Staples, Vince - Baron Davis Lyrics

[Pac Sample:]
We thugs
And we nigga's
Until we set this shit right

Sometimes I wonder how my whole city hate me
When them the niggas that made me
I'm guessing that's just the way it go
They say I sold my soul,
When I never had it in the first place
Hades was my birthplace
Crazy is the word they
Used to describe my tactics
Of Islam practice
Mixed with my mother's lies
I'm just trying to get my piece of the pie
Before I end up deceased
Ain't no need to reply
When I ask them "Who's fucking with me?"
Cause I know the answer, Nigga
No love for the Devil
But for the moment, I'm dancing with her
Just trying to get my money up,
So that I can pay for my brothers
Cause at the moment they banging,
No point in killing each other
But I feel this shit's a struggle and all
That's one of the main reasons I'm not fucking with y'all
But I still love you niggas,
And that's on the hood
And all the homies locked up
Ready to die
But really
They'll never stop us
Unless they knock us

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Staples, Vince Baron Davis Comments
  1. avion phillips

    Kinda sound like earl


    avion phillips facts

  2. Jaleel Khaleeq

    damn I wish this song was longer...

  3. Dillard Cresby

    Vince is real