Staind - Tolerate Lyrics

I Don't give a fuck
About all of your problems
I could give a rats ass
how your feeling today
take your wordly advice
and shove it straight up your ass
Thanks for coming around
to fuck up my day

I try
Take me... [4x]

Look at you I can't
You don't see the whole picture
take my bed of dirt
cold and empty I'll stay
what's the point of trying
To stay above the surface
Take my life from me
Help me to ease my pain

I try
Take me...

Try to see the way around you
I can't find it
Try to take the path behind me
Can't rewind it
Stick your finger in my face and
I will break it
Leave me with an after taste

I try
Take me... [4x]

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Staind Tolerate Comments
  1. luv2eatpuss79

    sweet song . a little doom metal mixed with some nu metal. Pretty kickass

  2. Matt Rose

    Good ol' Staind

  3. SgtRyoseirui

    i hhAte My Fucken lIFE!!11!!!!1 ;c momie wont let me go tosee warptour!!!! i Wana Fricken DIe!!!!! My GirlFrond Domp Me!!!!!!!

  4. Will York Music

    Kick-ass song right here. And this album is so criminally underrated it's not even funny

  5. Darklegend OriginalOwner

    thanks for coming around to fuck up my day

  6. Chad M

    RE-RELEASE TORMENTED just use new artwork and it will be able to be sold in stores

    Will York Music

    The bloody cross with the Barbie doll on it on the front cover and the knife in the bible on the backside are "offensive" to Christians


    Using new artwork for an album like this would be like trying to add tits to the Mona Lisa. The album controversy *was* this album. They were fucked up in their early days, no need to cover it up and try to sell it anyways.

    Austin Huskey

    @Will York Music except this isn't 1996 and no one would give a shit.

    Nathanael Wassmann

    It’s more than just that. Their song, “Waste” is dedicated to a real life fan who actually committed suicide after listening to this album.

  7. Level Manny

    I've felt like this before... where every single form of life is shit and I'm so sure that there's nothing to lose, so I'm on my way out.. Aaron Lewis has been a great source of inspiration for me, as well as Jonathan Davis, and I will always be grateful for that :)

    Toxidalf ‌

    Level Manny Fuck

  8. Doug Prishpreed

    It might not seem sane to say I feel like this constantly. Suicide is not the best path and I'm not advocating. But this song hits close to home. It's a fucked up existence living like this.

    Stephen Douglas

    My buddy made me a mix CD and this was the first song. I had never heard it before. Mind blown.

    I Nėēd 2 b unbanned Plsš

    Yes exactly it’s FUCKED

  9. Turkey Leg

    This is my first time finding a high quality version of this album cover. Thanks for the upload!

  10. yuval4597

    thx for uploading man

  11. tokyo1discgolfer

    Ahh original staind love it!1

  12. SailodeGrenn

    One disliker deserves to die where they stand.

  13. Elly Jones Caraecle

    It's Been Like This Forever
    No More
    I Hate My Fuckin' Life

    Matrix 6000

    It’s Been Like This Forever No More I Hate My Fucking Life

  14. Dallas Southers

    this song is sooooo awesome!!

  15. jghorton1

    Sounds Great! Thanks!

  16. FenoFono

    Thanks for posting this! The quality is so much better on this video compared to the other ones out there! Thank you so much!
    Staind forever! :D