Staples, Vince - Versace Rap Lyrics

I asked my mama what's the key to life, she told me she ain't know
She just try to take it day to day, and pray I make it home
Made me wonder for a second, til I felt my weapon
Falling out my pocket, then walked inside my room before she saw it
Never had a happy home, stability's a problem
Evictions from apartments, prison letters from my father
All a nigga ever knew, if it wasn't for Rashard or Ray
I probably would be shot today, they taught a loc survival
My teachers said I had a vibrant mind, but a tarnished shine
Doing violent crimes, put the money in my pockets
Gave it to my mom, but when a nigga had a chance
Never asked where it was from, happy that I lent a hand
The day my grandfather died, I grew into a man
Around the same time I first pulled a trigger
I prayed it didn't hit him, but after awhile I ain't care
As long as a nigga still here, right?

Never had belief in Christ, cus in the pictures he was white
Same color as the judge that gave my hood repeated life
Sentences for little shit, church I wasn't feeling it
Why the preacher charge tell us everything gon be alright
Knew what it was for, still I felt that it was wrong
Till I heard Chef call himself God in the song
And it all made sense, cus we can't do shit
But look inside the mirror once it all goes wrong
You fix your own problems, tame your own conscience
All that holy water shit is nothing short of nonsense
Not denying Christ, I'm just denying niggas options
Cus prayer never moved my Grandmama out of Compton
I prayed for my cousin, but them niggas still shot him
Invest in a gun, cause them niggas still got them
And won't shit stop em from popping you in broad day
Hope that choir pew bulletproof or you gon' pay

Money was the motive, Florence, California, cutting corners
Trying catch a nigga slipping just to blaze him that Sabonis (what?)
Chamber long as Tommy Chambers nigga meet your maker
As-Salamu leave em lakeside, bells can't save em
When them shells start raining, guess my mama didn't raise me right
Too busy paying Christ to wash away her sins
But I'm the only one that's fucked up in the end?
That's the shit that happens when you put a book before your kids
The only girl I ever loved turned into a bitch
If I ever see her and I got a gun, she getting hit
That's as honest as it gets, I've done a lot of shit
I ain't proud of, but I wouldn't trade it in for Heaven
11 Mac-11's, and a Tre 57, bet that shit will get to talking
If you ever got a question
Never met a person worth trying to impress
So consider this a murder when it's 5 inside your chest

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Staples, Vince Versace Rap Comments
  1. Corbit Knight

    I prayed for my cuzin and them niggaz still shot'em

  2. Julian Santos

    Man this is one of the first songs I heard by Vince. Along with Nate and Back Sellin' Crack

  3. 400TV

    I can relate to most of this he talking bout

  4. Marsay Hakeem-Alou

    Damn this song make feel like I’m not alone on some of the shit I think about

  5. Anthony Piccone

    my lord

  6. HighlyOpi{nion}ated✓

    If I ever see her n I got a gun she gettin HIT. Did they really have to edit?

  7. Jayce Neptune

    This a different version

  8. Ugurbeats

    this is vince his scariest song

  9. Jay P.

    first track I ever heard from VINCE on Tumblr 2011

  10. a.l. zacharia

    mmm that beat switchup

  11. Fed up

    This beat tho, it's firee!!

  12. Huey Hulk

    I was being sarcastic because of his whole nineties statement but truly his opinion really don't matter he has decent music for now.

  13. metalahhhhhhhhhhhh

    See this is why I hate when people say Vinces older stuff isn't good. All of his older lyrics seem to be a bit more blasphemous than the newer stuff hehe.  The 2nd and last verses were crazy though, love to see a emcee with this sort of opinion.

    Simon Holm

    yeah this really isn't vince being vince. as good as it is he's just fucking around. that said, he'll never top the first shyne coldchain in my opinion. completely fucking amazing tape.

    Antoine le

    of course blasphemous when he was young and didn't know shit


    IHahaha funnily enough I've had people say this to me - I direct them to Twitch. Shits so fucken cash.


    This song is not blasphemous.

    Sherod Garrett

    Vince newer shit is mainstream poop bro, his old shit is when he was actually rapping about some real shit an not the bullshit every other bullshit rapper raps about nowadays.

  14. Huey Hulk

    1:39 did he say chef called himself god and it all made sense? eleven mac elevens thats my question

    e30 l

    He's referring to Raekwon who's also known as the Chef referring to himself as God in raps, it's a 5 percenter nation reference

  15. Mohamoud Mohamed

    Yeah everyones right that last verse was straight FIRE but the song is hot

  16. Jon Defina

    This so is so hot, it literally set my car on fire, I'm okay tho, my Ex isn't tho

  17. amore love

    The last verse is the best but the hole song overall goes hard

  18. Daquan Jones

    That second verse tho..... 💯💯💯

  19. Henrico

    I liked it.Its not perfect still think it needs more instrumental but I liked his flow and his lyrics.If he could be more aggressive when he raps that would be dope

  20. Young AT

    Changed my life

  21. TrizollinTehWorld

    that second verse is so hard!

  22. Darkri56789

    u know I hate wen people say only old school rappers can rap... dis proves em wrong

  23. Cam Scott

    who got the instrumental with the last verse beat?

  24. Doubleprint Records

    check my channel

  25. thisisSPARTAorsprite

    man wish there was somthing that told us more about vinces life

  26. Sean Semmens

    No instumental of this on youtube!?

