Stalley - Raise Your Weapons Lyrics

[Verse 1: Stalley]
They sayin' I'm the last of a dyin' breed
And this generation is in a dire need of a voice like me
Someone to embody the glory, I guess that's me
Someone to tell the story of the people like me
Those who came from nothin' and fought like me
They said that I'd be nothin', I'd be dead by 23
The pastor said becase I'm Muslim I'll burn eternally
And my sheik said because of my tattoos, Heaven I'll never see
So I'm out in the open, all alone, searchin' for some peace
Mentally I feel enslaved by this weak economy
So I'm thinkin' 'bout buyin' a piece and robbin' everyone in front of me
But the funny thing is, we all feel it
I'm just speakin' of pain that we all live with
But we God's children, civilians of the ghetto
But cry so loud, I'd be damned if they throw this echo
They tellin' me to let go, ask me why am I upset for?
Yeah, I'm upset, yo
Cause you won't except the people that I rep for
The kids with broken hearts and torn souls that find it hard to let go
Confusin' them with your religions
And lyin' politicians, throwin' us in you prisons
Makin' us welfare recipients with no hope, so why hope?
You bastards listen before it's a nation of millions I provoke
And we show up at your front door
Weapons raised, no questions, man
You knowin' what we come for
Respect of the utmost

Rippin' my heart was so easy, so easy
Launch your assault now, take it easy
Raise your weapon
Raise your weapon
One word and it's over
Raise your weapon
Raise your weapon
Raise your weapon
Raise your weapon

[Verse 2: Stalley]
Non, non, nonviolent what they tellin' me
But a killer is what closin' me, no mercy for they punk ass
They threw too many shots, not to bust back
I came too far to go back
All these words I done spat
The coallition [?] you been warned that it's combat
So black gloves, black mack, I'm strapped up like Cojack
Niggas better run like Bo Jack
I'm blitzin' with these raiders
All these haters better Code Red
You punks better run inside
Cause these dogs that ride noses're red
And they so fed up with all this corny fake shit
They want real, and they so trill
And they throw steal and they don't feel
Sympathy toward your judgement
You can call the law or call the gods
But they still not budgin', so we thugin' until they brung in
Standin' here 'til the sun dim and it's back up
Lexus, got 'em raised up
No power 'til we was raised tough
And we all together, so get raised up or get rolled on
Got crips, bloods, and them Stones on
This revolution is so strong, and this war we ain't start alone

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Stalley Raise Your Weapons Comments
  1. josh dahl

    Still bumpin

  2. Alex Driggers

    Piano is very similar to car radio by twenty one pilots.

  3. Tragic

    Man This Is Still My Favorite Song Nothing Can Take its Place.

  4. Digital Screams

    Never did I think a Deadmau5 song would make it's way into hip hop. It's good!

  5. DenizenRD

    The 2nd half of this song is incredible

  6. FlyKidKinG

    The whole mmg go hard

  7. Jason Sopoaga

    Beautiful sample. @2:19 is love on shrooms

  8. TheSabioss

    Wow, Deadmau5 - Rise your weapon sample, so good.

  9. Glenn Peterson

    On my momma dis da hardest shit since hell I don't know!!! #repeat #respect

  10. cdxxlife

    An my shieks said because of my tattoos heaven ill never see so im out in the open all alone searchin for some peace. Mentally I feel enslaved by this weak economy so im thinkin about buyin a piece and robbin everyone infront of me

  11. tashmahash

    Yes Stalley!

  12. Mfundo Bill

    This Track Moves me. support from South Africa here too

  13. Heckler Nightbreed

    This shit Rockin #Slapp

  14. Wakanda Savage 9000 AF

    Stalley on point this reminds me of a new version of One mic by Nas.

  15. Ricco Ellis

    This song is uplifting! Beat is dope! This mixtape is fire! Ohio stand up!

  16. KingMurbz

    It's free :) no need to save :D

  17. Deonta Prince

    this songs makes me feel like I do have a chance in this world

  18. Ender The Vagabond

    RAW...but the original is 10x better

    Corey Sanders

    Who is the chick again

  19. baertiejo

    god the beat at the end, is out of this world man

  20. Kai V

    More talent from Cleveland.

  21. Dj k-trex

    Sampled my boy deadmau5

  22. CaliLyfe209

    stalley dopest in mmg hands down.....this mixtape is straight fire the album will be sick as fuck for sure,.,,,keep em coming

  23. SHMO Arbuckle

    this song is amazing. more artists need to make music with a positive message like this

  24. Aasiayh Abdul

    Much much respect

  25. soflyguy92

    Dis da illest.joint off da mixtape

  26. Anthony Peebles

    This song is motivational, for the people that understand music and for the people that need a message.

  27. MALContent

    **on repeat**

  28. Sky

    Straight raw

  29. Sky

    Straight raw

  30. rsugulleh

    RESPECT!!! enough said!



  32. beatzeeb

    amazing track! blogged!

  33. Ginga


  34. hima7him

    yea he is

  35. hima7him

    yea he is

  36. alexjr28

    My mans tryin to start a Revolution.

