Stars - Backlines Lyrics

You clean AM you take me down and what you want is what
I love the colors of the world that lead me home tonight
One, two, too many times you tend to trick me up
Now that I know it’s all you want,
It’s still never enough

Calling on the backlines
Crawling from the battle to the other side
If courage is a lot lighter
I see it in your eyes

Too many plays and they know how to keep a choke on you
But you've got power-pressure, when I have too much to lose
The stakes are high, my mind is twisted, and the pressure’s off
At 4 o’clock we went ahead more dizzy than a flood

Calling on the backlines
Crawling for the battle to the other side
The courage a lot lighter
I see it in your eyes
Running from the battle to the other side
If freedom isn’t hard-wired
I see it in your eyes

Calling on the backlines
Crawling from the battle to the other side
If living isn’t hard wired,
I see it in your eyes
Crawling from the backlines
Hiding from the shadows that we left behind
Courage is a lot wider
I see it in your eyes
See it in your eyes
I see it in your eyes

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Stars Backlines Comments
  1. Raynan Titoneli

    ah... as good as I remember.

  2. Eric Toribio

    Still obsessed with this song.

  3. Mario Gourdier Garcia

    I tunes give me this song free :,v

  4. Nicole Kennedy

    Amazing song and the video is adorable!! I saw their show in Seattle on 3/2/15... AMAZING <3

  5. tyler kennedy

    why can't I watch this on my phone :(

  6. Игорь Дарчич

    Very, very nice!
    Thank you! 

  7. misslilc00kie

    The lead's voice reminds me of Metric's Emily Haines.

  8. Scarlett Yañez

    You're So Beautiful.! :) ;)

  9. skizzt

    so much respect for you, porter!

  10. Sarah Dempz

    I love finding bands like these LEGENDS!!!! love it! Im a new fan! HI !

  11. Cosmyc Noyse

    and boom goes the dynamite

  12. Angie Ang

    Just heard about them. -Must hear more!

  13. dave

    I know my critic wasnt very constructive , of course there is beauty to be found in all kinds of music where you can get suggestins from. For exemple the track" kicks n licks after hours" starts with an beautyful alternative to the fucking loud bassdrum but it is important to listen to it with good headphones for recognicing how round this kind of bassdrum is. I would be happy if you would listen to this track and tell me your oppinion about it

  14. Juice

    Was elated when they performed this at the Commodore yesterday. It was such a thrill. Stars is an incredible band!!!

  15. Luke Rapley


  16. LifeIsProgressive

    haha word!

  17. Christian Cuppy

    this is why i love and respect porter 100% not only as an artist but as a person as well. their is beauty and love to be found in all genres of music. that is how one achieves such success. if you don't listen to other genres you'll never be original, your sounds will all sound the same as the others and no one likes that. creativity is key, be you not someone else. that's why it's good to listen to other genres. try it for a chance, not everything has to have huge ass basslines.

  18. Porter Robinson

    what is wrong with /you/? this is beautiful, catchy music from a band that i love. it's that simple.
    i recommend you also listen to a few of stars' other songs: ageless beauty, dead hearts, your ex-lover is dead, etc. not everything needs a buildup and an loud fucking bassdrum. this song gives me goosebumps; there's beauty to be found in all kinds of music.

  19. Chance Watkins

    Yes I agree.Not his style at all.?

  20. dave

    Porter Robinson what is wrong with you ?!

  21. hiddeneramusic

    You guys were amazing on the live recording of JBTV!!! <3

  22. Chunghsuan Lan

    Amazing show in Taipei...plz come back soon!

  23. R M

    I like the daytrotter version better. You guys should use that version instead.

  24. tamothy

    Why is this song so F'in short??? These guys are brilliant.

  25. Nash Idaho

    sounds so much like Emily Haines in this one, almost made me think this was a metric song!

  26. Croissant

    Paris, 8th December 2012. I won't forget this concert. Even if they didn't play my favourite song "he lied about death". I love this band and their music. It's all I need!

  27. Britni Roberts

    This video reminds me of the coin-operated puppet shows at the House on the Rock tourist attraction in Spring Green, Wisconsin. Stars, you never cease to amaze me!

  28. Righteous Smoke

    ohh, I thought you were implying she was in the video. Cool... She has good taste. :)

  29. bloodbonesvoiceghost

    This video is perfect.

  30. iwasblueonce

    Cool video!

  31. The Enygma

    I'm hoping "Hold On When You get Love..." is a single.

  32. Atakan Akar

    İm Coming HayLey Williams Tweet :D

  33. Cristian Espinoza

    She Twitted This! ;)

  34. Righteous Smoke

    wtf? What does Hayley Williams have to do with this?

  35. Cristian Espinoza

    Hayley Williams I Fucking LOVE YOU! ♥

  36. JonnasP26


  37. everdayzac

    Good job guys

  38. ChannelCharlton

    Stars are just so fucking good looking

  39. Luminous Faery

    This makes me so happy!! The set is adorable and I love how reminiscent of your shows this is! Nostalgia = Love, thank you so much!! <3

  40. 1955Spyder


  41. Edward Cureton

    This video was amazing! I'm so glad I caught you all in Louisville

  42. SierraAnkaria1313

    Amazing, as always!

  43. thiinkBig

    =) so great!

  44. Katelyn McCallum

    You did it again, Stars! I can't wait to see you next month!

  45. Tina Coleman