  27. John Cena

    dam grl


    The only girl i ever loved turned into a bitch

    Fredo Crugarr

    PEEPSHITRECORDS favourite line

  29. Sebastian Arango

    Versace Rap > Versace

  30. 608HipHop

    this isnt the album version. just sayin

  31. DSaverin

    This needs a music video

  32. Nigel oragami

    Vince and Michaels beats are so deadly

  33. 31mnm7

    real nigga no homo

  34. $MilesGPhonk

    Realest most lyrical gangster rap song ina grip

  35. DBZdude95

    By far best vince song IMO

  36. SteezLikeButta

    Fuck. This song is so awesome.

  37. Bacanator333

    You didn't fix it

  38. Bacanator333

    You didn't fix it

  39. MrSodaBelly


  40. Leo Velli

    Holy fuck man... This nigga done spit the realest shit ever

  41. Swan

    Daym! first time hearin this dude...i been missn out

  42. Albin Landberg

    my favorite song ever probably

  43. Nathaniel Parker

    "That's what happens when you put a book before your kids"

  44. Josh Adams

    You're the reason I lost faith in humanity.

  45. Cody Snider

    soulja boy? wut

  46. streetball102

    woah vince staples is fucking hard as fuck

  47. VillainNotsha


  48. yannel45loso

    shits too

  49. leo copado

    Uzi on the beat.

  50. RadMunk

    I think they're all fucking eachother in some dinky basement somewhere.

  51. shawn collins

    vince speakin real shit on this one

  52. iamtherealmilkman

    They're* You sound like you work at McDonalds.

  53. SensoryOssuary

    praying never moved my grandmama out of compton

  54. henny Meler

    this track still go hard as fuck. vince staples has some new shit wit joey fatts. thats shit go even harder

  55. Taylor Made

    go to google and search vince staples Shyne_Coldchain_Vol.1 and go to hulkshare and u can download that its his new mixtape its good it has this song on it and alot more

  56. Taylor Made

    listine to ak-47 by souljia boy and then you will know what happend lmao he sucks

  57. BreezyMula

    where can i get more of this guy music?

  58. CarbonXrebiF


  59. dlerat27

    anyone know the lyrics> ?

  60. Daniel

    you probably have down syndrome

  61. AgileMuffin

    I don't think you are aware that you just got trolled.

  62. *OneForTheKids*

    People stopped liking them because they suck. Whats ur iq?

  63. aaronmwc

    you sir have reached genius level : dumbfuck

  64. darkxdust

    damn these two gotta release an album together

    or just become a fucking duo

  65. darkxdust

    nigga just trolled you hard

  66. YungBeadedGod

    soulja boy sucks diccccccccck

  67. Valencia

    Robbed 2 liquor stores with this playing Loud as fuck in my get away

  68. dowork002

    so lowkey that soulja boy ain't bite him yet

  69. MegaRay90

    he spits the truth but my nigga vince ugly denna bitch lol

  70. Doubleprint Records

    i got this beat on my channel.

  71. Kieran O'Prey

    Only found out about Vince Staples recently.. so good.

  72. ACDCrocks051

    "That's the shit that happens when you put a book before your kids"

  73. jlopez1017d

    @hotstudd2087 Obviously you watch MTV

  74. Anthony Nacrelli

    @hotstudd2087 You gotta problem with underground rap.heres the number top my therapist, tell him all your problems, hes fucking awesome with listening. Oh wait thats a gun shop..... Itll still do the job

  75. Sean Knipe

    So fucking good. Damn

  76. tdollatdolla

    is that a joke? what dont you jump on vevo and get your souljah boy on faggot.

  77. Danny_DarkSpace

    @FeelKrooKed LOL he said Soulja Boy yaknow xD

  78. Arthur Chips

    @MindThatFool my hood repeated life sensences for little shit church i wasnt feelin it

  79. Cory Heskett

    @DapperSHiT oh yeah thanks for looking out. I meant to change that when i realized i fucked up his name but i forgot, will do now.

  80. Donovan Graham

    @hotstudd2087 There working at McDonalds.

  81. MindThatFool

    @FeelKrooKed Thanks.

  82. Cory Heskett

    @MindThatFool that gave "my hood"

  83. Cory Heskett

    @hotstudd2087 kill yrself

  84. MindThatFool

    what does he say in this verse
    "Same color as the judge that gave *something* repeated life sentences"

    Luke Nolan

    MindThatFool my hood

  85. hd729j

    Dont understand the title...please explain!

  86. wecoloron

    this sounds like a Tricky beat

  87. MrStealth13

    why the fuck does it matter? I think Staples is better, but I still love Soulja haha. Hes a funny ass nigerian.

  88. Willie Verdecia

    @hotstudd2087 Lol kid you're a joke, you're taste and views in rap are a joke. Just give up if you think that Soulja Boy and Yeezy are anything compared to these kids, all these mainstream retards are the ones that brought rap to what it is now, all these dumb rappers that rap for e'ryone else and forget to rap for themselves, Kid gtfo out of here with that shit, go give a knife a blowjob.

  89. Slick Nick

    wtf is rap coming too with all these bullshit rappers? what happened to all the main stream ones like Soulja Boy, Young Jeezy, etc

    Cosmic Drop

    Lmao what the fuck

  90. Aaron Oni


  91. Saeed Halim

    my ears went into coma

  92. nmeoner

    Vincent and Michael are two of the nicest in the game in their respective practices.

  93. LeoAbstractica Sir Leo

    Nice af.

  94. MrStealth13

    VInce Staples should win a Grammy!

  95. jay martinez

    i fux wit it

  96. Jose Revollar

    is there a track staples doesnt kill