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Starcrawler Ants Comments
  1. Mike D

    This song is fuuuzzzzzzy

  2. John Garland

    Sucks to have ants in the pants

  3. Genna Tuelz

    I got crabs. Does that count?

  4. rawdog42

    Who the fk is Gerald?

  5. サカナのタマゴ

    日本からですが応援してます^ ^

  6. basslinger

    Henri Cash sent me here with his EQD pedal review, this cat can shred

  7. RobotSuperstar

    ANTS - fuck yeah!!!

  8. Carloshll726

    Classic rock!

  9. Jamey Davis

    Good video

  10. Jamey Davis

    Starcrawler is great



  12. Ja Ook

    Who TF is Gerard??

  13. Yummy Marie

    I don't know who Gerard is... I'm here cause rock and roll is dead but Starcrawler kicks ass.

  14. Randy Parkin

    I don't know who is Gerard is but I love this one too thank you

  15. John Nihil

    This song reminds me of my first apartment lol

  16. Lewis Love

    The way she dance make me wanna take off my pants like I got can bet your brain on it...

  17. DarkLordBaudish

    109 people got ants in their pants

  18. burrgren Burholm

    Who is Gerard?

  19. Linklamontygu

    freddie mercury? lol but i love how much this band reminds me of queen AND nirvana

  20. Billy Westerband

    Thats a sexy bitch

  21. pine marten

    What the fuck did Gerard have to do with this??? I came here cuz I genuinely love starcrawler

  22. Juan Méndez

    Alice Cooper?

  23. Asparagus Bear

    she's the child of a famous rock star photographer and an established indie drummer. mmmmmm can you say "fabricated pop band"?

  24. Якушин Дмитрий

    Now i love LA too. And listen this 100 times. )))

  25. J.R.L

    What the hell Gerard?!

  26. Jasmin Dean

    I'm obsessed with Gerard and somehow I DIDN'T come here because of him but it's great that people are finding this beauty of a band

  27. Antz Guitar And Gear Reviews

    my name is Ants

  28. John Nihil

    Lead heavy

  29. your girl

    I came here because i love this band lol

  30. moreuz1

    She should gain some weight...

  31. Green Man

    Ants totally rock 🐜!

  32. Patrick Doyle

    Starcrawler > Greta Van Fleet

  33. Galicia Stuff

    Alice Cooper xdd

  34. Forest Spirit

    Who's gerard

  35. Eddie Alien

    Ésta mierda es buena!

  36. kehlen12

    I got ants in my home
    I got ants in my bones
    I got ants when I'm eating
    I got ants when I'm dreaming
    I got ants when I don't
    I got ants when I won't
    I got ants on the chair
    They bite like a.?
    So everything I own and all through my bones
    I got ants
    I got ants
    I got ants when I dance
    I got ants in my pants
    I got ants in my socks
    I got ants with my throat
    I got ants in the drum
    I got ants in my lung
    Everywhere I looking
    Everywhere at home
    So everything I own and all through my bones
    I got ants
    I got ants
    Is harder to be me everyday
    Every time I try to walk my way
    My way
    My way
    I got ants
    I got ants
    I got ants
    I got ants
    I got ants
    I got ants
    I got ants
    So everything I own and all through my bones
    So everything I own and all through my bones
    So everything I own and all through my bones
    I got ants

  37. T B

    Who the hell is Gerard Way? ;) I’m old! This is awesome!!!

  38. Audrey Arts

    No one brought me here but her voice! It’s killer, Fuck yea Arrow de Wilde!!!

  39. Harold Broussard

    I'm just obsessed with Arrow....she's the next big thing! She's the female teen Iggy Pop

  40. Neutral Marcus

    I love this.

  41. Billy The Kid

    1:21 XD priceless face

    by the way cool song

  42. Billy The Kid

    The singer reminds me a mix of, Joey Ramone and Iggy Pop in female version

  43. Jesús Rodríguez

    OMG this band is amazing! Keep up the good work!

  44. Rocker Joker

    In the nineties we had the last great moment of true innovation and novelty in rock: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins... This band along with Greta Van Fleet are really good and have that rock spirit of the great bands. But instead of doing something new they have made a pure return to the roots. Stracrawler is the purest punk and Greta are that Led Zepellin 1,2, 3 and 4 sound. It's not a complaint, I haven't heard such good bands in years. So there is no innovation, but it is undoubtedly the best rock that has been made in the last 17 years.

  45. Leon Herperger

    the lead singer of garbage brought me here. did I expect a musician of the 90's to have a clue about music? no.
    this sucks

  46. pablo kavinsky

    I m french and i ask who's Gerrad way? Im here because i listened Mishka Asayas on france Inter;

  47. Audrey Seybold

    Love it

  48. boycorrado

    Arrow fucking rocks great front woman. I so need to see Starcrawler live. Awesome album to

  49. Rainbow Mikey Unicorn

    My friend told me to look up this band I’m not disappointed. This is so good.

  50. GOZZY SD

    The bass is ny brother

  51. David Andrews

    Love child of Mick Jagger and Mackenzie Phillips.

  52. Com Truise

    I got aids

  53. Cyber Bully

    Can we get this girl a sandwich? How about an apple?

