Starr, Edwin - Contact Lyrics


Across the crowded disco-room
You're amazed of dancing people
She sets a fire there all alone
Wanna get you the disco-fever

And if she raised her head her eyes caught mine
And that was all that I needed
In her eyes I saw the need for love
The warm, soft feeling
'Cause we made

Eye to eye contact
Eye to eye contact (Oh, oh, oh yeah)
Eye to eye contact (We made)
Eye to eye contact
You and me

You were looking at me
I was looking at you
You were looking at me

Across the crowded disco-room
Oh, your eyes told me the story
My heart was beating like the drum
As I walked my way over

I never took my eyes away from yours
Not even for a moment
What I saw in your eyes made me realize
(You I wanted) Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Eye to eye contact (We made)
Eye to eye contact (Oh, oh, oh yeah)
Eye to eye contact (We made)
Eye to eye contact
You and me

I was looking at you
You were looking at me
I was looking at you
You were looking at me


I was looking at you
You were looking at me
I was looking at you
You were looking at me

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Starr, Edwin Contact Comments
  1. Rich

    What a lovely bloke with the voice of a god. One of life’s true gents .god bless you bud

  2. cor de ridder

    dansen maar disco 10 plus music

  3. Giovanni Stella

    Bel pezzo da discoteca si balla 😛

  4. Miguel Pumares

    The best Edwin Star..more music disco 🖒

  5. wana053

    this is my go to-song when I need things done for years and years now. I love it!

  6. lisa evers

    Oh wow...I'd totally forgotten about this one! It's so hypnotic...remember those days...everyone was so HAPPY....not a care in the one in the club, staring at their 'phones'. Everyone was there to meet party... to have fun. think that this was all REAL music...REAL one with IG one with one with social media reps...

    Ah, if only we could go back in time. Whenever I hear disco,it just makes me so happy!

  7. Marc Wallman

    One of the best disco songs of ALL TIME . You feel like a million bucks & ya got the whole swag thing going on dressed up at the disco when this song came on !!!! 👍👍👍

  8. Lisa Lucenti

    50 60 70 80 little 90 the rest suck. They will never have rock groups as we did in the 80s and disco. they all played,

  9. Robinson Jauregui

    Glorious and joyful days when friday nights come and everybody was getting ready to step into the Disco and dance till your feet got sore. Great song from golden Disco era.

  10. nick michaels

    what  is  this   shit  music  listen  im  not  intrested  to  this  shit  music  ...why  don't  you   leave  me   alone   with   my   fucking   music  ....fuck  off...

  11. Lorraine Johnson

    Now ! EDwin Starr was sure enough workin it out on Contact now yah!!!!

  12. Lee Odysseus Psarros


  13. Maggie Vaughan

    Absolutely brilliant. Thank you.

  14. SONY

    My heart beats like a drum, when I hear this. You were looking at me, I was looking at you..remembering the disco lights and fog..

  15. Amiga Amigo

    I didn’t know this song but I was I my head so I had to look it up.

  16. Ernie Sarmiento

    I was a Dj between 1977 till 1985. Untill I did settled ang get a regular permanent job. 2010 I did came back side job dj and have my own dj equipment. I have ALL this kind of OLD SCHOOL disco on my computer.
    Everytime play in the party people keep asking me where do I get this music. I have ALL THE BEST CLASSIC DISCO of the late 70s to late 80s .

  17. Scott Bailey

    DISCLAIMER: My opinion is not negative, I like some of the Disco Dance Music when I was a 14-15 year old kid: Now, I don't care what Steve Dahl in Chicago says, Disco is a branch off of Rock-n-Roll. He didn't destroy Disco with "Disco Demolition" in my music studies of Rock, Country, and R & B. Disco was a music fad that came and died. Today, it's still kind of house music that people, especially the older generation loves that is a certain part of the Contemporary Top 40 these kids and young adults will listen to today. I can list at least 10 reasons Disco died as a radio format and by mid 1980, it just flopped in night clubs. I was only 16 in 1980, but I saw the whole thing. This song is Roller Skate Oldie, which is better than this Hip Hop and The Taylor Swifts out there today, indeed. Today, I'm in my mid 50s.

  18. FrozenExplosion

    groovin with mr blow anyone???

