Star Cast - What It Do Lyrics

Yeah, I'm tryna get you out of your head man
Less is more, sometimes it's just about being simple
Ask a regular question
You feel me?

What it do?
Tell me, what it do?
'Cause I've been trying to rock with you-oh-oh
So baby, tell me what it do?
What it do?

Look, she came with a crew
And she don't mess with many, so I cooked her sister too
Everything is fleeky from her head down to her shoes
Heard she off the market, but we bend it on the cruise
We could get it popping shawty, tell me, what it do?
Is it true you single and you looking for a boo?
Is it true I'm swimming and I'm in a heated pool?
Yeah, that booty big, but can we kick it?
Is you cool?
I can tell you 'bout your future
I'm that negro you should choose, yeah

She a little thick something
And she ain't got no drawers on
Like did she forget something?
Yeah, I'm tryna kiss something
Run off and do a little quick something
I got your chick running
Take her to the house like I pick something

What it do? (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Tell me, what it do? (What it do?)
'Cause I've been trying to rock with you-oh-oh (Tryna, tryna rock with you, yeah)
So baby, tell me what it do? (What it do?)
What it do?

Say girl, you know you age better than wine
When I'm with you, it's like a DUI
'Cause that body, it's illegal
You're the forbidden fruit of the tree of you and me
You're bad for me, my pain and pleasure
You made a perfect angel, losing it too much
But I still want me some more of you
So tell me, tell me, baby, baby, what it do?

What it do? (Oh, oh, oh)
Tell me, what it do? (Oh, oh, oh, oh)
'Cause I've been trying to rock with you-oh-oh (What it do?)
So baby, tell me what it do? (Oh, oh, oh, oh)
What it do?
What it do? (What it do, yeah)
Tell me, what it do? (Tell me what it do for you)
'Cause I've been trying to rock with you-oh-oh (Yeah, yeah, eh eh eh eh eh eh)
So baby, tell me what it do? (Baby, tell me what it do?)
What it do, yeah

Uh yeah
Tell me what it do-oh-oh?
Tell me what it do do, yeah, uh

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Star Cast What It Do Comments
  1. Destynee Morris

    Thanks 😊😊😊😊

  2. Teya Jones

    Underrated song of the show

  3. Tyrone Williams

    This song good. Like the video on show

  4. saquana marzette

    They got new voice 🥰❤️

  5. saquana marzette

    I love star ⭐️❤️

  6. Tarez Maxwell

    It isnt canceled it is coming back soon

  7. Magnolia Loyalty

    This my song 😍❤️

  8. ItzlyssaTV

    Congrats on the baby Ryan

  9. Jasmine Moore

    This song slappppedddd

  10. B Angel

    Yes this chorus be in my head

  11. Nichella Mary


  12. Amran Farah

    I can’t believe the show is cancelled 😭😱

  13. Logan Rios

    LOVE this

  14. Niyah's Life

    Please come back 😭 for season 4😭😭😭

  15. Terri Redden

    i swear why would they put Rashad in church clothes he look like a fool.

  16. Nyterya Redden


  17. Michael Wright

    my littel sis like it to

  18. Michael Wright

    love star

  19. princessjackie webb

    I don't like this because he took good and made it ungodly


    i love star so much

  21. Jerry Marsh

    L li lik like I if y yo you w wh wha what whatc whatch t th thi this s sh sho show

  22. Prince Jay

    I love this song

  23. Alvin Johnson


  24. reality Hayward

    They soooo iIrritating me because they canceled star

  25. WingoImvuProduction

    Make the official video

  26. Damien j

    Can't believe they cancelled empire and star

  27. dani3l tgn

    What it do yall tell me

  28. Anthony Powell

    Only song I like

  29. Keila Vlogs

    What it dooooo🎶🎶😄

    Sherry Darisaw

    I love the song what it do

    Sherry Darisaw

    Cassidy and Sherry

  30. Tiante Preston

    This is the bomb 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Tiante Preston

    I just love y’all Star ⭐️

  31. Danyiesha Haskins

    Me and my sister: TELL ME WHAT IT DOOOOOO

  32. Darian Jefferson

    Cant tell me this song not a bop but that performance is how a lot of baby Christians are made

