Starset - Rise And Fall Lyrics

Watch them all lie down
Watch the eyeless gain control,
Gain control!
They could never blind me

I clench the fist and overtake it all
I navigate the endless rise and fall
You push my back against the wall
When I attack I'm taking all
I'm taking it all
Rise and fall

One more fits inside the mold
One last chance to break the hold,
Break the hold!

I clench the fist and overtake it all
I navigate the endless rise and fall
You push my back against the wall
When I attack I'm taking all
Taking it all
Rise and fall!
Rise and fall!

I clench the fist and overtake it all
I navigate the endless rise and fall
You push my back against the wall
When I attack I'm taking all
I'm taking it all
Rise and fall

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Starset Rise And Fall Comments
  1. Matthieu Eagan

    "Rise and Fall", huh? Could be a rollercoaster at first glance. Upon listening to the song, however...

  2. Evandro Guilherme Schardong

    3:00 Where the fallen rise

  3. Omar Yañez Zavala


  4. Victoria Osborne

    Really love this song. Hard to say I've got a favorite Starset song but this one is up there on the list. Mostly due to the ending part. I listen all the way through every time.

  5. Biswajit Nath

    once i was watching videos on YouTube, i got monster recommended to me, i listened to, thnak u for making me a fan of starset. ✌️

  6. Felix Siswanto

    Top 3 Favorite Band
    1. Starset
    2. Linkin Park
    3. Nirvana

  7. Mosaic Slime

    The insignia reminds me of a top view of Burj Khalifa.

  8. Jish

    Anyone else listening to Transmissions after listening to Divisions?

  9. Da chicken man man

    That outro......

  10. kat kauffman

    I'm back again, full circle after Divisions

    I feel complete

    Bayan Hammad

    Me too ✋🏻

  11. jck1794

    i want a full 10 min long piece of just the outro instrumentals here

  12. oh god

    Y'all ready for Divisions 2019?!

    Ally Fey

    oh god HELL YES

    Serhat Murat Asbit

    Amazing album

  13. Preafyx Production

    The sign used looks like the SCP FOUNDATION sign

  14. elma yoneso

    Esta música es arte y pienso que debería tener más visitas.

  15. 3ddy

    The very beginning sounded like unknown soldier from breaking benjamin

  16. The Fall Of Genesis

    That Downplay, “OOHHH” glad he brought that over

    Serhat Murat Asbit

    I PREVAIL ??

    Gangrene Gangster

    @Serhat Murat Asbit Yep, the album art for TRAUMA

  17. edgel0rd

    I like how the song is so hard and instrumental so chilled

  18. tHe BeEs KnEeS


  19. 1.4M views

    There is no band to change my taste in music better than Starset. I was not much for rock until the atmosphere changed halfway through the song, making me completely rethink their potential, and genius behind the music they make. This band hits #1 on my list. No band has made any instrumentals better than Starset, and it deserves to stay that way. Keep making music, please. But also please take as much time as needed. I want the best out from this band.

  20. Itachi Uchiha

    its like a mangekyou sharingan

  21. ice wolfy gamer

    I luv starset

  22. Tio Steven

    I love this song

  23. Angel Dozetos

    Starset best thing ever since life ...and pizza

  24. Echo The Youtuber

    Out for eleven months
    Only 295 dislikes, they are the people who waste there life hating on everything.


    Or, they could have opinions. Sure, not everyone in the world will like Starset. That doesn't mean they are haters. It's just their opinions.

  25. Ashley Ketchum

    that scream at the end sounds a lot like your scream from Digging It Out. 👀

  26. TheTarkonator

    Of all of the bands who have Risen and Fallen.

    Starset will be the Last to Fall.

  27. Albert Einstein

    Somebody tell me that the symbol for this song isn't the Mangekyo Sharingan. I mean cmon shade it red and black and you have the Mangekyo Sharingan


    Both are circles and both have spiral things inside the circles, but they are different.

  28. Omar Yáñez Zavala

    Poderos canción y a ROCKEAR

  29. Mark McCulfor

    Is he yelling "RISE AND FARRRRRRRRTTTTT!!"?

  30. Tio Stain

    666 Coments, iluminatti confirmed

  31. luciano passa

    sounds a lot like coldrain :O

  32. Jack Raiden

    Reminds me of "Before my bosy is dry"

  33. Cryptic

    i'm still here :')

  34. Hana M.G

    Como que si entendí y luego se se me fue el avión como que Levantarte y luego caerte ¿What?😮

  35. TheRealGamer XD

    Amazing song

  36. Negative GT

    sharingan everywhere🌈

  37. Ashton Long

    I like 2:42

  38. MyOnly Hope

    *Sounds like Breaking Benjamin*

  39. Mordan 17

    isnt that Madara's Mangekyo Sharingan

  40. Mr.T 06

    The first part is like you fucked this one up the rest is good though

  41. The Elemental Gaurdian

    Every time I hear the ending I could just think of an angel flying or some what of a bird otherwise it's lovely..

  42. Jack Yates

    Without Pandora I never would have found this band. Gotta love Pandora

  43. dann ortega 10

    Top 5 favorite banda
    1-linkin park
    4-system of a down
    5-set it off

    Serhat Murat Asbit

    *Three Days Grace, Skillet, I Prevail, Starset, Red, TFK, Ashes Remains*

  44. Ugha Kehk

    We wont.

