Starsailor - Neon Sky Lyrics

Under a neon sky
The Harland Cranes they fill your eyes
And through July parades
I'm clinging on for dear life

3000 miles from home
My fragile heart was on the run
And in the cold dark night I realised
What I had done

Please don't turn your back
I'll change somehow
Don't look to the past
Our time is now

Under a neon sky
My favourite boy
Searched for the truth
And he'd lead an easy life
That was until he got to you

Please don't turn your back
I'll change somehow
Don't look to the past
Our time is now

Get yourself out of town
There's no point hanging round there's a passion inside
You've had since your youth
Well you write and you write and you work 9-5
Well I'm doing it all just to satisfy you

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Starsailor Neon Sky Comments
  1. John Llewellyn-Jones

    You guys still? You know.
    Is that Violet in there?

  2. John Llewellyn-Jones

    The boys.

  3. juanra centurion

    los descubri gracias a MTV en las madrugadas del 2002. y los escucho hasta hoy

    Daniel Hdz

    Son maravillosos, y esta canción es una de las tantas joyas que tienen como banda. Simplemente son geniales.

  4. Scott Linay

    Like it👍

  5. K A M A L

    4:41 that bass tho!

  6. Emma Parry

    The most underrated band of all time, I absolutely f**king love them! ❤

  7. Galin Bozhkov

    One of the greatest bands I've ever listened to, they resonate so much with me it's unbelievable.

  8. Let the пиндосрач begin :D

    comic sans.

  9. Paola Caringi


  10. Justin Kaomi-Mamakwa

    One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 13

  11. Andrea Dal Piaz

    canzoni e musica da assaporare come un buon vino

  12. Andrea Dal Piaz

    canzoni e musica da assaporare come un buon vino

  13. Camille MNC

    I love this band!! Amazing songs!!

  14. Marjan Toma

    great guys

  15. Wolf Lair

    Change the artist name to J. Beiber and watch the count rise

  16. Jerry Konecny

    there should be a love button for this song :)

  17. Roman Martoš

    This is just......just the best song I ever heard...His trembling voice...i dont even have words for this..words are pointless here...everything u need is to listen to this song and let everything go...

  18. Kíldare Lemos

    2 people have brain damage. Seriously.

  19. Angelikared

    I don't know but for me it sounds so 90s... I definitely prefer "Silence is easy" and "Love is here"

  20. Grafikard Soluciones Gráficas

    Starsailor Banda que descubrí recientemente y cada día me gusta más, y me sorprende lo buena que es...

  21. Yana Volk

    @Rici011 I was thinking exactly the same thing! agree 100%. seems like quality is underestimated this days.. sad that some trash pop songs get millions and millions views..

  22. Riccardo Arduino

    This fucking song needs at least 10 millions viewers

  23. NeonSKyxM2M

    NeonSKY :))))))))))))))))))))))))

  24. sherryness

    Wow - does this band ever do anything that is not all kinds of awesome? "Neon Sky" -- Starsailor

  25. William NL CHAN

    for Isa!

  26. fleros123

    i love it!

  27. William NL CHAN

    such a good song!!

  28. Soulstar09

    I LOVE THIS SONG! It's so beautiful...

  29. trick1230Y

    its not all about being the best song theyve ever done,thats opinion,its just abeautiful song by an outstanding and totally underated band.

  30. Johan Bergmans

    super song!

  31. zdzichu94

    beautiful song!!!

  32. Mauri123

    the chords in the beginning sound just like the one's from all the plans.

  33. korkeycat

    This song gives me goosebumps,f***in awesome they played it live in liverpool last nite n it was just as stunning, one of starsailors best n thats no meen feat, James voice is just incredible!!!!!!

  34. Mauri123

    can any one post the starsailor song empty streets, could you be mine, and at the end of a show.

  35. Ben VZ


  36. skylinenumber9

    thanks for the lyrics to this one - sounded fantastic at the Manchester Ritz, last night, where James introduced it as "the best song they've ever written"...
    and I think it's right up there. classic.