  33. Lashaire Gibson


    Carolyn Stone

    Me too girl😥


    Lashaire Gibson we all are

    Ama Tabi

    They must TSeK! 😤

    Estina Thompson

    Man, I am so mad at this. This was my favorite show

    saquana marzette

    Lashaire Gibson me too 🙄☹️

  34. Ernest Banks

    Shii I'll pay them to let me be on the show

  35. dani3l tgn

    Love this song

  36. Camille Grant

    WHAT IT DoOoOoO🔥🔥😭😭

  37. Ashlynne Renae

    I swear this performance was wack and disrespectful AF 😂 i swear.

    lynn njeri

    I know :) :) but the song is so cool

    Niyah's Life

    Exactly how you gone twerk in church clothes

    MissThangShawna D

    His momma got him together tho 😂😂😂 Carlotta don't play

  38. Felicia Shantell


  39. Kamiya Hall

    Lmao I love this song

  40. Shailiyah Arrant

    Yesss 😂😂❤

  41. Morrisa Hubbard

    Star sister

  42. Alexander Padilla

    Lil’ Dini makes this show hilarious. He is the closest to depict what today’s “artists” are becoming. Lolita though.

    shadow studios


  43. Pixie Bomb

    Is this carlatta son and Lil dinny

    Juliana Ishimwe

    Pixie Bomb yes

  44. Anna Cobb

    I am SOO SERIOUS I would PAY for all of them to become real artists like TODAY

    Briyanah Turner

    Anna Cobb lol Rashad actually is, he goes by Major, listen to Why I love You !

  45. MsTashab12

    As soon as I heard major was going to be on the show. I knew he's was going to play carlotta's son.

  46. Jordan Minor

    Carlotta gonna come for him bad

  47. fun sisters squad coe

    Sing it

  48. Tye M

    i can’t with these season 3 songs lmao something fell off

    Na'Shay Richardson

    Tye M you took the words out my mouth man 😂but imma still jam to them

  49. Natalee Simone

    No. No. No. No. No. No. Nooooo. I love MAJOR. But, no.

  50. Reefs On Fire

    Rashad can get it 😭😍

  51. Elizabeth Clarke

    Nice song not bad 😚😚


    Il love you Jude demorest ,and Ryan dinesty and Brytanny o grady

    Kiauna Mitchell

    Brittany* destiny*

  53. Jamaal Rainey

    Can anybody explain why “Star” just has singles and “Empire” has actual soundtracks on iTunes? I be wanting to buy the music in bulk for a deal 🤷🏿‍♀️


    @An H was it really canceled?
    It had its struggles but its been doing good lately.

    Keila Vlogs

    Jamaal Rainey Idk but Im sick of empire

    An H

    Kxuaiツ Yes my fav show/our show was cancelled last Friday. Empire was renewed. However, it was only for 1 more season so if I was Daniels and some of that cast of Star wanted to do Empire I'd join them together. Star deserves that with that phenomenal cast/music. I didn't like the idea before because they are 2 different shows. But I guess Disney felt they were the same. They got rid of the one I loved and kept Empire. I'm just ready to see what's next for that cast. I enjoyed them and the music. Well the good thing is we can walk away with some really good music. Disney can't stop that. But I'm looking forward to what they do next. And hopefully soon. I miss them already.

    An H

    Zavior Mo'ne I replied below. But yes.

    Youngin Boii

    Because when empire first started it was set to an original soundtrack that's why all the music is so good it real original music i don't think star was set up the same way

  54. Nicolas Lundy

    can i be oh the show

  55. Lalaa M

    Ooohh ok I see y'all 😮👀

  56. Rashid Holt

    I Can't Believe that Rashad is Carlotta's Son 😱😱

    Javette Mackey

    Yep, knew it when he said her dad paid for his schooling

    princess kem

    Fr it was so shocking

    FutureSelf 2810

    Spoiled it...

  57. Nicole Abyss


  58. Avery Nicole

    Never thought I would hear MaJoR on this kind of song

  59. Amelia Frazier

    Ok Rashad I hear ya boo

  60. Nathan Warmack

    I have no comment

  61. Philyra Robinson

    Not gonna lie I do not like him in the show but hey THIS MAN CAN SANG(NOOT SING,SANG)👌🏽👌🏽😭❤️🤩

    taylor edmonds

    Rushod or Lil dini

  62. SingingKid14 GamingYoungAdult

    Lil dini and rashad??? Ok!?!? 😂

    Denise Robinson

    Idk if it is rashad. But it does sound cool.

    Jamar C

    Denise Robinson it is rashad and lil Dini rashad singing the chorus

  63. Faith Marshall

    He has a nice voice! He killed it 💖😍

    princess kem

    Yes but I cannot believe he went wit deni