  45. DragonSlayer _


  46. Team Elite James

    Why’d they decide to post vessels they should’ve built on this album and never gone into the shitty relationship aspect

  47. Jacob Lira

    Are these guys going on tour or what I would pay serious skrilla to see them live

  48. Dj DenisBg

    my favorite part 0.00 - 5.55

  49. Starset Transmissions

    Wtf wrong name point of no return this song

  50. Darkmaru Chan

    Song:Rise and fall
    Description:About point of no return

    Synthesizer XY

    I think rise and fall is so much about uchiha madara

    Unicron the Chaos bringer

    Darkmaru Chan I know, they're magical aren't they?


    Martin 2882



    Darkmaru Chan Damn i see u on every Starset video

    Serhat Murat Asbit

    Yes hahaha

  51. Jillian Gatchell

    Everybody says it looks like a fidget spinner, but I say it looks kinda like a hazard sign and a camera lens...

  52. Jillian Gatchell

    ...Now I'm waiting on a third album >_>

  53. Muhammad !!!!

    My fav song

  54. Nemanja Gega

    Starset predicted fidget spinners with this video

  55. Magno Santos


  56. Commie Dog 104

    I think this is the most overrated song if the band and is still a masterpiece

  57. Indesh Vijayanand

    0:00 - 5:55 best part

  58. Emperor Angel

    I love it he screams

  59. Rain-Mann

    they sound so much like downplay

    Jillian Gatchell

    Dustin Bates is the main singer of Starset and was the main singer for Downplay too


    Madaras utchita sharingan



  62. Rex 101

    people are out here saying all their favorite bands but i'm surprised not one person has mentioned thousand foot krutch

  63. ShadowCloud1106 Gaming

    I was so excited one I saw them live, it, was , EPIC. They were my favorite band as song as I heard them.

  64. Toan Bui

  65. Toan Bui

    Please help me find the name of the song in this clip\


    "Learning to Fly" by Stratovarius. It's in the description of the video you linked.

  66. Eizzah

    "Starset - Point of No Return" #DescriptionFail

  67. Luna Chan

    Oh demn i dont know Starset have that song

  68. lyrics master46

    2:55-5:55, THE best album ending to date!

  69. The Catserole


  70. a very particularly spooky sceleton

    Is no one going to mention how the picture kind of looks like a fidget spinner.

  71. Gabrielly Gontijo

    Starset perfect...

  72. MelNekoMan

    Someone else noticed that in the description says "Point Of No Return" instead of "Rise And Fall"

  73. Wolfy Wlf

    my favorite bands
    3:imagine dragons
    4:panic! at the disco
    5:bring me the horizon
    6:black veil brides
    7:my chemical romance
    8:three days Grace
    10:30 seconds to mars
    11:glass animals
    12:thousand foot krucht
    13:21 pilots

  74. Danilo Costa

    this ícone is mangekyou sharigan of uchiha Madara ahahahaa

  75. iimEclipse

    Top 10 bands/music producers

    1: Starset
    2: Elektronomia
    3: Linkin Park
    6: avex
    7: Alan Walker
    8: Skillet
    9: Three Days Grace (Saint Asonia)
    10:... Fuck it every NCS song

  76. Ali Nazar

    this one reminds me of breaking benjamin

  77. Roque Loza

    In the background these guys already had a fidget spinner

  78. Isaiah Lovell

    The first song I herd by starset was my Demond's and then I heard more and more of them and I love there music

  79. False Awakening

    In the middle of the image it looks like a fidget spinner XD

  80. Random Viewer of Stuff

    That's a fidget spinner


    Random Viewer of Stuff nah it's madaras sharingan

  81. eixhoria

    That's a fidget spinner lmfao

  82. Mr. Lord

    1. Lordi
    3.Linkin Park
    5.Imagine Dragons
    6.The Rasmus

  83. Dat Aquamareanie From Skinseed

    I showed this video to my sister, and she said that the thing in the middle looks like a fidget spinner. She's dead to me.


    İts just iron mans logo no need to worry ÙwÚ.... im totally gonna get killed OwO

    Nici G

    Bet it‘s been said already but the thing looks like the thing on Iron Man‘s chest lol

    Nici G

    Roman vlogs/moments/unboxing ❤️❤️❤️


    She's not wrong tho


    @SHADOW EARTHQUAKE I see an uwu and an owo. I've been summoned

  84. ABitInsane

    Starset predicted the fidget spinner.

  85. ABitInsane

    Is that a fidget spinner?


    ABitInsane they use to "rise and fall"

  86. Trash Lord

    The pic looks like a fidget spinner. .3.

  87. Yeah

    I just found out starset has no instrumentals

  88. Sleeper Pudding

    banda dahora mil grau

  89. Cheetah Cat

    I love their dramatic outros

  90. İlayda Bayrak

    Top 5 bands for me:
    -Sleeping at Last
    - Vancouver Sleep Clinic
    -No Resolve
    -Bring Me The Horizon

  91. Breyererbest

    Is that a fidget spinner?


    Breyererbest that camera

  92. Trihv

    Sponsored by Fidget Spinners.


    Trihv sharingan