Stagga Lee - Roll Wit MVP (Remix) Lyrics

yo, this benzino, aka zino bonds
ya heard, breaking bread wit my dog stagga lee
that remix is crazy MVP style
aiyo vice lets go

when we rolling in the club we be like (la la la)
we got yall open on the floor be like (la la la)
we got the girls getting dirty like (la la la)
its just like (la la la) we be like (la la la)
cause you know we keep it burning like (la la la)
every girl round the world be like (la la la)
and MVP still winning like (la la la)
we be like (la la la) they be like (la la la)

[Verse One]
I make these cats kiss there nightlife's goodbye wit fly rhymes
thatpenetrate the pickiest minds leaving your blind
cause either I shine or I'm shady the poetic forensic
that plays your brain like Frasier crane
rightgame tight I top attendance on the same flight
I never freeze but depending on my chain
I might, dust off crumbs like Sara Lee
I'm stagga lee girls be watching me like calories
please believe, I be sixed up sexed up and x'd out too
in the cut licking the glue off a the big bamboo
or I'm playing footsy wit dimes under the table
wit my eyes panning under the navel, and pants label
please we use hoes please too roll trees
and blow like please on CD's fo more cheese
Y'all know Stagg', only trying to increase the O's
increase the (blow smoke), wit the hair in cornrolls
leave the stress out, double o three we keep the lead out
baby make like a fetus and head out, we singing la la

[Bridge 1]
yo we roll up in the spot like (la la la la la)
you know we making it hot like (la la la la la)
get it bumping on every block like (la la la la la)
stagg (la la la la la) bragg (la la la la la)
aiyo the beats keep staying wit (la la la la la )
plus my team still winning like (la la la la la)
we upgraded to 19"s like (la la la la la)
re (la la la la la) mix (la la la la la)


[Verse Two]
now I told you when I roll up they like (la la la)
asking me for my autograph like I'm some kinda superstar
NO not feeling you bro, I'm killing ya flow
bacteria I'm so damn sick, and still yeah we got us a deal
I'm not sweating it for real
you want me on your record, calling Ted fields
my scripts so poetic, I spit lots cause I got a list
for dick fiends its cool so I deal with it
game I'm new to it, learn fast earner
tight plus I'm white, like saint mike jacks word turner
birds they got the body but I don't slang murder
I yearn to get the swerve with the V 12 burner
(la la la la) get your boys box thumping
production fat like sacks and liposuction
notouching, stay on the pen dog no touching
you see me creeping on the sidelines waiting to bustin

[Bridge 2]
yo we roll up in the spot like (la la la la la)
you know we making it hot like (la la la la la)
get it bumping on every block like (la la la la la)
stagg (la la la la la) bragg (la la la la la)
the beats stay swinging wit (la la la la la)
and my flows stay fluid like (la la la la la)
this rap thing we do it like (la la la la la)
re (la la la la la) mix (la la la la la)


Aiyo you aint ready for me click (click click)
and when we rock hip hop yo its sick
not your plain ordinary, everybody hit the floor
MVP and we aint talking shhhhiiiiittttttt...

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Stagga Lee Roll Wit MVP (Remix) Comments

    Reminds me of my first wife...before the divorce...haha

  2. James Easterling

    Most underrated top 40 ever

  3. Nate Bravo

    There goes a Ford Maverick

  4. Charles Langley

    2019 be like lalalalalalalal

  5. Pito Castro

    Classic Summer 03’ Throwback💯

  6. Tito

    This man was dipped in the wrong chocolate.

    Ryan Vargas

    Tito lmfao

  7. guapo flaco

    this song was ass

  8. Elvis Gomez

    In Cali we be like

  9. James Lopez Jr

    Took me forever to find all I remembered was lalalalala lol

  10. Martin Olivares

    I wish this song was on spotify

  11. Vinnie TheMovieMan

    Dude looks like he can be Jon B's son LOL classic tho

  12. Zachary Stratton

    Yo I’ve been looking for this song for fucking months cause I remember the girl singing lalalala

  13. Nidia Vega

    2018 We be Like "LaLaLaLalalalalalalalalala" 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    c d

    Nidia Vega I still play this when I dj lol a lot of people never heard of it 😋

  14. Big B89

    Yoooo.... I remember this. This video appeared on BET a few times in 2003. 8th grade for me.

  15. cameron H

    2017 - still lit

  16. Michelle H.

    Who is listening to this in 2017 lol this was the jam wonder why he didn't blow up

    Kristopher Anderson

    Michelle H. I believe he's dead.. MY POSITiVE to lazy to google

    Another Gaming Channel

    Kristopher Anderson I just goggled it. He's still alive

    Mr. Dig Bick

    He's lame asf but this song was the shit 2002

  17. Tonk Seven

    What happened to this dude?


    hes still doin music, just fell off the main stream after this track

    Leann Serao

    Tonk Seven I saw him yesterday he is doin just fine :)


    La la la la

  19. Alexander Pushkin

    ahahah This is dat 2000s rap shit nigga this aint never gonna get old

    Teddy Bravo

    Alexander Pushkin so true. Dude this shit bumped so hard when it came out

    Alexander Pushkin

    Your whole continent is trash bro, check facts before running mouth

  20. sztaszek88

    la la la its from polish song :)


    Pretty sure it's from Minnie Ripperton's "Lovin' You"...... but there could be a Polish song that sounds similar, idk :-)

  21. skelli

    yooooo this is throwback af

  22. Chalain Manzanares

    Memories!!!! ❤️🎶🎶

  23. deathstalker 854

    took me hours to find this cause the only words i remembered since i last heard this were we be like and they be like

    Kusan Simpson

    low key just did that

    Teddy Bravo

    deathstalker 854 hahahahahaha. I had to search "keys to the crib and ain't nobody home"

  24. Mr Hairston

    this guy was the truth

  25. Johnny Lakes

    what happened to this white boy

  26. HollowDaGatMan

    Oh shit I remember this, when I first heard it I loved it. Hearing now it sounds corny than a mother fucker but still a throw back

  27. Katherine Fincher

    Don't hate cuz he white

  28. GarbageMan 'NuTinBuTpiCkUp'


  29. AmeliaJeshurun

    I remember when this was the snizzle...