Staples, Vince - 102 Lyrics

I want the life of a legend
Black heart and matching weapons
Got a thing for aesthetics
Straight shooter like Redick
We get to dukin' and that Gloc-32
Pull a Laettner at the buzzer
You a dead motherfucker
Hunt heads motherfucker
My momma told me I'm living crazy
I'm just being what she made me
Dealing with the luck she gave me
Money comes and money goes
The money's low, We run in homes
Only leave the garden gnomes
Take the racks from out the stove
Stunting ain't no habit
If I want, I grab it
Selling tablet's like Toshiba, Nigga
In my city, We the killa's
If you pull that trigger, Better squeeze it nigga
If you don't
Then we 'gon have to find your house, And fucking Christmas tree it nigga
Light it up
Cops roll up
Hide the drugs
I never been to prison, And I never plan on showing up
Never could be rich enough
Cause I grew up broke as fuck
So I'll never stop my stroll
X by the O
All for the love of dough

[Hook x2:]
Until I get my 97
Benz, I'm selling dope
So get a quote
The trap is open, Nigga
Everything's a go
I'd be lying if I told you that we got it on the low
But we got it out the 'do
If you need it let me know

What you nigga's know about
40's out?
Run up in somebody house
If they home, Then swing that chrome
Knock his baby momma out
Fuck what you be talking 'bout
We really bring these chopper's out
Like Fox 11
Harmful weapons
Tell your girlfriend
Call the Reverend
Tell that pussy nigga talking
Only leave his momma grieving
Never been to prom, So he can slow dance with this Desert Eagle
Understand my grind is crooked
TK with an SK
Load off one mag
In your car dash
Like an Armean with a sextape
Nigga, I'm Heem
I'm Heem
My wave green, Like Tulane
See more drugs than 2 Chainz
Talk more shit, Than two Ye's
Hall of fame shooter
Wig scuffing, Six buffing
And my threat is a promise
I ain't one bit bluffing
I'm in one big room filled with abused substance
Sell, Recieved, Paid, Then Pon De Replay
Never seen D-Day
Watch that 16 Spray
Leave 16 dead, Buried on the east (Camouflage Hummer Radio)

[Hook x2]

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Staples, Vince 102 Comments
  1. supamang64

    Came here to wash my ears out after listening to bed sheets

  2. doublekatana95

    2019!!!! Still listening to Vince's classics!

    Coyle Phouth

    doublekatana95 I’m out here thinking everyone is sleeep turns out some people are still woke 🔥

  3. ChaseTrill

    this song is too hard.

  4. amore love

    2018 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Vince staples Origins

  5. Alex Fullen

    Money comes and money goes, the moneys low we run in homes
    Only leave the garden gnomes, take the racks from out your stove

    Still come back to this song for that bar


    This beat makes me want to go samurai jack up in this bitch

  7. CaSsTeLL G

    where are the likes

  8. Brionte M


  9. Immanuel Fregoso

    "understand my grind is krooked. TK with a SK" whoa


    I've listened to this song probably a thousand times and I just caught that line


    I caught it right after Vince is too underrated

  10. Eduardo Ibarra

    i seen more drugs than 2 chains, talk more shit than 2 yays..

  11. Jacob Svetich

    Fuck man im glad he gettin his recognition def one of the best right now

  12. supamang64

    Vince's best track.


    progressive 2
    outro to stolen youth
    trunk rattle


    +pftTWMNK I'll give it to outro, but progressive 3 is much better. Trunk rattle is ok, Taxi? Really? That's some goblin teir shit. his worst song for sure.


    As for as Taxi goes, it's really complex to me tho and it's a road less traveled on his part so it's really interesting


    +supamang64 one of the best


    @pftTWMNK just back to say bed sheets is now his worst song ever. He outdid himself

  13. Carl Swags

    I remade the instrumental:

    Chris Foster

    what happened to it?

    Chris Foster

    i would do anything for that instrumental

  14. Ben A

    This song still slaps lol, one of the tightest songs made in the past 10 years


    Ben A lolololil


    RioDuno This is my fav song by him til this day. This project was fucking beast. My favorite project by him til this day as well.

