Starsailor - Tell Me It's Not Over Lyrics

Thought I'd lost you once again
All that drink had brought some trouble to our name
Late at night I feel no shame
All my old war stories take me back again

Now the lights out
I discover
She is sleeping with another
Tell me it's not over

What a place to sleal your fate
A deserted car park
Not even a date
Please don't tell me it's too late
If you love someone
Don't throw it all away

Now the lights out I discover
Just a weekend
Tell me it's not over

Tell me it's not over
Tell me it's not over

Now the lights out I discover
Just a weekend
Now the lights out
I discover
She is sleeping
With another
Tell me it's not over

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Starsailor Tell Me It's Not Over Comments

    Make It rain hahahha

  2. Pistola

    Road to Munich - 2011/2012

  3. Niks Sonu

    Chelsea football club brought me here.. What a music..!! 💙

  4. Nader Fadhl

    Who's here not because of DMC or Metal Gear but because they have great taste in music??

    Anton Duroj Bidstrup

    do you mean originally, or just now?

  5. Mirta Orellana

    Argentina te ama starsailor

  6. Skydiver

    one of my favorite songs-starsailor-alcoholic is also great;) suggest you listening it dudes,cheers

  7. Suchayan Das

    Anyone from DMC side watching this in 2019

  8. Jackson Nascimento

    and it was the hardest paaaart🎵.. ops wrong song

  9. Jhong Jhong


  10. Jake The fox

    “What you do from here is your call.” - A Beloved hybrid

  11. Mr. Ultimate

    Shout out the Brit for making this the anthem of DMC’s comeback

  12. Cas Lowet


  13. Red bee

    don't worry its not over we still have Nero

  14. Carlos Tibúrcio

    Hey, Dante. Will we meet again?

  15. mustafa ahmad

    it was worth the wait...
    every fucking second..

  16. Enzobr791

    After I beat dmc 5

  17. LadySmoak

    Vido aqui por causa de DMC 5, kkk

  18. TheLuxael

    "Hey Dante, will we meet again?"


    This friday

  19. Chandler Carrier

    Devil May Cry is not over!

  20. Tung Jai

    From clip chelsea roed to munic

  21. Omio Rahman

    He who desires but acts not breeds pestilence so it is written


    So it is written

  22. Scrimmy Bingus

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!! never getting over that scene from the dmc video where travis touchdown is just yelling to the god damn heavens above

  23. Kamala Ahmadova

    2013: the best year! Tell me it is not over!

  24. Kyle Baltzer

    Put a spin on this

    Omio Rahman

    Kyle Baltzer Bob: Dante is a sexfreak or something


    Hey Bob put a spin on this


    Donte: Hey bob, put a spin on this 🖕

  25. Mr. Propagandalf

    "Hey Dante........will we meet again ?"

  26. Sara Stankowska

    DMC 5 <3

  27. Brandon Anthony

    Donte:How....can there be such a difference....between us?


    "You surrendered your humanity. It's that simple."

    Brandon Anthony

    @Griffin1171 But you are not human. So why am I inferior?

    Freeman The Delphox

    @Brandon Anthony "You Assume humans are weak. Ok, yeah their bodies lack the physical ability of a Demon. But humans possess something that demons don't"


    What? What is it that demons lack? Please! For the sake of my research... please tell me!

    Duy Đăng

    if you're gonna continue your research in the next world. do your homework first.

  28. Brian

    How?! How could there be such a difference between us?!

    Anton Duroj Bidstrup

    @Brian you assume that humans are weak... Ok, yeah, there body's lack the physical ability of a demon, but humans possess something that demons don't.


    What? What is it that demons lack? Please! For the sake of my research... please tell me!

    Anton Duroj Bidstrup

    @Brian if you're gonna continue your research in the next world. do your homework first.


    And the rest... is silence.

    tail bite

    @Machintoshhater (Bang!)
    And now....


  29. Taniou Lita


  30. Hello Bunzin

    No one brought me here. I just have good taste in music 😉

    Anton Duroj Bidstrup

    But, how did you find this song then?


    How did you find this song then?

  31. Walesky Alves Meneses

    DMC Devil May Cry videogame 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎹🎤🎼🎼

  32. Chumunga64

    I love how this is now a DMC song

  33. D3A7HG0D 54MURA1

    All the DMC comments are so relatable. Im so happy that Nero and he REAL Dante are back!

  34. Mikel Ramirez


  35. Xeno Warrior

    "Hey Dante, will we meet again?"

    Mikel Ramirez

    Don't worry kid, I'll be back...just wait...we'll meet again.....

    Nick The Banana Man

    After a shit reboot kid then we will meet again

    Nick Wolf

    We will kiddo. In 11 years!

  36. Drunk Panda

    “Humans possess something that demons don’t” - Someone Special


    Drunk Panda I guess I am a devil then


    I love this quote
    Ode to that special someone



  37. Tanner Hill

    Will we meet again?

