Staples, Vince - Trigga Witta Heart Lyrics

Rap ain't never did shit for a nigga with no options
You want some positivity go listen to some Common
I'm here to bring you knowledge that they left out at your college
Where you paid a hundred thousand
Just to fall behind anyway
All in the white man's plan to just assimilate
The nigga's if they stopped they business
Let the monkeys intergrate
Abraham Lincoln never kept none of my niggas safe
Only gave them prison dates
And Church's Chicken dinner plate's
Columbus is beloved
When the fuck will Malcom get a day?
Probably never, Try to hide the truth
But they hardly clever
Only show the youth
House niggas wear Cosby sweaters
Wisdom scripted in the prison
Letter's that my father sent us
Waiting for Armageddon
Still slangin' that Arm & Hammer
Use them Cop's as target practice
They owe us a couple L's
How we 'gon know the future when we barely know ourselves?
It ain't hard to tell
The nigga's got it hard as hell

[Pac Sample:]
When I say Thug Life, I mean that shit
Cause these white folks see us as thugs
I don't care what ya'll think
I don't care if you think a lawyer, If you a man, If you an african-american
If you whatever the fuck you think you are
We thugs and nigga's to these motherfuckers
You know
And until we on some shit
I'mma call it like it is
How you going to be a man and we starving? You know?
And we walk down and 5 different houses and not a man in either one of them motherfuckers?
How we going to be a man?
How we gonna be African-Americans and we--

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