  15. Mohamoud Mohamed

    Trap doesnt get any better i swear.

  16. Mohamoud Mohamed

    We get to Dukin in that Glock 32

  17. SoulBrotha91

    "Never been to prom so he can slow dance with this desert eagle" BARS!

  18. Chris Reed

    my wave green like Tulane 

  19. Damn Jamz

    that Kim K line KILLED me dawg.

    dion underwood

    +Jamz The Magnificent bro me too lmao

    boosh booshington

    still valid lol

  20. SIurm

    still one of my favorite hooks ever

  21. bradawah619

    bince baples

    Tupac Ain't No Bitxh!

    bradawah619 stop

  22. jetlife2tha

    obviously new to Vince he is not in OF, the ignorance these days and they're all real? just because they don't sell drugs doesn't mean they're fake fucking idiot

  23. RBNWO

    Vince staples aint in Odd Future

    Arias Variste

    Maybe you should watch the early videos. Vince was OF with Frank before they went their own way. He was on the first OF tape

  24. Jose Aguirre

    This go hard af NIGGA

  25. Lucas McKain

    Racism is stupid on both sides. I see no color.

  26. Michael James

    ''Talk more shit then 2 ye's'' lmfao

  27. Michael James


  28. Cody Sebastian

    im the only white guy beating up other white guys aka to r3al

  29. Tammie Pruitt

    to reply so wrongly to someone just saying they are white, I dont get it. I am not predijuce, and last time I heard, saying one is a white or a black or a mexican or whatever race you are is no reason to come at me with real nasty words like.....fucking racist bitch so what if he mexican or whatever im black and i can turn yo eye black to and dont try that whole "blacks resort to violence" cause thats just an excuse for you white fuckers not to get your fucking teeth knocked out..that is stupid

  30. Metalwhore64

    fucking racist bitch so what if he mexican or whatever im black and i can turn yo eye black to and dont try that whole "blacks resort to violence" cause thats just an excuse for you white fuckers not to get your fucking teeth knocked out


    Better squeeze it nigga .
    no homo

    Isaac Williams

    AKIN AKERELE hahahahaha

  32. Duane Caine

    Lol was I talking to you ? And yes I will be racist back if someone is gonna call me a beaner...So thats why you saw my comment and decided to reply which really wasn't necessary since I wasn't talking to you...LOL plus the comment is 3 months ago, which makes it even more sad that you replied .

  33. Tammie Pruitt

    and whats wrong with bein white.

  34. Angus Lambert

    dis nigga looks like earl

  35. Kevin Alvarenga

    "straight shooter like reddick"

  36. Vic S

    God damn vince this shit is krazy

  37. Duane Caine

    Haha nigga you white stfu .

  38. Duane Caine

    Im not mexican hahahah dumass your a fucking fail!!!! gtfo trying to prove your point & shit.

  39. piffy

    until i get my 97 means im sellin dope !

  40. Victor Smith

    lmao i'm gonna say that to somebody.

  41. hezakhia tanner

    This song hard. Vince killed this shit

  42. John Cena

    102 nigga

  43. John Cena

    tumblr faggot

  44. John Cena

    you look like a mom

  45. John Cena

    shut up

  46. Jaunie Kash

    My new favorite rapper

  47. Mastiff

    listen to this song's cousin,"lord",it's by vince soo yeah...

  48. freizyfreeze

    Love the chorus' beat

  49. Dark Yagami

    Realest rapper.

  50. SEECH7


  51. Lucas Schiltz

    Stuntin aint no habit, if i want it i grab it

  52. TheThunderbolts07

    Much respect Staples Golf Wang 666

  53. Christian Gonzalez

    why isn't he more popular?!?!?

  54. Valencia

    Staples is a real ass dude

  55. TitanHunter

    i been to that place in the background!!!

  56. Kame Fukuro

    Slappin Baby Mamas Wit Da Chrome, Real Nigga Shit.