Staind - Painful Lyrics

I light another cigarette
Stop to think about it
Come to no conclusions
Take each step as it comes
Hold no prisioners except myself
Painful thoughts denied

Try to explain
My loss of words
Fuck you I piss upon you all

My head is a barricade
Filled with peaceful thoughts
With evil outcomes
No one understands
Try to break the barrier
I see no outlet
No ones there to catch me when I fall

Try to explain
My loss of words
Fuck you I piss upon you all

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Staind Painful Comments
  1. Alex Pindell

    This band needs to get back together

    Tyler C

    staind they're broken up. Lol Aaron Lewis is all about country now sadly

  2. Matt Rose

    Pantera vibes right here

  3. Chris Miller

    love this album

  4. Toxidalf ‌

    Curious fact: at the end of this song you can hear the words "I fucking hate me".
    Those words are the same that you find at the beginning of "Nameless", which is the track right away after this!

    Duper Super

    this album has no singles.
    if you know this song, you have the album and know this.


    Toxidalf ‌ The album is a supposted recorded audio of a teenager that is going to commit suicide.

    Duper Super

    It's Aaron Lewis talking you mook

  5. Sophia B. Williams

    and , no one talks about the lyrics.

  6. Level Manny

    Fuckin love Aaron Lewis. Shit, he was great in J-Cat too, Bong hits for Breakfast <3

  7. virous rapping

    If you like this -J-Cat was their first band check it out, they have been amazing for 20 years!

  8. giovanni Volta

    que gran album aaron lewis

  9. ganondorfchampin

    This song is proof that nu metal came out of heavy metal. 

    Whosur Caddy

    ganondorfchampin hardcore punk is within itself based on heavy metal.


    Most hardcore punk bands take influence from heavy metal, but it is based in punk, hence the name.


    What about koRn? I thought they were the pioneers of nu metal?


    sludge Yeah, but Staind also played an important role in the development of the genre.


    @ganondorfchampin oh okay i get it now!!

  10. Brendan Lopeman

    Great track. I knew I had to get this album the moment I heard it.


    I love this band. I love ALL their albums.

  12. Sebastian Rasmussen

    Nah man, that would be like asking Nirvana to re record Bleach or Metallica to do it with Kill Em All. I think the recording fits well og does alot with the attitude of the songs. They are not meant to be beautiful, but badass :)

  13. ArtNewbie

    Anybody who uses the term sell out has never had a kid and a mortgage to pay. Mostly basement dwellers.

  14. Thomas M

    gotta love this heavier side..and 14 shades of grey too

  15. Thomas M

    Im sorry but if you can listen to Staind's 2nd to latest album without being bored to tears you are not human!!!

  16. Mariana Maldonado

    Y así comenzó todo :) ... VAMOS AARON <3

  17. joseph sagona

    I love how people so easily use the word sell out, if any of you mofos were offered millions of dollars in a contract you all would do it to so give me a damn break.

  18. fiftyhunnug


  19. Shawn Combs

    once you sign to a record lable once you make your 1st $ youve sold out its a fuckin job too

  20. dakotaisgreat

    Am I the only one who thinks this song sounds a lot like something on the third or fourth slipknot album? I am not comparing the two I am a fan of both, but sometimes I listen to this song and forget its not slipknot. Even in the chorus he sounds a bit like Corey Taylor.

  21. Ian Barker

    @sunj5976 If they could re-record it like Megadeth did with Killing is my business...and Business is good
    then It might work out o:

  22. DRNo70

    whats with the face sticking out

  23. Xenoforge78

    @omarkhansolo You should listen to their new album if you haven't already, they're back to being heavy.

  24. sunj5976

    why call me a dumbass for?
    its my opinion to get it re recorded, its like korns demo, the songs sound alot better on their debut then on the demo because they had an engineer etcetc,
    anyways, if u disagree, fine, no need to be offensive, especially on the internet,

  25. shadzzz441791

    goddamn this is sick

  26. Grant Carr

    I Love Staind from Early '90s to this Day! All of their music is GREAT!

  27. waltcms

    @sunj5976 that tingy raw sound is the shit...makes it fuckin heavy

  28. Marc Gomez

    @sunj5976 but thats what makes this sound so awesome: its raw, dirty, ballsy, heavy etc. You can't remake this atmosfere in which this masterpiece was recorded, ya know?