  37. troy

    If it was anybody else on this track but Stalley, i probably wouldn't listen. But he has a story 2 tell.

  38. troy

    Been following Stalley since he put out "Babblin" and worked with Ski Beatz. I can't fuck wit that MMG nonsense, but get ur paper kid I ain't mad at u, u do whats best 4 u. I hope u still rocking wit Rashad.

  39. #WillBrady

    MMG is the best crew!!!

  40. Nightly

    Stalley muh nigga

  41. whomk

    He's muslim

  42. whomk

    Realest rapper in the game

  43. Vaydia SecondLife

    Real Hip Hop Re-birthed. nuf said

  44. A.$moov

    i like deadmau5. i like stalley. but i don't like this song. the lyrics are good and his flow is nice just doesn't sound pleasing to my ear.

  45. Di5TuRBeD

    sick sick sick sick!!!!!!!!

  46. A.M. Gonzo

    fuck the mainstream shit. Stalley runs the rap game

  47. Nerdbama Rich

    Joint is tough!!!

  48. WsXs3

    Stalley for president, no bullshit

  49. bouseclaat

    This dude restores my faith in Hip Hop and in Mankind! Positive Progressive Brother!!!

  50. Frenchvision Johnson

    This track is dope. Kudos cuz

  51. Buntu Madolo

    when is the album droping... ive been saving for your album... support from South Africa

  52. Alcide Plamondon

    Hey Stalley, i've always been a metalhead, but your my man when it comes to hip hop. You rock ! \m/ Stalley \m/

  53. Nuggiez Beats

    beat is stuuuuupid dope. jesus

  54. eghck

    Deadmau5 sample...nice

  55. Azim Robertson

    stalley the hardest rapper today love coming from TORONTO

  56. cierra stanley

    love me some stalley he speaks that true shit!!!!

  57. YoungKnick23

    Spittin real shit.

  58. tre domo

    man how is he so slept on. i swear people are missing out

  59. Obi Won

    Go Stalley!!!

  60. bienvellako

    Stalley the best of mmg , and for me , one of the best rappers these days!

  61. robertbils

    Omg this crazy good. Suprised actually. Keep it up Stalley. Ohio!!!!

  62. Goldace45

    Meant no dislikes :P

  63. Goldace45

    Do dislikes. Thats real music from deep inside the mind. Much respect. Lyricist to the fullest.

  64. Troy Harris

    My #BCG brother... everyone .... BCG IS A LIFESTYLE ... NOT A GANG! FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK BLUECOLLARGANG : ALL ONE WORD #BCG Yeah That be my Only Crew

  65. LuffyAkAMaDGuY


  66. Diallo Mali

    Dude always leaves me deep in thought, gotta say I'm digging Ace Primo's "Raise your weapon". Heard Primo's version a while back.

  67. Abdeldjallil Boukhalfa

    Why just 1403 views ? WHY ?!

  68. Jasper Morris

    Great Song!

  69. Mickey Munday

    The truth!

  70. MMG4LIFE100


  71. Ranikia Allen

    damn, that's all I can say.

  72. XblSidewayz

    imagine stalley with the JETS

  73. YAQ91

    Dope .. nice to see a deadmou5 instrumental with a bit if hip hop

  74. Wan

    So dope! Overdosing is very likely

  75. Cheryl Walker

    Luv your lyrics.. powerful..

  76. Jerv Jam

    Always give us good food for thought in your songs!!!!.. ALL THE WAY FROM EAST OAKLAND, IT'S #LOVE

  77. TheLowEndTheory

    I thought it was a album.

  78. Kenneth Bose Jr.

    Been a fan of his for a minute.... good picasso Stalley!!

  79. thecreammerchant

    Deadmau5 sample. Block Beattaz find hip-hop from everywhere. Salute!

  80. Bosley8000

    I want to hear the hook again at the end

  81. Paul Baccus


  82. MrNojaNoja


  83. MoneyBoyFilms

    @Built4DisShyt on Twitter.......Search "Everyday Dmoney" on YOUTUBE

  84. MMG4LIFE100


  85. Str888FiaaaPromotionz


  86. Edwin De'vaughn

    Future 'I Am Hip-hop' award winner

  87. Souleimane LAHRACH

    Du lourd Stalley (MMG) ! <3

  88. maurizio49

    He makes sense in his lyrics, without forgetting what rap is : analyzing society and proposing solutions to a ill nation. His flow is sick, instrumental ain't too much, just what you need to medidate! Respect to Stalley promoting good hip hop. One Love

  89. James Atti


  90. Jeremy Strickling

    I purchased Lincoln Way Nights, and that's a mixtape. So you know I'm buying his album when it drops.


    Can't wait for this album to drop!

  92. Grizzlykid leon


  93. SwiftNat

    Hi im nat !!:)

  94. Alexander Puerta


  95. Cam Barnes

    Most underrated rapper

  96. AtlantaGa24

    mmg don't kno what to do wit stalley smh he too real for fake ass ross

  97. Michael Morris

    stally voice dosn't match his body, but this shit is good keep it up get some features get out there