Starr, Ringo - Not Looking Back Lyrics

Memory after memory runs through my mind
You standing in every picture
After all this time
Where will we go from here
Still together after all these years

Summers have come and gone
But all love goes on and on
You could ask for more than that
I’m looking forward
Not looking back

Can hardly wait for the days that are coming down
And when they will lead us into places
No one else has found
And I promise you
I’ll love you for a thousand years

Summers have come and gone
But all love goes on and on
You could ask for more than that
I’m looking forward
Not looking back

Day after day
What else could I say?
But I love you

No regrets just respect for all that we’ve done right
From where I stand
Our future still looking bright
Where will we go from here?
Still together after all these years

Summers have come and gone
But all love goes on and on
You could ask for more than that
I’m looking forward
Not looking back

Not looking back
Not looking back

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Starr, Ringo Not Looking Back Comments
  1. Randyrocker

    Ringo Starr is a Rainbow with a 'Pot 'O Gold', the Sunshine on a cloudy day, the Mist when the Rain whispers wet, the Common Touch that man has. Ringo's the stars in the sky when the night is blue, Ringo's in everyone of you. Ringo's forever in my heart too.
    Ringo's all of it.

  2. Tajauna Mastin

    Hi Ringo starr

  3. Joey Albertson

    Im a big beatle fan where can i find the old wave cd i only have latin music stores where i live

  4. Alex Takacs

    this song of Ringo is really awsome great wow just like the good old times with the Beatles

  5. Ringonaticos Forevah

    One of my favorites! 💕🎶🇲🇽

  6. patrick grondines

    Ringo is my favorite drummer of all time

  7. Jason Lee

    ringo deservrs more sukcess.

  8. Ponyboy Curtis

    well done Sir Richard Starkey

  9. patrick grondines

    great song

  10. jorge gama

    big ringo!! forever drumer !!

  11. patrick grondines

    love this song

  12. Ana Paula Cornejo Salazar

    I love this song, and I love Ringo but Why does his voice always sound that way? Sounds like a robot

  13. Jim Cushman

    Ringo is getting a Knighthood from The Queen early in 2018!!! Great news!!!

  14. Joaquim Duarte

    I was the 600th guy to like (actually love) this song/clip. Maybe I'll get a prize for it, like a signed copy of Give More Love?

    Keep on rocking Ringo, you make this a much better world to live in. Thank you for the music and the unique drumming. ☺❤🌞🎵

  15. Jason Lee

    ringos albums deserve to do well...

  16. Beatleluis YT

    Hermosa canción <3

  17. Васька Куролесов

    Bravo, Ringo !!!

  18. TechNOGeek Reviews

    my dad loves your music and ive felt  destroyed by life my past and present I needed a song like this thank you Ringo I need to not look back I need to be forward thank you man

  19. Mango Green Tea

    Love it

  20. thezidman

    Bless you, Ringo. Thank you for the love you send through your music

  21. Carter M

    The cello works every time, especially when Ringo has Ann Marie Calhoun, a Grammy winner, on his albums.

  22. Rickli Family

    favourite celebrity!!!!!

  23. george akhvlediani

    Ringo you are the greatest

    Rickli Family

    i see what you did there...XD thats a great song

  24. george akhvlediani

    Dear Ringo Happy Birthday to you and thank you and The Beatles to make me happy.Great song in deed

  25. TheGoigoi

    BEAUTIFUL SONG!☆素敵ですねぇ♪

  26. wojtek biernacki


  27. Elías R.G.

    wou me encanto esa canción like si eres de mexico

  28. Laura S

    Oh, and thanks for throwing us the peace sign at Humphrey's in San Diego - I took a photo - which I'll save forever. Been a fan since Beatles album #1 in the 60's and saw you perform at Shea Stadium Aug 15, 1965, Sec 15, Row D, Seat 16 with my sister. Thank you for all of your music, most of all thank you for your beautiful spirit. It shines through. With love, me

  29. Laura S

    This is the best it!

  30. MultiBeatle4ever

    RINGO. Your still the same, no one changed you!  Love this song!

