it wasnt just hardcore underground punk, it was more melodic and poppier, blink did in the late 90s and early 2000s what the descendents had already done in the early-mid 80s


    Scott Cater you sir win dumb comment of the day 👍

    Scott Cater

    they both suck so hard its tough to pick . I'm not talking about their studio work , I'm talking about their quality of sound during a live performance . It is sub par. Even w/ Matt Skiba... Thats why Tom Delonge is chasing aliens now.


    Scott your sodium levels are off the chart. Go see a doctor.

    Devin Biery

    Scott Cater Billie joe hates the term “pop punk” (look it up) & Green Day wasn’t pop punk like blink was. Green Day was punk rock. Blink was punk rock up until enema of the state, then they became more pop punk, then alternative rock I guess you’d call it idk

  48. Gilang Arlianto Ramadhan Arfah

    Hello from Indonesia. Makassar-Gowa

  49. Marcos New

    I would love have a time machine and said to SC that i'd loved the album even before he's out, tho!!!

  50. Xuão Paulo Aileron

    Best music 2018

    Jason LovesABR

    JoaoPaulo Araujo Fuck no.

  51. Xuão Paulo Aileron


  52. Zohaib Bux

    Too poppy
    This song is garbage

    Michael Coulston

    Zohaib Bux you ever seen see these live or are you just a keyboard warrior who knows fuck all about music and have no appreciation for talent 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻


    Just cause its poppy doesnt mean its trash. It's just not to most of our taste is all.


    Zohaib Bux you wanna learn to construct an argument first?

    Jaimie Mangold

    You’re right because I’m the history of punk or pop punk noones every made a slow song with feels in it before 🙄 gtfoh this song and album are fantastic

    Lynngvn AJ

    Just bc it does doesn't mean it's trash.... Sometimes artists switch up there music a bit. There's nothing wrong with that

  53. Linda Perez

    This is a picture perfect memory

  54. Seven Fly

    The production and mixing mastering is so well done, the strengths in Derek's voice are very noticeable in this whole album. Bravo to State Champs and the entire team behind them as well 🤙

  55. Ship Wreck

    mark doesnt sounds like him in this

    Chase Allsup

    Muhammad 19 he's trying to sing high like tom lol

  56. AWP Mortis

    It finally released !!!!

  57. Color Me Leighzy

    Mark Hoppus <3

  58. karma :3


  59. Yen Nguyen

    I Love this so much, Great job guys!!!!!

  60. JC Wayseer

    Hello from Brazil.

    Francisco G

    passa a carteira

  61. memes

    hype !! <3

  62. Alyssa Claire

    I've never clicked on anything so fast. 😂

    AWP Mortis

    Pop Punk Princess lol same here

    Jason LovesABR

    Pop Punk Princess True. Nice PFP BTW 😍😂

    Alyssa Claire

    Jason LovesABR thank you

    Jason LovesABR

    Pop Punk Princess You're very welcome lol and nice username.