Staples, Vince - Phat Wemin Lyrics

[Hook - Kilo Kish:]
Old School Cadillac With the Tint
If I’m At Top, Tell The Fat Woman Strip
Premium Vodka, Weed, and Girls
And any other rap shit things you've heard

I treat you faggots like I'm Tim Hardaway
God got my Nextely, hit me if he gotta pray
What these so called dues that I gotta pay?
Old niggas scared cause the new niggas got the Ks beat
Key Nyata made, caught the body, caught the case
Big poppa pump, pop the trunk, blow a cop away
They soft as Petey Pablo helicopter blades
Choppin blades, like I'm pimping Chad
'97 slab(s), Saab 9000, color of Spinelli hat
Straight out the deli with that big Mac 11
And it's for the beef shreddin'. John Lennon of my fucking trap
Can you roger that, Roger Mayweather hands hard
Hitting when I go to bat, you niggas notice that


Never fuck with niggas who can point out where your momma live
The shooters, cause 9 times out of 10, you lose her
That murder ain't a thing, got the Shawnn Kemp Ruger
At the trap off Hoopa, fully loaded when I shoot it
Feel that loud hadouken ho, real trill, you should know
Since my days at optimal academy
Picture like Maddux with a magnum in the black Ford Galaxy
I hope he rages, ain't no point in dodging when I grab the 3
Shoot the 3, Reggie Miller 93, 31, 32
Harold Miner quick release, run and shoot
So if I was you, I would try and pay attention
Niggas trying to catch a buzz, I'm just trying to catch you slipping

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Staples, Vince Phat Wemin Comments
  1. Dashon Williams

    Anybody know where I can find the original key nyata versión I can’t find it anywhere

  2. Alexander Arnow

    Only real ones know this one

  3. ybn Dezeurn

    Uaed to slap this every day in 2016 💯

  4. Isaac Collins

    this song is severely underrated and so is Vince Staples (aka Vint Steepwood?)

  5. Dez Ross

    Classic Vince Staples 🔥

  6. Jack Vargas

    still sucha suppa slap day 1 song

  7. 0dd daK1D

    Saab 9000, color of Spinelli hat

  8. Connor B

    Someone needs to put an instrumental of this on youtube


    Fam, it already exists.

    Key Nyata - Lost In Translation

    prod by soul g

    Just sample the intro

  9. Johnny Suavo

    Ni66as really sleepin on dis guy right here

  10. MOSCOW

    Very wavey very spiritual

  11. adrianna patterson


  12. Deckmologist

    Shit slaps yo

  13. Keaton Jensen

    shits hotter than death valley..