Star Cast - Yellow Tape Lyrics

You thought that weak-ass diss you made
Would make us tremble, make us scared of ya
.22 in my channel, you best believe I carry, yeah
I ain't wilin', you don't wanna make me cross that barrier
Actin' like you hood, but we all know you white America

You don't wanna start this
You a billy from the 'burbs, you a fraud bitch
I see you arguing with chicks, you do it often
I guess you wanna be a queen, come out the closet

Yellow tape, yellow tape
(Yellow tape, yellow tape)
D.O.A., D.O.A
(D.O.A., D.O.A.)
Took a shot, a mistake
(Took a shot, a mistake)
Yellow tape, yellow tape
(Yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow)

Disrespect a woman
Are you compensating for the smaller things, I wonder?
Mad because we never let you hit, you pitch a fit
You wonder why I never gave you none
I saved it for ya daddy, I'ma make you as my son

I'm about to dead this conversation
One more line and I'll admit you like a patient
Boy you just got bodied by a bunch of ladies
And you gonna have to take it to your grave

Yellow tape, yellow tape
(Yellow tape)
D.O.A., D.O.A
(D.O.A., D.O.A.)
Took a shot, a mistake
(Yah, yah, yah)
Yellow tape, yellow tape

Screw the line, I crossed it
I'm here to put you in a coffin
Makin' money way too often
I'm drippin' more than your faucet
So sick it's makin' you nauseous
It's way too late to be cautious
I'ma show the world how the hardest dude
Can turn into the softest

Extra, extra, they gon' read it
They gon' post it, they gon' tweet it
Words cut deep and now you're bleedin'
Gon' be beggin', gon' be pleading
I'm the champion, the winner
1-0, I'm undefeated
I murder beefs like I'm a carnivore and you a vegan

Yellow tape, yellow tape
(Yellow tape, yellow tape)
D.O.A., D.O.A
(D.O.A., D.O.A.)
Took a shot, a mistake
(Took a shot, a mistake)
Yellow tape, yellow tape
(Yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow)

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Star Cast Yellow Tape Comments
  1. hlblessed34


  2. joelle Ford

    they be rosting in there songs

  3. joelle Ford

    so catchy comment if u agree

  4. raydonovan X________X

    Dam Love this track this is what all women need to be n hold there own never not a woman back cuz she'll shie way more with out u

  5. Ashley Peterson

    Sorry Star

  6. J Murrell

    This song is still a BOP!!!❤❤❤❤❤

  7. jewel Johnson

    I swear they said DOA not deal with it !!🙄🙄🙄

  8. Shona Brewer

    What about star part she went hard

  9. B B

    We just gonna ignore Alex rap for real ok

  10. amilas life

    We see u ryan being Eminem in this song

  11. Fadzai Chengeta

    Lil Dini had it coming

  12. Fadzai Chengeta

    I love all of there songs slow or upbeat (like do one)

  13. ari chan

    cant believe this was cancelled

  14. Janiyah Janai Banks

    That's the whole point all u people talk about star...😒what u people need to do is focused on TAKE 3 AGAIN TAKE 3

  15. Carlos Brady

    I love this show star he's so good I watch it all the time thank you Queen Latifah I love that show star I watch it every Wednesday night this is a good show do not cancel it

  16. That Silly Writer

    so the words are deal with it and not DOA? I hear DOA Dead On Arrival .... anyone else agree?

    Essence Knight

    It's DOA

  17. Ashlyn Murphy

    I can't believe star is off how could they do that it was getting good at the wedding ..... But alex part on this song she went off

  18. jennyfer o'banion

    I know Carlotta sittin back like "thats how it's done"

  19. Feluci Dabel

    This song is so good! Take 3 all day🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. Diany Nieves

    Guy: Africa
    Star: and what they call that the father land or the mother land?

  21. Salalaumanu Laulu

    girls up PIMPS DOWNN

    -Star cast

  22. _B_ A_

    I loveeee your song and I see the series <3

  23. Nicole A

    Better than most groups out there 💙

  24. Frederick Navarro

    I love star
    But is it really cancelled

  25. Jamie fortenberry

    @judedemorest @RyanDestiny @brittanyogrady I love this song so much yellow tape

  26. Amourr Asia

    The rap part goes to ALEX

  27. Yvette Marshall

    I like that's music &song nice job.💗💗💗💗🌟👌👍😎

  28. Jaziyha Gatlin

    my mom like star and i like smone

  29. Tamiko Gamer

    Ya vi la serie y la pinche Eva me va a sacar cansecer en los ojos y oídos

  30. MTA Squad


  31. Rashid Holt

    I like Diss Tracks

  32. InterLina Milian


  33. Kimberly Lara

    Big fan of Star

  34. yikes

    I kinda hated this song but I also loved it. We thought it was going to end so many times but it continued.