  19. Scott Bailey

    WOW, I was only 15 years old, and heard this song on the radio, but it's been in my head for years! I'm 55 now. Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) wants to Rock "The Ole Skool", this song his for him! I can see Penny (Kaley Cuoco) movin and grovin to this hot jam before she was even a thought! Jim Parsons was 4 years old when this song was HOT in the Houston Discos where he is from! Just laugh at me folks, I'm being silly. This Song "Contact" and TV's " The Big Bang Theory" go together. Maybe even Leonard (Johnny Galecki) can Jam on it. Raj (Kunal Nayyal) show loves Disco! I was watching TBBT as I posted this. GO SHELDON COOPER, CONTACT EDWIN STARR!

  20. Gia Doritos

    My grandma no grandpa 👴 love this song lol there were teens in the 70s love u Mimi n pa pa

  21. Ray Deeble

    My school disco where did the years go

    Karn Allsop

    Yes they were my teenage years with Disco's... What fabulous yrs!!! .... Where have they gone !?! 😢.💔👍🌸🌼 x

  22. The Prophet

    What a song my heart just burst and the truuuu dancing queen comes out good memories when I was young to this only 27 now lol x

  23. marcelloliccardi

    la mia prima volta in discoteca!!

  24. Wadjet

    *this oldie but goodie is 40years old😍*

  25. Fernando Panuncio

    Pirámide, Ciudadela, Buenos Aires , Argentina. 1980

  26. FranceVisiting Com


  27. Pedro Mairena

    Eye to eye contact!!! With me...ooooyeahh. I look at you. You look at me. Haaaaaaaa haaa!

  28. James

    This sounds so fresh.

  29. TheSimplygoodmusic

    Class Song from a FAB time long ago but this song still beats today's stuff by miles long live Disco

  30. Fernando Bazet

    Disco feverrrr! Contact!!! So good track!!! Eye to eye!! Perfect!!! Uruguay nomaaáa!!!

  31. Roger Bradley

    RIP Edwin..disco forever.. love it and love his 60s classics!


    Roger Bradley ,70s classics

  32. Arthur Workman

    What a disco classic.

  33. J DeFamous

    Across the crowded disco room with fancy people.......’79’ is the best year for the disco artists

  34. Diane Grant


  35. scott warwick

    Have a look at Grant Santino(world disco dance champion)dancing at 'The Affair' in Swindon u.k......different world!

  36. One Man

    I stil have the Vinyl..

  37. Manny Pintado

    Disco will live for Life.


    You got that right Manny! :)

  38. JuneBaby21 FreeSpirit

    Omg wow I'm so glad to get this long version! Ughhh such good memories of my party nites! Lol 🍸🍸🍸🌿👑🇩🇪 god almighty!! Lol

  39. Kaneli Roman

    I would rather dance and get down to this funk than go to a boring Gym...Yeah!!!

  40. Andrew A

    I have not heard this in 40 years. Forgot all about it. I was looking for another one where he was laughing in it. Oh this is that.

  41. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1979 {April 14th} Edwin Starr performed "Contact" on the Dick Clark ABC-TV Saturday afternoon program, 'American Bandstand'...
    Two months earlier on February 4th, 1979 the song entered Billboard's Top 100 chart at position #84, five weeks later it would peak at #65 {for 1 week}, and it spent a total of seven weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #13 on Billboard's Hot R&B Singles chart...
    Between 1965 and 1979 the Tennessee native had thirteen Top 100 records; two made the Top 10, "Twenty-Five Miles" {#6 for 1 week in 1969} and "War" {#1 for three weeks in 1970}...
    Mr. Starr, born Charles Edwin Hatcher, passed away at the age of 61 on April 2nd, 2003...
    May he R.I.P.

  42. Willie Rock

    little Harlem 10573 VEGAS on Main Street, 1977/78 ? live Go-Go gals every night

  43. Eddie Askewjohn

    My boy Smoke, Otis from the weequahic section use to fuck this up, 😂 Thanks for the education as well as the great times we've encountered.

  44. One Man

    Still have the original vinyl

  45. 3cliffsbay

    Barbarellas, the Mumbles, Swansea 1979!

  46. Silvester Agurs

    Disco Biscuit 🎧✴🔊

  47. Michael Alexander Neumann Jaks

    ...........Damn yesssss!!!!

  48. Willie Rock

    my pops had a sky blue buick skylark, and sky blue Chrysler leBaron, and an olive green L.T.D. and a  cream color mustang!!!!!!!! Big Willie LilHarlem

  49. Beaumont Ron


  50. George Arvanitis

    TO LIKE GIRLS WOW HHOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED .................................................. LIFE

  51. MrsDinosaur100

    Thanks for uploading this DiscoSaturday, brings back so many happy memories. Xx

  52. Chris Hollis

    Oscars Newbury Park Saturday party night Wow !!!!