  54. Francesco Bulanon

    ok so gerar... ow im not the only one. lol

  55. Marcel

    Who the hell is Gerard and why does everyone here know him?

  56. Helana Furr

    the only reason I'm here is because Gerard to me to so yaaaaas I live did so much

  57. Super Ultra Thanks Mom

    Dancer of the boreal valley who took LSD and decided she should start a new band and maybe take a lot more LSD for the weekend but this weekend only

  58. David Steele

    Got Ants?

  59. Cameron Wansley

    The guitar distortion at 0.25x speed sounds fuckin' insane

  60. Raul Samano

    Who's Gerard?

    Crusty Sean

    Raul Samano

    My Chemical Romance

    Gerard Way

  61. Patricia Fallis

    wow this band is killer !!!! love em!!!

  62. Adam Symthe

    I have no idea who the fuck Gerard is.

  63. Leonardo Avila

    I don't know who Gerard Way is, so thanks Stoner HiVe.

  64. boycorrado

    I love the way Arrow gets into her little dance

  65. jefdarcy

    After listening to their album, I have to say that "Ants" is clearly their weakest song. No good hooks, and there are hundreds of better songs with a similar rhythm and riff. Get their debut album, it's much more interesting.

    James Williamson

    jefdarcy dude what??? the 2nd half of their albums tunes are super weak man, ants is a straight 2 minute distorted beautiful mess that gets me pumped every time, different angles i guess

  66. Selim Mrad

    Can't yall fuck off with your gerard

  67. Paco Lopez

    They're way too "I only listen to music that came out in the 70's and 60's, modern music sucks" for me. I feel like this is a band formed by all the snowflakes that comment things like "I was born in the wrong generation" or "I only listen to real music" on Youtube videos.

    John Nada

    relax , stop trying to put everybody in a box ( yours was a long winded try ) the music is good who cares about their influences

    Kenia B

    Paco Lopez Not really, just because they make this kind of music doesn’t necessarily mean that.

  68. kokomotoysonline

    Starcrawler keeping rock n roll alive!

  69. TheTaleOfAnUnemployedPolymath

    Who the fuck is Gerard?


    Froggyboy7 he was the lead singer of My Chemical Romance and later did a solo album called hesitant alien. He is currently writing and illustrating comics for DC. He has a daughter named Bandit and a wife named LynZ who was in a band called MSI. You should look him up he's cool.

  70. iBeer420noscope

    Rock is dead.

  71. Lewis McGhee

    she looks like she takes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much meth and possibly heroin

  72. theCerealkiller


  73. Steen N. A. Rasmussen

    Floored. Fucking A.

  74. Scottie Ray

    White Stripes

  75. Qba19xx

    YYY + The Kills = Starcrawler

  76. lucyfer partida

    y’all are so underrated, it’s amazing

  77. lui bola

    she is like mr cohen from pi faith in chaos, he also got ants lol

  78. Saul Meyers

    gerard did get me here .. and im glad

  79. James Zimmerman

    Like so many, I too was brought here because of Gee. But I actually saw them live. And unlike Gee, I bought the shirt. Great band, guitarist shreds like crazy, and he's only 17!

  80. Britt

    Saw this band a few days ago and didn't know the first thing about them.When they took the stage... Omfggggg.. that was so needed in my life.This band is going somewhere. I keep saying she's a female Iggy - strong music and great frontman

  81. Magneto Rex

    who the fuck is Gerard? fuck him whoever he is, this is a great band on their own

  82. Mendler

    who the fuck is gerard way?

  83. Jose Angel Zumaya

    Alice Cooper 😂😂

  84. SaturnBear

    who the fuck is gerard ??

  85. bella

    oh, i'm reading the comments and i didn't realize that gerard way liked them! i just got here by myself because i enjoy their music, but i love gerard too so that's pretty cool that we all have the same music taste, lol.

  86. MrMr

    66,669 views... i cum at a good time

  87. Chris Nolan for Cindy Crump

    awesome maybe they can bring rock and roll back to Top 40.

  88. Tilsen Mulalley

    these guys fucking kick ass

  89. TheAnalPunisher

    90's all over again. This one reminds me of Silverfish.

  90. LegPuppy

    Sonic Youth meets Sweet, pretty dam cool. Saw a video in a black room which was boring, but this kicks serious ars

  91. Julia, I guess

    Am I the only one that *didn't* come because of Gerard lmao


    Alice Hellingman Seriously? Ever heard of a band called My Chemical Romance?

    Alice Hellingman

    BassOutcast ahh no I don't listen to that kind of bands

    Green Man

    I watched this after "I Love L.A." another song by Starcrawler

    Eddy Melendez

    I love MCR but I came here because I'm discovering this fabulous band

    Green Day123

    Julia, I guess I’m here to

  92. chris pease

    Is that a Big Muff I hear?

  93. im olivia

    ok so gerard didn't brought me here

  94. Oliver Cornford

    I will not eat them on a boat, I will not eat them with a goat

  95. Laura Griffin

    These kids are so cute!!❤️

  96. tobei47

    Skating Polly brought me here. Lol. I seem like the only one that didn't come because of gerard.

  97. William N

    Dean Delray and Bone Acre brought me here!

  98. Creeping Fog


  99. Ecatlatoa

    I want to have Arrow's babies.