Stars - Fixed Lyrics

What you want, you are, you always were
What you want, you are, you always were.
When the plans fall, changing hands
What are the chances of winning

You, you hold my heart
You, you won't let up
after I am caught, touch turns into fisticuffs
it's all in your head, wonder if I'm fixed to cut.

fake statistics, and the collected home
with all the hunger, that keeps you climbing walls
it's the one thing you can count on
We all end floating away, we all end floating away

You, you hold my heart
You, you won't let up
after I am caught, touch turns into fisticuffs
it's all in your head, wonder if I'm fixed to cut.

Is it your fall?

You, you're sinking so they say
You, you're finished so they say
You, you're buried so they say
You, a killer killing fate.

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Stars Fixed Comments
  1. The Burg

    This definitely brings back memories for sure

  2. Curtis Kleebaum

    Song takes me back to a happier time

  3. Elias Bitwayiki

    5 Crowns for five ghosts

  4. Grey Castile

    honestly, i got a shirt at a thrift store that says stars in big letters and then fixed in smaller ones and i bought it cause i thought it looked cool but i googled it to be sure it was a good song before i wore the shirt in public and i am not disappointed at all

  5. skarmster


  6. PhasePrime

    Perfect music for ripping an airship to shreds.

  7. JohnnyGrass

    Love this track! 

  8. Stephen D

    Still in

  9. guitarflores2213

    amy millan

  10. BigBlue0002

    Thumbs-up for "Morning Joe" turning me on to another great song...

  11. Ory this is what original music sounds like

  12. Taylor Gibson

    I saw Stars when they were the opening act for Metric; I agree with your statement, Stars does sound more like Metric

  13. Alex Taylor

    liz lee brought me here

  14. Gergely

    Sounds way more like metric than tegan or ellie goulding

  15. calebt1000

    i've been looking for this for 2 years it sucks that i found out about this song through famous players

  16. OutAtTheShow

    Fisticuffs is a good word. More songs should contain it.

  17. Guy's Spaghetti

    Just stumbled upon this. Why do Tegan & Sara come to mind?

  18. coolshit

    or a beating....losing yoursael to pain

  19. drealenise

    @roguewave48 yah that amy millan she is amazing and in ever awsome band ;)

  20. SonicingAndEntering

    I think the song is about how one must love him or herself before he or she can truly be loved by another.

  21. zenzele ojore

    just heard this on my life as liz !! .. :)

  22. roguewave48

    The singer is from broken social scene

    The Burg

    roguewave48 and broken social scene is a supergroup

  23. Dr Dan

    you are now humming Cyndi Lauper

  24. cosmickittyxx


  25. skystealer

    :D :D :D :D :D Words are insufficient in conveying my excitement :D :D :D :D

  26. ilike999999999

    as a critic i got a stream of the new album, it's damn good. this, dead hearts, wasted daylight and we don't want your body are my favorites.

  27. Shannon Jane

    I love this songg