  53. Michelle Savarese

    Yeah man this is it thank u for the post! Proud to b part of a group that remembers...

  54. Rocker Girl

    Edwin Starr in the disco era,,, danced my feet off!!!!!

  55. pierre wave

    I hope Mr.Starr is receiving royalties from Skoda, the music on the advert for the Fabia sounds awfully like this

    Beaumont Ron

    I believe he's deceased.

    pierre wave

    In that case R.I.P Edwin, I hope his estate is receiving said royalties


    @Beaumont Ron Mr. Starr died in 2003.

  56. mike meechan

    When I was club Djing, although its beats wandered a bit, this mixed wonderfully into New Order's 'Blue Monday' if you were tight on the decks and chose the break point well. Good foil - pure disco to 80s alternative. Brilliant! :-)

  57. super blue

    QUEENS NY, 1978 ;-)
    ;-) :-) ;-) :-)
    Epic disco times !

    Geoffrey Phipps


    Michael Alexander Neumann Jaks

    ........Damn yessss!!!

    Denise White

    super blue The Eclipse


    Long Island disco's.... DeCamerons, Fokus, 231, Butterfields, Buttles, Summertimes, Malibu, Uncle Sam's ... the best times EVER!!!!!

    Montauk Long Island

    @horsluva0758 omg.....those Long Island beach days! Best days ever!!

  58. Kunta Kinte

    WAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWA CONTACT WAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWAWCONTACT WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A frog jumped up on disco nights and melted , the dolly came into the room and shouted, take your eyes off my chocolate mice or I will kill the frog yeeeeeeeeeah yeeeeeeeah and we made mice to mice contact ooooooooooooh yeeeeeeeah

  59. Gamers Show

    That bass on the beginning :D




    Freddie Washington?

  60. David Kissack

    walked into the wheatsheaf. bristol and heard ,, happy radio and coudnt help but dance, thanx mr star

  61. David Kissack

    i walked into le,mans in bristol and this song came on and i couldnt help but dance,,, thankyou , edwin star

  62. Irene Grijalva

    At Subway dancing, eating n singing

  63. TwoFourFixate

    Thank you very much for taking the time to include both the information about Edwin's life and the lyrics to this great work of art.
    I appre-she-ate it.
    Wishing you the best.


    My pleasure... enjoy!

    Jesus Enrique Rivas

    Thank You for share it with us


    One of my 10 all time favs, thanks for sharing. Reminds my days as DJ at Aquarius S.Paulo, 3,000 happy people at the dance floor!...oh what a time!

  64. kelcey mccray

    favorite jam

  65. Marty the boy

    Had the pleasure of seeing Edwin Starr in 'THE PLACE' night club in Hanley (Stoke on Trent) in the UK. What a great night

  66. Mike Umphray

    Met Edwin at one of his concerts in the late 90's. I got a privileged hand shake from him when I told him I'd waited 30 years for the occasion. What a gentleman.


    Dammmmnn Very cool... I'm jealous... :)

    Karn Allsop

    Lucky you .... You were privileged he was a classic, great music 🎶👍🎵💞💕😁😘🎶👍

  67. luis.alfonso novillo andrade

    Simplemente "GENIAL" que época mas hermosa la de la música disco

  68. John POLLEN

    Truly amazing!  I'm so lucky to have seen Mr Starr perform this at Camden Lock in the mid-eighties.  (I'm looking at YOU!) xxx

  69. wavyedd

    I loved his powerful voice.

  70. Sharon

    Still stands the test of time, reminds me of Donna Summers - I Feel Love, both timeless tracks guaranteed to move the dancefloor :)


    Donna Summer is the Queen of Disco. She's also classically trained. She was a beautiful person, inside and out. RIP Donna... God bless you for sharing your gift with the world.

    arthur verbraak

    i called this a easy job as a DJ. just put it on and it happened. everybody knew the way


    Donna Summer is the Queen of Disco... the best songs EVER!!!

  71. dirtydiscosecrets

    SO SO SO SO SO SO SO of my all time fav records. CLAP CLAP

    Karn Allsop


  72. Mark Birkes

    Remember strutting my stuff to this one ! Dance classic..

