Stars - This Charming Man Lyrics

Punctured bicycle on a hillside desolate
Will nature make a man of me yet?
When in this charming car
This charming man

Why pamper life's complexities
When the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat?

I would go out tonight
But I haven't got a stitch to wear
This man said, "It's gruesome
That someone so handsome should care"

A jumped-up pantry boy who never knew his place
He said, "Return the ring"
He knows so much about
He knows so much about these things

And I would go out tonight
But I haven't got a stitch to wear
Oh, yeah
This man said, "It's gruesome
That someone so handsome should care"

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Stars This Charming Man Comments
  1. Clontbandicoot

    The guitar lick repeating and never resolving makes me want to revoke my life

  2. Atlas Arlert

    this is such a good gay song (the original too)

  3. Shawn

    When the cover completely annihilates the original and gave the words the true feelings the original was trying to go for.

  4. bmtenoch

    A bunch of lost souls came here from the wrong source XD
    But FEAR NOT, listen to the smiths and you will be saved...

  5. Ciaran Rooney

    prince brought me here..... i am happy

  6. Max Biddick

    Pretty buzzing that after 3 years of being absolutely in love w this song, Prince loved it too (fuck yea)

  7. SleepyMarshmellow

    Why did they take this off Spotify :(

    Alicia Every

    They (Stars) don't own the album. They signed a really bad contract and it would cost a lot for them to buy out the contract. They can't re-release it either.

    Mariah Mickens

    they hatin'!

  8. Sackobooks

    Weirdly enough, I always seem to like what other people do with the Smiths' stuff better than the Smiths' actual stuff.

  9. rollership

    1.25 greases the beat, but screws up the guitar solo!! fight me

  10. Tracy Maloney

    So much love for this song and this version by Stars...heavenly.

  11. Larry Lee

    wish it was longer,.... just when i was locking into the groove....over....:(

  12. Kaimian Kong

    i like your version .

  13. Kandi Kane

    Prince brought me here too. This song is really nice. I certainly have a greater appreciation for real quality music and this song is certainly of pure quality. we miss you

  14. ian andrews

    If its good enough for Prince, it's good enough for me.

    Honoré Van Hecke

    ian andrews you should have ur own opinion, its not good if someone says it. Its good when you find it good.

  15. StickyBob

    Hello Prince fans 0+> xx

  16. Tracy Williams

    Prince brought me here... I see why he liked this cover. nice.

  17. Alba Stroube

    Prince brought me here. :( RIP. I love the Smiths, but had never heard this cover.

  18. Zepo1is

    Prince brought me here...RIP

    Amber O

    me too lol

    Gustavo P

    Me too :)

    Pal Cadaval

    I was reading a story about a Dj who played this for him at an hotel's bar and he loved it... <3

    Joyo Jones

    Me too.

    Majestic Sanctuary

    The Prince date night!

  19. surge mafia

    this is such a cool song . Joker. las vegas

  20. 101vanillasky

    Fantastic ¡¡¡

  21. Joshua Moreno

    Jc penney brought me here

    Amber O

    They still play this song lol

  22. MsCanadianwoman

    wow. Love this much. So beautiful and well-done.

    darin lee

    Nice take...

  23. Hyza Ruano

    I love the Smiths, I love Morrissey and i love this cover of my favorite song

  24. Gilberto Palmerin

    Beautiful <3

  25. Jay Hanneman

    Just heard this cover today, made me feel good while driving... a fresh take on the original.. Bravo! 

  26. Judith Corona

    I work at jc penny-my greatest moment was discovering this version. The STARS great cover! !

  27. Mr. Eighty

    Textbook cool music

  28. Western Esper

    I heard this playing when I was at JC Penny. I thought I was hallucinating at first but then I heard the guitar.


    I heard this while walking through dillards at greens point mall (of all places) in Houston


    Girl tell me why I heard this at jcpenney too lmao


    Western Esper they play this constantly at the jcp I work. Great song was high as balls when I heard this :’)

  29. iAmPhx

    something is so calm, mellow, soothing, and inspiring about this song =)


    you might want to listen to the lyrics

  30. Odna Guercio

    The Smiths forever. Stars did it very brilliant! 


    +SouthAFRICA Sucks the smiths make my penis very sad.

  31. satangavemeataco

    new trip wave hop rock

  32. Alena Fora

    So uniquely perfect

  33. Uranzaya Byambanasan

    i think this cover is just awesome

  34. Saint Miller

    Yeah, I know -- the original is the best. Local talent Stars covering one of my favourite singles from The Smiths. A blend of ideas, here.

  35. IndiViZual

    Been listening to the Smiths for years and only recently have I found this ace cover, color me surprised when I heard this JC Penny!

  36. Geoff Kilian

    coming from a guy with a nam ny fan and an allen iverson pic, you have high class.

  37. Geoff Kilian

    I only first heard this cover 3 or 4 days ago, and luckily I found it tonight on my first few searches. I'm glad you found it.. this is a great cover, such a different feel from it. Cheers

  38. Jonathan Rutledge

    I have been looking for this cover FOREVER.

  39. allison maureen

    This is so great! I love it!!

  40. hightimesbruce

    I really like Stars, and I love The Smiths. But, eh, no. This isn't good at all. This is bad even by regular Stars standards.


    you may need better taste

  41. Nyfancam01

    god this is awful lol

  42. Lewis ES

    a classic song dumbed down

  43. luna reed

    When you cover a song it needs to be just as good as the original or better,stars does both lol, I love the groovin base line from the rascals old song.

  44. Walter White

    Waaaaaaaaaay too hipster.

  45. Sen

    LOL. I like your wit, man.

  46. Hitch McDitch

    Wish the song could last longer ;(


    it does, right click and LOOP XD

  47. Sen

    I resent that statement. We're all entitled to an opinion. Leave the poor youtuber alone, man. And dude?

  48. marco polo

    this is such a righteous ass tune i could sway to this all fucking night thank you for this.

  49. scottyconners

    Loooooovin it

  50. zack

    Love this version

  51. DaWeedlord

    Used to love to ride around & smoke to this.

  52. Ananda Rose

    Unpopular Opinion: I think that the singer for Stars has a waaaay better voice for this song. Honestly, Morrisey's pisses me off sometimes....

    danny denial

    Ananda Rose I am deeply offended by this comment

  53. lithographer64

    Thanks CHILL!

  54. Jessica Driver

    Theres nothing like the smiths, but i could listen to this version walking down the street on a lit summer night with a little spring in my step lol.

  55. Juliet Young

    Love the smiths version but this has such a different feel to it, love this version!


    i love this song!

  57. RatedRenee

    I like the original Smiths version more...

  58. khloe banks

    Yes, I agree.
    Better than half of the music made today.