    Magda Alvernaz

    Tanner Hill yes 😂😂😂

  38. chrono clicker

    wanna know the name?

    Mikel Ramirez

    "Devil May Cry".

  39. Icepick

    devil may cry is back bitches!

  40. Alex Zem

    Watching "Will we meet again?"
    Huh...this sounds like coldpl-
    Redirects here with devil may cry/metal gear solid/tales of the past flashbacks. Feels good man.

  41. damjan resek

    Didnt know Josuke had a band... oke sorry, great song tho, relly like it

  42. Carlos Henrique Mendes Gomes

    Way to fall is an ode to metal gear solid...
    AND THIS Song is now the oficial Anthem to all DEVIL MAY CRY FAN BASE



  43. The laughing Man

    Who came here after that dmc vid

    tanvir Labib


    The laughing Man

    tanvir Labib "WOOHOO ! YEAHHH !"

  44. Zenith

    DMC is back baby!! WOHOOO

  45. Dylan R

    Thanks Charlie

    Dylan R



    You surrendered your humanity!
    It's that simple.


    Lugbzurg But you are not human, so why am I inferior ?!


    @HumanSnake You assume humans are weak,ok yeah their bodies lack the fisical abilities of a demon...


    @Enzobr791 but humans have something that demons don't

  46. Omio Rahman

    Devil may cry V brought me here

  47. PierrotTheFool

    me: Dante comeback!!
    dante: Fuck You

  48. Nimaz Sheik

    You came with tears after the Devil May Cry video too, didn't you?! :)

    Freeman The Delphox

    ... Maybe

    Yuugen R

    Guys now we have the real DMC 5.


    How did you know 😅😅

    Livio Junior

    yes I did

  49. sam Farahat

    i got cheated on and by chance that song was on the Radio when i found out the news on my way back home LOL

    Omio Rahman

    sam Farahat hope things got better , it happens

  50. Urusha Shahi



    Urusha Shahi 2018

  51. Viajera Incansa 1

    Love this song! 🤘🏼🎶

  52. SHADOW

    Great músic!.

  53. TCOCharlesDexterWard

    ακούγοντάς το στο ράδιο, λέω, ωραίο τραγούδι, θα είναι γεμάτο με ελληνικά σχόλια,
    δεν βλέπω κίνηση όμως...για πάμε!

  54. CaptainOatwright

    Cracking song, missed it totally when it was released (in 2009?) Just heard it last week on Trigger Happy TV. Very Embrace like too.

  55. vanishingpoint80

    Anyone know why the original vid is not on ytube?


    Got it, don't bother your self. It's owned by wbm, a British band not allowed to be viewed in the U.K.

  56. sakib azad


  57. Panagiotis DARKDOG


  58. Diego TG

    Esta canción me ayudó en momentos difíciles, de verdad muchas gracias chicos! ;)

  59. Dani Dalidet



    Dani Dalidet 2018

  60. виталий осос

    ...классная тема

  61. Santiago Hernandez

    Is It Only Me? Or This Song Is Extremely Similar To "The Hardest Part" from Coldplay

    Sam Sneed

    Lol came here to say this

  62. P s

    The great voice

  63. Éder Alkimim

    Anyone know where the clip is?



    Dirk Stevens

    @koneth21 respect , dude, respect

    Ignatios Sp.

    omg!!!! Ty Koneth21 <3

    Éder Alkimim

    OH MY GOD!!! Amazing! Many, many thanks !!! S2

  64. Éder Alkimim

    Adoro essa música !

  65. russ7510

    This is such a great tune

  66. Mahathir Adizero

    If they love some one don't throw it all away....uhh that part makes

  67. Georgina Begovic

    Late at night I feel no shame, just a weekend undercover.

  68. jamaluddin johari

    nice song

  69. Dominic Killworth

    What a song..... ♡

  70. Ahmed Mustafa


  71. Katerina Deka


  72. Oussama Chakri

    This is real music !!

  73. Tom Jones

    Missing them fifa 13 days

  74. Marbella Bornio

    Please just tell me is not over

  75. R3mco077

    A pretty good song

  76. xUmbrellaCo

    I love starsailor <3

  77. Abigail Las

    Yung mga taong napunta lang dito dahil sa kanta ni Jireh Lim X))
    Tell me its not for~ ♫ ♪

  78. 好笑的人

    like a boos xD

  79. Stefanos Anastasiou

    yeah it is... but it was stuck like a pin when I posted the comment

  80. JimKav1

    Giati stefanako, it's amazing!

  81. Liber Tarian

    Take Me Home by Jack Savoretti has the same melody. Both are great songs.

  82. Stefanos Anastasiou

    why the fuck it's stuck in my head?

  83. Youli Bez

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Xenia Koukoumela

    amazing song..!!

  85. Doina Darii


  86. redevil096

    -3 miss my girl :(