    Karn Allsop

    Me too I was very young !!! Now 54 years young never altered 😂👍 😘👍🎶😂🎵

  73. Mark Cooper


  74. Harry Plourde

    heard this years ago walking in mexico city what

  75. SCOTT S.

    That abstract fun, and mayhem in these melodies bring about that giddy excitement I truly miss when nightlife reached its purest zenith from '79 to roughly '84.I want it back.

  76. Dennis Earle

    Perfect! The first tune I ever heard in a club! Thought I'd arrived in disco heaven! :-)

  77. steven patterson

    ahhh...the lost art of cruising

    Lolly LuLa

    what was cruising?

    Old School Rave Sounds

    I think its a dance ,but it can also mean a few other things

    steven patterson

    I was looking at were looking at!
    How people hooked up before smart phones...cruising...imagine that.

    Josh Gellis

    steven patterson Now, the art is cURsing, right!? lol

    Deb Long Island ,New York

    steven patterson Those where the days !

  78. Michael McGonagle

    Studio 54!

  79. Carl Loud

    Eye to eye every time!

  80. Carl Loud

    Haven't heard this song in s-o-o-o-o-o-o long. Brings back some great memories from back in the day. And yes...eye to eye contact really works!


    This is real music!!!! Not like what they play out there today...ugh.. :(

    Karn Allsop

    Definitely 🎶🎵😘👍😁💞

    Karn Allsop

    @horsluva0758 yes I love this music very much..... But some of it today, is GOOD !! Not all BAD!!!! 👍🎵👍🎶👍😘😁💕

  81. Julie Russell


  82. Mike Gordon

    Greetings from the UK

  83. Paul Hooson

    Few were better than the legendary Edwin Starr! One of the most powerful voices ever!

  84. Mike Gordon

    Contact and Happy Radio two classic dance tunes from back in the day fro Edwin Star! Thanks for sharing love the disco light flash blip! Thought I was seeing things at first though! Lol

  85. Anu Dogra

    Amazing! what a TEMPO!!!

  86. RAMLIA1


  87. Cyborcosis

    ucking great

  88. Joe Colwell

    This is still brilliant. Its the first record I ever brought and led me into a 20 stint as a DJ. It was always my opening number and always got them of there bums and on the dance floor. Love you edwin.

  89. Pal Deersk

    I remember this from back in '78 -- played on the local radio station.  I loved it then, and couldn't dance a lick!  Har!

  90. Wilson Muniz

    Vegas International  Port Chester ,  New York , my Father Big Willie made it Little Harlem and they had it good jamming to this here joint

    Wilson Muniz

    +Wilson Muniz until the Fedz put Donny Brasco to investigate the joint

  91. John Feenan

    I recently had my retirement party (and oh what a party !). Donna Summer and many fantastic numbers from the disco era featured. And then .... this came on... and I had not heard this for many years. And wow.. I was transported back to a golden age. Where disco reigned. What a brilliant brilliant masterpiece ! And what a great long player version this is. There was not a space left on the dance floor. Everyone gave it everything and I just had to listen to this again days later.. The creativity gone into this is ...sublime. Composition.. orchestration. What a percussion section !. This up there with the best and I tell you... I wanna keep dancing to this. I even dance to it when I'm driving along ! :-O. How can anyone not get up to this classic ! And hell I'm 60. Never too old ! Thank you Edwin Starr for making my night even more memorable than it already was. R.I.P.

    RAÚL Fernández

    More than a wima

    Ronnie Baker

    Soul G192

    Karn Allsop

    WOW !!!! what a night it must have been Disco was such a good time!! I liked Edwin Star very much,as I did all the Disco music it was certainly a good time as a teenager... 😘🎵🎶💞👍💕😁🌸

    Karn Allsop

    Your only as old as you feel ! !! 60 as we know is only a number! Let's have plenty more 👍💕😁😘

    Karn Allsop

    Happy Retirement John hope you had a good Birthday 🎂🎉🎈.... I love your taste of music 🎵🎶😘💕😀👍

  92. raulantonio65


  93. affinis

    Checkout for the hottest disco music including this song. You can view them directly here:

  94. steve radford

    Acheived a MUCH higher chart placing in Great Britain and many other European countries.

  95. jimbob frain

    The Adulte, Burslem late 70s on Saturday nights - Unforgettable!!!

  96. TheBaski100

    This is the shit!!!  

  97. chilliconcarnie1

    me and my brother dance to this in the kitchen ..he is 15 and we smash the hell out of this with our disco moves :)

    Antonia McGuire

    @pattifanalwayz Keep it up ;)

  98. stangTcode T

    The Phone Box Disco Deer Park Hotel  September October November 1979