Starbenders - Time Stops Lyrics

My breath betrays my body
Mutiny within my chest
Got chills running through me
My mind doth protest

Heart, don't fail me now
You're all I've got left

Time stops without you here
I'm lost until you're near

Your hands hold me steady
My strength put to the test
Daylight finds our bodies
You lay upon my breast

Heart, don't fail me now
You're all I've got left

Time stops without you here
I'm lost until you're near

Time stops without you here
I'm lost until you're near

I long just to hold you
Live within your space
Out of body when I dream
I see your face

Time stops without you here
I'm lost until you're near

Time stops without you here
I'm lost until you're near

Time stops without you here
I'm lost until you're near

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Starbenders Time Stops Comments
  1. Grungy Mf

    This gave me chills God damn I love Kimi so much, the whole band is so excellent and her voice is just only getting better!! Got chills throughout the whole song CHILLS!!! LOVE IT!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THEM LIVE!!

  2. Matthew Trayling


  3. Jake B

    Saw this band in vegas with alice in chains like a year ago. I still come back and listen to them all the time

  4. Metal Heart

    Depuis leur découverte à la sortie de «London», j'écoute tous leurs titres en boucle: «Blood», «21st century orphan», etc et je souffre d'une véritable addiction. Please, please... help me Doctor!

  5. Bastette Music

    Amazing video!

  6. Tina Armitage

    Starbenders.... the most underrated band ever. Cannot get enough of them. They deserve to be BIG.... and they're coming for ya 🖤

  7. Van Calloway

    This is such an amazingly great song... It's a damn travesty it hasn't been played to death on every major rock radio station across the globe... Wish I could write a tune this damn soulful and powerful... I gotta say this is my fav so far. Rock on !!

  8. Kevin Work

    Time Stops... Those two words remind me of when I found out I had cancer and walked to the bus stop looking out into nothingness and just felt left to deal with the fact that that could have been the last of my days here on this earth. Time has never stopped for me more than at that moment. Love this song.

  9. Michael Mattox

    I love this song. My son is in this video. It was filmed in my hometown.

  10. Joe

    Sweet. Very sweet.

  11. Give it up for Jackson Heights own, Mr. Randy Watson

    Wow, great song. I was going to skip the opener for AIC tonight, but seeing this is them I'll show up on time. Never heard of them before, glad I looked them up!

    Renzokuken Leneyoyo

    Safe for me at Houston, love alice, but this was an amazing bonus and will buy their music no doubt!

  12. Leave Alone

    I love it 😍😍😍😍! Me encantaaaaa!!!

  13. sam spence

    I want to go on that train even if it is filled with a bunch of ghosts

  14. Selena Salas

    I've had this song on replay for the past week, I love it!

  15. Jayliin Hunny

    I'm in love with this song!🤟🏻❤️

  16. Marzia

    Wow, amazing! This is going to be on repeat for a while!

  17. Cђєץєɳɳє

    I absolutely love Starbenders ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    This is why I fell in love with Rock N' Roll, because I get to discover bands like these

  18. Cringemaster904

    This looks amazing like a abandoned train with amazing music with a story down the train it's a piece of art. Keep up the amazing work guys!!!!!!😀

    Institution Records

    Thank you. We love you so much

  19. AERON


  20. Cringemaster904

    I've met these people there very nice my dad was friends with a guy that happens to live with these people they were awesome I also miss them...

  21. Matthew Trayling

    True brilliance!

  22. Dorty Focker

    Absolutely love this! These guys are AWESOME!

  23. Susan Murphy

    Absolutely beautiful. I love this!! :)

  24. TheSpiritualGirl1

    I'm loving their softer sound!

  25. Jamal anderson

    This is another song that I've heard from you guys and I'm just blown away by the visuals in the video. Very symbolic and poetic. Thumbs up guys keep up the good work

  26. Matthew Trayling

    This is brilliance in it purest form. One of this best songs I have ever heard in my 54 years on this planet. And believe me, as an accomplished musician myself, I stand and listen in awe.
    Excel Starbenders...excel. The world awaits you.