  35. Richard Innocent

    Love that song

  36. megbro

    .22 in my Chanel you best believe I carry her 🔥

  37. Trishun Smith

    Love. Vs Alex (Friend

  38. jessenia torres

    Hey producer ppl this song is WAY better with the talkin into
    Way way way better

  39. Allan Anderson

    best song ever

  40. Melina & Nana

    Aye took a shot a mistake

  41. Cierra Wassom

    omg i can believe it

  42. lee lee

    I am happy star alive because i was screaming if you was did

  43. Ashonti Flowers

    All of them were disrespectful. I love it.


    I like that song

  45. ari aririririririi

    wig: snatched
    replay button: broken
    hotel: trivago

  46. Ryuko Matoi

    Am I the only one that caught the 8 Mile reference in the diss scene? 😂😂😂

  47. COMCAST Madyson

    Take 3 needa be a real group.

  48. DateMike22

    This was the perfect clap back track!

  49. The Nutellas

    that awkward moment when the fake music industry are better than the real music industry

  50. janlle Haynes

    I love you star so much

  51. JT Strange

    2019 anyone

  52. Leticia Reed

    I love star and Simon 💯💯💯

  53. Smeak !!!

    They absolutley killed it w/this 1

  54. Bri's life

    Thats crazy that tv show songs be better than half of the songs thats out with real artists😬😬😬😬😬

  55. Martrice Henderson

    This up there wit Remy Ma's " 😉😍 Ether " . they bodied thiss . 🔥

  56. Jamie fortenberry

    I love this song

  57. Arnetha Saunders

    This my song

  58. Skye Hayes

    I love them they need to be a real group facts!

  59. Elinor Bar


  60. Tristalyn Ditto

    i wish i was there too

  61. Adrian Castaneda

    I wish I could see you guys in real life it could be dreamed come tro 😩

  62. Janiah jamz mitchell

    "I guess u wanna be a queen come out the closet." im dead😂😂

  63. Haffisha Sattaur

    Well y'all can't love this song more than me i jus love it

  64. Kamia Baker


  65. Courtney White

    I wish they were my sisters 😍

  66. Jamie White


  67. Ke'Shanti's World

    They need to add the video up

  68. dirttowater

    every time I hear this song, I get hyped

  69. Faith Coutee

    It's not "Deal with it, Deal with it" It's DOA, DOA short for Dead On Arrival. and it would sound better if it was saying you a billy from the burbs you a FRAUD not frog. XD

  70. Kadiesha Barrett

    I like it star 😙😗😚💚💙💛💜💋👄

  71. Kool Aus

    Just learned that the sisters from The R&B group Cherish, Felisha & Fallon wrote this song. They wrote a lot of songs for empire and star

  72. RAYRAYsGyrl1

    Dang I wish this song was longer!! I love it, by far one of the most boss moments of the show for Take 3.

  73. Screw You Reviews

    Star music is better than Empire music.

  74. Gracefulgrace Graceful

    Pls I REALLY WISH they were a REALIFE GIRL GROUP!!!!😍😭❤️😍😭❤️😍😭❤️😭😭❤️

  75. kaliegh hanmore

    "acing like you hood but we all know you white amrecian" bish i see ya"ll

  76. Jimmy dancekillla

    love that song

  77. Michael Bryant

    I love watching stories days star have something going on that I can't wait to come back on swing but you know I start had that baby I love you so beautiful I hope you know when Star come back on anybody going to turn up I heard the next thing was going to be so good can't wait to watch it but y'all that don't watch Starz y'all need to watch it watch it from the beginning star is so good just watch it please watch it Antarctica😍😍🤩🤩😉

  78. Stephanie Roberts

    Best Song Ever for The Bully , Hater ,Perpetrator , Gossips Definitely On My Playlist😆😆😆😆🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  79. Heaven's Life

    Learn this whole song within a day now when it come in i singing like i dissing my enemey straight up

  80. Crystal Harris

    I love yellpw tape and star baby is cute

  81. Pooh Thomp

    love the song😍😘

  82. Kieron Miller

    Y'all great singers doll are great singers

  83. ari aririririririi

    its emit*

  84. Sydney Simmons

    the amount of times I’ve listened to this is unhealthy

  85. cute babby's

    I watch you

  86. Arianna Robinson

    Alex killed her last verse

  87. Funtime kia

    Alex part is fire!! she said IM DRIPPING MORE THAN YOUR FAUCET

  88. jay rob

    Instrumental anyone?

  89. Lowanda McMillian

    they are STUPID

  90. Aakayla Sheppard

    I realize they say something about I'm gonna make you my son in this song and madonna whats that all about

  91. Aubrey Harris

    Star for best rapper of 2018

  92. Its_ Cyrus

    But they all did good star ans somoene and alex

  93. Its_ Cyrus

    Alex killed "im drippin more than yo fosset"

  94. J’asmaree BeautyStyles

    This fire 🔥❤️💯

  95. Davina Duran

    i love you all that like star

  96. Davina Duran

    i love star

    Davina Duran

    i like it to