Starfield - Filled With Your Glory Lyrics

In my heart, in my heart, there's a fire burning
A passion deep within my soul
Not slowing down, not growing cold
An unquenchable flame that keeps burning brighter
A love that's blazing like the sun
For who You are and what You've done

And as the fire is raging on
So Your praise becomes my song

The whole earth
Is filled with Your glory, Lord
Angels and men adore
(Mountains bow and oceans roar)
Creation longs for what's in store
May You be
Honored and glorified
Exalted and lifted high
Here at Your feet I lay my life

From the ends of the earth
To the heights of Heaven
Your glory, Lord, is far and wide
Through history You reign on high

From the depths of the sea
To the mountain's summit
Your power, Lord, it knows no bounds
A higher love cannot be found

So let the universe proclaim
Your great power and Your great name

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Starfield Filled With Your Glory Comments
  1. willard delapus

    Christian bands are Has better voices than worldly bands.

  2. ? Why Not

    Wonder what happened to this band

    Maureen Smith

    The drummer of Starfield is one of the drummers at our local church and we sure enjoy his drumming and he is such a nice guy!!! <3

  3. Walter McLauren

    What are these guys doing now, 10 years later? Would they come to our church?

    Aaron Stringer

    Strangely enough, the lead singer just lead worship at my church in Barrie, Ontario. He sang very well leading us, but his singing sounded quite a bit different now in 2018.

  4. Caleb Kendrick

    can call Justin bieber i want his contacts

  5. Caleb Kendrick

    i like the song Filled with your Glory i love it tim and Jan

  6. Esther Joy

    yeah he sounds really out of breath and its hard to hold a good tone. but they make great music.

  7. Pete Horner

    Well he sings better than most of the people who try. What about you, what are you doing with your amazing singing talents?

  8. adrian lagman

    Just saw the video in his channel, apparently neither can he.

  9. Dewa Bacot

    who cares anyway ? Its not the skill that attract ppl. Its the 'power' behind their voice. Its the song, stuff that u dont actually understand

  10. Eli Johnson

    this guy cannot sing. just being honest

  11. Yoshimar Lopez


  12. Klainy Benvenuto

    I Love Starfield, I feel God in the songs. God To bless this guys !!!
    Brazilian fan

  13. Allaine EL EM


  14. Anne Baan - van Dijk

    Arnhem, The Netherlands ;)

  15. John Lear

    amazing song!

  16. zairekrieger

    that crowd is... awesomeeee!! Im so glad Im going this year!! God is soo mighty!!

  17. jennachristy03

    love them too! the whole earth is filled with your glory Lord! praise God!

  18. stacepo

    I hope!!

  19. Crystal Heart

    Just what an awesome God we have...see these guys?...their talents come from God be the glory!

  20. Kennedy Midkiff

    @superchick543210 ME TOOOO THEIR SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!! AND THEIR ON FIRE FOR GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  21. Joshua Rugg

    careful everyone. starfield leading worship causes walls and buildings to break! HAHAHA jk :P

  22. eesulbee

    they're so amazing! Can't believe the amount of people there!

  23. Naeju


  24. carlos ruiz

    huy que cancion mil bendiciones Gesu live!!

  25. visionceo2

    i love them!!! i saw them like 2 days ago in New Jersey!

  26. LinkAndNavi

    idk why, but this song, and I Will Go are my 2 favorite songs of theirs.

  27. oOLinz65

    Their so much better live...
    They should have more vids like this n youtube...
    It makes my heart feel good lol

  28. oOLinz65

    Yeah agreed!!!
    John has some great Tone to his guitar..
    sometimes i wonder how he does it so great!

  29. starfieldrock101

    Thanx sooooo much for adding these videos again they're one of my favs on youtube

    Caleb Kendrick

    Hey Jan you got one the fave is Caleb kendrick i saw your Barther Tim