  31. Ikhlas McCartney

    RINGO I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Flaming Pie

    Wonderful !! <3 Thank you Ringo! I love the new album!! Ringo I love you forever!!! Peace and love <3 :)

  33. VoxMax1200

    Beautiful melody. Thank you Ringo!

  34. Carlos Sosa

    I don´t want to read all the coments rigth now, somebody knows who did the lyrics of this record?


    Richard Marx

  35. Greg James

    Ringo! Mate this is just THE BEST! Pse come to Adelaide Sth Australia soon - we can show you the world's cleanest ocean!

  36. Vince Anthony

    Ringo we missed you so much.
    P.S. I love you.

  37. Miriam Reis

    Amazing! Love this song!

  38. cantforgetyou

    Hé? Great song. I love the emotional melody.

  39. kabukisweet

    brilliant ~~

  40. Mauai

    Amazing! Que canção linda!

  41. nebulaoperator

    Ringo, You are the STAR! Love this song with all my heart. Such a gentle creation.

  42. Tim Barton

    I love this song! So Ringo!

  43. Jinhong Kim

    출생: 1940년 7월 7일 (74세), 영국 리버풀
    소속 그룹: 비틀즈, Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band, 플라스틱 오노 밴드, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes
    배우자: 바바라 바흐 (1981년–), Maureen Starkey Tigrett (1965년–1975년)
    Amazing !! Wonderful voice!

  44. Peter Beauchemin

    Beautiful song.

  45. Roberto Granai

    Thanks Ringo !!!!!!

  46. Denise Redin

    oh! It is really beautiful , you're amazing ringo !!!

  47. Emmanuel Ornelas Garrido

    I love Ringo peace y love

  48. Marc Dadgad

    Peace & love your last album!

  49. Miroslav Ježek

    I do thank you for the beauty and for an amour in

  50. Гассан Абдурахман

    it is nice song!

  51. Stephen Fernbach

    Best Ringo song in years!

  52. Melquiades

    Muy buena cancion Ringo ;)

  53. Lilí Starkey

    This is a beautiful song, i can't wait to buy your new album Poscards From Paradise
    I love you Peace & Love Ringo ♡

  54. Steven Laprocina

    So I'm listening to this song and I can't stop thinking about my wife and how well we get along. Thirty three years together and looking forward. Thanks Ringo, the band, writers,....

  55. Lidia María Frape

    very beautiful song!!!!!

  56. Bianca Mazzoni

    This is simply beautiful.

  57. Nowhere Man

    Ringo, you're amazing.
    i saw you two weeks ago here in puerto rico! 
    Thank you for all the amazing music you give us all! 
    We love you!

    Peace & love

  58. David Wagner

    Brilliant.  Looking forward to March 31st.  Ringo, please do not retire -- not just yet.

  59. Gabo Juárez

    Nice, softly, warm song.

  60. Walrus Real

    Thank you Ringo for this music! It's amazing! 

  61. Marcelo Tenório de Souza

    Nice song!

  62. Debbie Martin

    Ringo, do you still have the Treasure Island shirt that I gave you?  xx

  63. Marcelo Santacreu Ruiz

    Great song, Ringo. Peace and love!

  64. Debbie Martin

    I love this song so very much.  51 years I have adored you. This CD will be amazing. Peace and Love from Florida.  xxx

    patrick grondines

    i'm only 23 years old and i love his music

  65. Angel Guajardo


  66. kringles Paul

    very pretty tune.

    Dusk at 7

    Also very auto.


    Don't think so He doesn't deal that way.

  67. DrummerFromFife

    When I first heard this song, I had a sneaking suspicion that this was the Richard Marx song of this album. Am I correct, if there's any officials reading this?

    Nick Brown

    No, actually. "Right Side of the Road" is the Marx track. This is a great song though, and in Richard's style!

    Cliff for #1

    Richard said this was one of two song he'd written with Ringo.

    Nick Brown

    @Pinky Baloo Where did he say that? I trust you :)

  68. john starkey

    U did it again ringo