Stacy Lattisaw - I Could Love You So Divine Lyrics

On a summer day
We're walking hand in hand on a beach made for two
On a summer day
I'm dreaming sweet dreams of you

I could love you so divine
I could love you so divine
Both me and you

On an autumn day
We're skipping through the leaves like a couple of kids
On an autumn day
I'm telling you how much I care

I could love you so divine
I could love you so divine
Both me and you

When I wake up in the morning
I feel so grateful for seeing the light
I want to tell you I've been waiting
For a love so right, for all of my life

I could love you so divine
Ooh baby
I could love you so divine
Both me and you

Ooh baby
I could love you so divine
Let me tell you
I could love you so
I could love you so divine

Ooh baby
I could love you so divine
Let me tell you
I could love you so divine
Both me and you

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Stacy Lattisaw I Could Love You So Divine Comments
  1. Black hippie

    Knxwledge for life

  2. James Brannon

    The 80ts was the bomb with R&B one of my favorites Skake City Brooklyn NY.

  3. Barron Bailey

    Produced by Narada Michael Waldon, a supreme musician. Stacy's voice is Heavenly, takes me above the clouds each and everytime I play this song!!!

  4. eclectic117

    Such a technically gifted singer. She knows how to sing every word, every letter. Big Up!

  5. Cas82958

    Incredibly mature vocal for a 15 year old girl. Stacy Lattisaw is a legend in my book.

  6. Burt Lee

    I Remember Staying Up Late At Night Listening To The Radio Hoping To Hear This Song So I Could Record It On Cassette Tape. Memories

  7. Judy Bernegger

    One of my favorite all time songs!....and I say this as a 66 year old woman ;)

  8. Nelson Vieira

    syacy lattisaw curto muito suas melodias amor eterno

  9. Supreme Ali


  10. Supreme Ali

    Let me tellllll you.

  11. Matt B.

    Divine means from God or like she's saying I can love you like God because God IS love y'all. I used to play this jam only to the ladies that could feel that spiritual love...but I married the one that loved me divine. Sharon + Matt 4ever baby! Lol!

  12. Christopher Howard

    What a great talent! It would be a damn shame to find out she was a complete ass hole due to over exposure like todays music artist!

  13. Christopher Howard

    The best song I've ever heard!! Love her voice!!

  14. damien chance

    Beautiful voice, beautiful lady

  15. Katia Regina

    Saudades, muitas saudades, essa música é do tempo que malhava baile, era o tempo de adolescente, tempo da inocência, muito bom, Bjssss stayce

  16. Pablo Obregon

    I met her at her birthday party back in the early 1980s. she was very down to earth and so real. I still love her and her music.

  17. The Scientist

    Stacy Lattisaw was a singer that didn't get her just dues. This is song couldn't have been song
    no better by anyone else. Very Underrated. A Special Talent that her management team did a poor job in underestimating her abilities as a young singer and could have did a better thing in the picking of some of her songs cause she was so young but her abilities as an singer overcame a lot of her managements mistakes.

  18. Alex Knight

    I love you teal c u n jahlea soon

  19. wanda fuertes

    Cesar where are you?? I remember you as the most kind,gentleman I ever meet.godbless you where ever you at.i hope you are your friend forever Wanda from East 180st bronx,my

    Graham Entwistle

    Hello Wanda, I hope you find who you're looking for!

    Wanda Fuertes

    Graham Entwistle hi thank you for asking, its was a dream come true. God heard my was beautiful the reunion. but he has a sad but im happy for him if he happy. (im good) i thank god for being able to see him again,i needed that, he was a big part of my life growing up .i will never forget him.he will alway be my friend.(ceasar)

  20. Ramone Beaudoin

    Love the background about the song, I wish I could have seen her do it live!

  21. wanda fuertes

    hi Cesar if you ever come in contact with this msg please contact me.if you remember this song maybe you remember who I am. if not I will refresh your mind.childhood reunion I love to c you; you were a very special boyfriend,I still be in touch with most of my childhood friend I would love to know,how you been all these years??

  22. wanda fuertes

    special momentum with my first boyfriend cesar very innocent.evendull we loved kissing.

  23. wanda fuertes

    I wish one-day I find cesar.i be happy to c him and know that he well and alive.

  24. Tamara La' Bordeaux

    Love this!!

  25. wanda fuertes

    Cesar i know if u don't remember me, once we talked; u will realize we we're young & in love lol

  26. wanda fuertes

    Cesar if u ever see this comment look for me .i would love to know what happen with your life all these year.reunion sound good.

  27. wanda fuertes

    Cesar you delicate this song to me; ever since, there no forgetting you.i remember like it was yesterday.east 180th st across street from the train station.i delicate to u (don't throw it all the way) &(i found love on a two way street ) lol without u knowing bcuz u moved.

  28. wanda fuertes

    Cesar exactly where we hangout was in the social club where nelson worked..rite across the street from East 180s st station

  29. Eugene Ihnatenko

    5 seconds of magic is enough to make a marvelous beat, its all about the atmosphere
    thanks, knx.

  30. Connor Wilde

    light green lime green avacado

  31. Mr. F Wright

    I found this song on a 45 and it blew me away.

    Aisha Bowens

    You found it on a 45. What song was one the other side of it? Just curious.