    Matthew Trayling

    Have listened at least 20 times now 'Institution Records' through a bloody good set of headphones as well as pumping up through my Jensen speakers at acceptable hours...and still it blows my hair back as I am listening again now.
    Am I nuts? Do I need counselling? No. I just love brilliance.

    Matthew Trayling

    Yes please do.

    Matthew Trayling

    My latest post on Facebook... (open to public by the way)

    My favourite song right now. In-fact my favourite for the last two weeks or so.
    I just keep listening, watching, listening...etc. As I listen again now, this being I think the 37th time, I still want to hear it again.

  27. Zack Franklin

    This video is beautifully done. It is like a miniature movie that deserves to be seen on the big screen. So many great ideas brought together perfectly. Haunting but gorgeous at the same time. That said and we haven't even touched on the song, which is a hit to my ears. This ought to be on the radio and performed on late night television shows everywhere. The voice that comes from the singer is sweet/sexy and just adds so much more to the song.

    Zack Franklin

    She is gorgeous too. Face like a porcelain baby doll and her style reminds me of Stevie Nicks. I didn't want that in my first comment to take anything away from the bands awesomeness

    Susan Murphy

    Nice and thoughtful comments Zack.

  28. Marwane El Rhali

    so coooooooooooool <3

  29. Destr0yer56

    Great song and awesome music video

  30. Joelle Ardona

    Great song! The music video's awesome too.

  31. asaf mazareb

    i usually dont like videos but when i do it means this shit is epic sir you earned yourself a subscriber haha :D

  32. Tania Elizabeth Mendoza

    Wow... I am from MEXICO.. please in spanish

  33. Andre Lautenstein

    I can't get this song out of my head.

  34. Improversum4Life

    Best Music 😊

  35. Jugador Guanaco

    Excelente canción. No conocía a este grupo pero me lo apunto para seguir sus nuevos álbumes. Y la voz de la chica muy potente. 10!!

  36. candlehour

    cool song, great vocal tomes, I really love the build up and that is one cool set, a train? I though it was a bus at first, very cool!

  37. Smart Graphics

    Wow! That's cool!! awesome video :) thanks for sharing .

  38. Lana Green

    Amazing as all your songs! I really love your style!

  39. Jowel Chua

    I love the song! And the video is so amazing! ♥

  40. Cường Nguyễn Công

    Amazing song. I love it <3

  41. Michelle S

    Whoa... That was awesome. The combination of that powerful voice and those dark and mysterious effects of the video was hypnotizing to me! Good job :)

  42. MzMiichelle

    What a beautiful and powerful song! The music video flows so perfectly, I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen.

  43. LiLy DiAmOnD

    Love it!!!

  44. marioep18

    I love this band and all their songs a lot!! Amazing Work keep it up!!!

  45. Richard LaFleur

    STARBENDERS are AMAZING!! But as to BEN ROBERDS and his crew at DOMINAR: I'm often inclined to superlatives, but I REALLY REALLY REALLY mean it when I say this seems far & away DOMINAR's best music video yet. DO NOT GET ME WRONG: we've loved THEM ALL; but the level of ARTISTRY and TECHNICAL MASTERY in this one reaches new heights. simply AMAZING!!! gonna watch it again now. it MUST go up for major awards!!

    Dominar Films

    Thank you so much Rick! You're amazing as well! Sorry I didn't see this sooner but now spring is upon us as well as more shoots that I hope you and Alice will be a part of :D Hope to see you soon!
    - Ben

  46. Ema Waterz

    StarBenders!! My favorite band!

  47. Larmen Simonec

    Harmony to my heart

  48. Mihaela Korngaser

    Added to my playlist, awesome!

  49. Maria Newsome

    I love the idea of the video! Beautiful Singer! Keep making great music!

  50. Renata Mengart

    On my daily playlist as well, like it a lot!

  51. Elizabeth Cardella

    The best band - StarBenders!

  52. Roger Rode

    Great song and lovely voice!