  29. MegaStevie1990

    @omarkhansolo Aaron changed thats what. But it was good for him, obviously

  30. coolbro1989

    @bigcountry405 I agree, their new music is very artistic and unique now. That's not selling out, that's called changing direction and maturing.

  31. Alex Gomez

    Mike is such a talented guitarist. He was able to solo between two different time signatures. It gets tricky when you have to do that. Very great, aggressive song.

  32. XerDav

    i love you Dlennon91 ~hugs~ and i hate preppy bitches who claim to be "staind fans", you know? the kinds of people that are all like "oh yeah, its been a while and so far away, great songs! lalalalala"...

    and i'm like... go listen to tolerate and 4 walls bitch, you don't know shit about staind, you know what i mean man? i love you for uploading this shit ~hugs~

  33. MrToobyy


    Nice said man :)

  34. Aaron Isleman

    @sweetalkbaby too bad nobody gives a fuck. this is Metal, and the imagery will upset people. Get used to it.

  35. BjarkeIsUgly

    kamu and sweettalkbaby, I gotta say the music is still awesome - staind is. but if this is actually gonna be the cover of the rerelease of tormented, i'm gonna think a little about it before hanging it on the wall like the rest of my staind CDs.

  36. kamu0404

    Why are you listening to music that conflicts with your beliefs? Do you think the way you're going about it is resulting in converts? Or are you dabbling with the devil?

  37. Sophie Wighton

    sweetalkbaby you speak bullshit

  38. khorneketzer

    best song ever from Staind
    fucking awesom!!!!!!!

  39. Occasional videos

    no they changed and it happened to get popular really any band that starts out good and changes changes because they want to not because they are forced they didn't make it to be popular they made it because they got tired of the same repetitive sound and wanted to redefine themselves as an artist


    este pinche disco es viejisimo el primero que escuche de estos weyes .. this record its too old good memoryes...

  41. DejaEntendu90

    he's not too old due I saw them live this summer and his voice was dead-on (and yes they played their older songs)

  42. NightRider1337

    there best album by far like sunj5976 said it does need to be re recorded.

  43. sunj5976

    tormented is the sickest album,

    they should re record it in a proper studio with a producer and engineer cause the sound was a bit too tingy,

  44. hiland69

    where can i get this album?

  45. tallenc2003

    I agree they where hard rock and kicked ASS Its their ROOTS BREAK IT OUT DONT SELL OUT

  46. Min World Order

    staind needs to remember the true fans and drop atleast one more heavy album for us

  47. Zach Dunham

    I like them all in general..but they had some great nu songs..the nu era is getting my attention too.

  48. favrejoselo

    Wonderful band.. what a fucking Album... so theres some changes in STAIND, simply ZOE JANE...

  49. Brais

    its like grunge with thrash metal

  50. Cankanorey817

    never thought I'd hear Staind pull off such nice time signature changes
    and a fuckin guitar solo
    this is easily the best stuff I've heard from Staind

  51. Rising Of The Moon

    Compare "Self destruct" to "Tangled up in you". Sign of a talented band!

  52. yoyomasterbrad

    staind is my favorite band ever! lol
    and i dont have this album... but all her others sound different...but it seems like the music changed slowly. because the album "disfunction" is pretty close to this...but now they r pretty different. but they r still my favorite band! lol

  53. DjLethal173

    compare this with illusion or even 14 different!

  54. Devin

    hmmm...yeah but just doesnt sound as cool...I LOVE YYOOOUU!!! YYOOOUUUU!!! much better...

  55. MeanT241985

    Yeah...what Aaron needs to realize s that he doesnt have to go back to feeling like this to be able to sing like this. You can scream about positive things too, just like he did with negative things back then. The band should go back to being heavy.

  56. Louisiana Perry


  57. sharkattack056

    lol i feel the same way, the music was so much better when he was fucked up. Now it's kinda pussy music.

  58. Devin

    I read in an interview...Aaron Lewis was like "We went in to make our heaviest album yet, but we came out with more of a pink floyd sound." DAMN STAIND ! Aaron Lewis doesn't hate life I hate Aaron Lewis lol

  59. eli markey

    i really hope their new cd sounds like this!