  53. Lorene Knight

    I'm just checking your website, top band!

  54. Patrick Wayne

    Love it! Just started following on Twitter and FB for more updates!

  55. Robi Stonerecen

    Great band, well deserved!

  56. Ace Tomanson

    Unique sound, love it!

  57. Kathleen Rhoades

    You're the best, StarBenders! Subscribed!

  58. Rok Tacer

    This song is amazing! Where can I donwload the album?

  59. Christina Tomasonn

    Awesome lyrics, great production well done!

  60. Harold Shelton

    Time always stops when I'm listening this song, hot hot hot!

  61. Jane Silvers

    Awesome song, sexy voice! Niceee!

  62. James Chaudhry

    The whole album rocks!

  63. Natasa Daicmann

    Very deep song!

  64. Jacob Thomson

    An amazing video production!

  65. Lenny Normanec

    Great band! Keep up the good work!

  66. Serenna Lenna

    killin it, oh lord!

  67. Alicia Konyr

    Top song! Great job! A++

  68. Martina Skursek

    Beautiful video, well done! Subscribed!

  69. Eric Lheureux

    This is what I call music! Nicely done!

  70. Mariah White

    I like the vibes from this song, awesome!

  71. James Phillips

    Unique sound, love it!

  72. Thomas Martinez

    I really like your voice! Well done!

  73. Jonny Blitzs

    This is awesome! I love it!

    Dorty Focker

    Agree. This is AWESOME!

  74. Victoria Veale

    Such an amazing song and video! Great official video!

  75. Patricia Olive

    I am officially a fan! Awesome!

  76. Joe Smith

    I like your band name!

  77. Lona Dollarer

    One of my favorite song from StarBenders! Keep up making the good music!

  78. Dam marelen

    I like the production of this video and good lyrics!

  79. James Stonner

    Added to my playlist, love it!

  80. Virginia Helfer

    Great song StarBenders!

  81. Britanica Marie

    This is very beautiful. This is my first time hearing anything by StarBenders and I am honestly in awe of it. It has been a long time since I felt connected with music. Very well done and beautiful.

  82. Snapple Boy

    That video was awesome!

  83. Linda Peters

    What a video. I loved it.

  84. Joseph Scott

    Time stops when listen this beautiful music.

  85. Mindymuffin

    What a powerful voice with a perfect and well-fitting video! Her voice is giving me the chills. The end's not for those easily suffering from motion sickness though :D

  86. Jesica Milles

    If I could only share this song to my crush who is happily in love with another person.. Ahh. Powerful song and video!! Touching and meaningful to me!

  87. Larry Spinkle

    wow. Powerful music. Epic video. Love it!

  88. Dave Jamison

    So clean vocal. Powerful video, with great idea. Love the lyrics as well. Motivating, yet romantic.

  89. Kayla Majestic

    Great video amazing quality love the elements used in the video ..good job

  90. VolgaZap

    thanks, shared on my blog --->

  91. Spiele Affe

    Der Clip ist echt gut geworden da kann man nix sagen und ihre musik gefällt mir auch sehr gut.

  92. Tony Monti

    Kann mir das direkt nochmals anhören weil es einfach so geil klingt

  93. KatjaStern1999

    Das ich hier einen Daumen in die höhe gebe ist ja wohl mehr als klar. Der Song hat mich persönlich sehr überzeugt und kommt direkt mal wieder durch die Boxen.

  94. Angelwayes

    Mach weiter so und lass dich nie unterkriegen!

  95. Heiko Abbas

    Ich glaube diese junge Dame wird noch ganz weit kommen. Gesanglich kann da auf anhieb niemand mithalten der mir grad einfällt.

  96. AdnanCellic

    Sie hat so eine unglaubliche Power in ihrer Stimme das ist Unglaublich. Eine wirklich starke Sängerin.

  97. Bojan S

    Powerful! Touching! AMAZING VIDEO! One of my new favorites!!

  98. Neil Winawer

    "Got chills running through me" when I see this video! This was filmed in Georgia, so that might be the Midnight Train!