    Lonneyalonzo vicarrondo

    Listen to He's got a hold on me.
    And Electronic Eyes

  32. Rico Sanchez

    take me bk to the days powerful

  33. Dave W

    HQ - High Quality....sound crystal clear.  that is how it should sounds.

  34. kak nik

    I love the cover art, anyone knows who drew it?

  35. Rico Sanchez

    i love this song awesome

  36. cosmicroyal77

    Wow, that song really was/is divine, beginning and definitely the end.

  37. vicki johnson

    Oops1982!!!!! Love it

  38. vicki johnson

    Fort Ord...1980!!! Memories forever!

  39. Kendale Church

    this is the first album I can remember seeing , I love this song with all my heart !!!!

  40. William J. Johnson

    To think Stacy almost didn't sing this song...Narada thought it was "too grown up" for her...But Stacy convinced him she can sing it...SONG COMPLETED IN TWO TAKES! LOL! I remember that interview when Frankie Crocker interviewed her on WBLS..NEW YORK CITY!!!!

    William J. Johnson

    Your welcome!

    William J. Johnson

    @Sihlanque Cole LOL

    Supreme Ali

    I'm glad Stacy sang it. Memories for life. :)

    Aisha Bowens

    Whoa! I never knew about that tidbit! But she pulled it off anyhow. She poured all her heart and soul in her vocals to that lovely ballad. Narada wrote a ballad for another teen who thought the lyrics are "too grown up." But he recorded it and became a hit from his first album back in the early 90s.


    Thank you for this story. She nailed it

  41. Areyou Oneofthem

    I like the graphic.

  42. John Vandehey

    Little girl quality to a big voice. Great arrangement: orchestra & chorus. Strong emotion. Lot of drama. Where have stylists like Stacy and music that evokes such emotion gone? Used to be referred to as torch music - about the love that's gone who you'll never forget.

  43. Major G

    I found you!!

  44. Supreme Ali

    those were the days 1982, 1983.


    Supreme Ali omg yes I was 14 yrs old

    Michael Legette

    Supreme Ali indeed

  45. scheckdj

    Stacy could really sing - so beautiful!!

  46. Lakia Shavon Lightner-Padgett

    Favorite Stacy Lattisaw song!

  47. backinthadayzg

    Favorite Stacy Lattisaw song...

  48. Dhuda Franko

    pensei q iria morre cem q eu ouvisse + esta canção ela faz parte da minha historia D+++ de linda vlw

  49. invisigoat

    Always loved this song.

  50. rynjor

    This song needs a video. Such an awesome song!

  51. Betito 2019


  52. Cheryl Coleman

    This was dedicated to me tonight by my highschool crush .

  53. T. Faye Perkins

    I LOVE this song!!!!

  54. mamirose007

    Sing it Stacy baby girl got had a sweet and lovely voices. Love you girl and now she's singing for her Lord/Savior Jesus Christ. You are an Angel Stacy

  55. D Gantt

    Yes it is. NatureGirl215.. Simply Beautiful...

  56. Kay Santio

    Brings back so many memories!

  57. Rachael Mack


  58. Burt Lee


  59. butter438

    Beutiful song beautiful voice

  60. NatureGirl215

    Best song on this album & one of her best ballads she's ever done.


    I could love you so divine" you can't help singing along really can you.. soul.

  62. Erika Michelle

    I hated this album cover but loved this album lol


    Erika McQueen lol

    ZZ the Dark

    Awww. It reminds me of peaceful days.

  63. chillnndc

    This is one of her least known songs...but my favorite.

  64. gbpackersism

    This song is soooo good!

  65. Willie Robinson

    Stacy and I share the same birthday

  66. Willie Robinson

    Stacy at her best

  67. 2n2me

    I love this song!

  68. lazeezee

    this is real R&B official,, the real deal!!! these poor kids today have absolutely no clue*(

  69. Tajeznah

    This is such a beautiful song: lyrically, vocally & production wise. One of my faves by such an underrated artist.

  70. aldronon9

    I absolutely love this song

  71. Daz Wright

    Love this song ..I first remember hearing it when I bought her 'vinyl single' (.45rpm) "Attack Of The Name Game" & this was the song on track B :)

  72. Deborah Jennings

    My Jam

  73. ldolphin34

    @nextfazz Thanks a lot. Currently ranked #4 all-time answering music questions on Yahoo! Answers, if that makes the comment I made any different for you.

  74. nextfayz b

    @ldolphin34 Wow!!! After reading your comment I still believe that there are people out there in the world that actually get what it means to love and respect your fellow man.Very well put if I may say so myself.I have been a fan of Stacy's since the beginning and it is always good to hear good music from her.I can't wait for her gospel cd to come out.

  75. Marie

    "Sneakin' Out" is Stacy's best album. Hands down!

  76. ldolphin34

    Narada Michael Walden knew he had an unreplaceable gem here in Stacy. This song is my favorite of all hers. Does everyone know American Idol icon Randy Jackson plays bass on this?

    Surrouned with talent, given a simple and heartfelt love song, and possessing the charm, innocence and desire to paint the prettiest picture of a not-yet-woman beautiful girl, Stacy Lattisaw was destined to succeed. I wish her well in her devotion to gospel today.

  77. charmaliqueNYC

    I love the melody, the vocal harmony. The song is simply beautiful and it still plays in my head. Narada Michael Walden did a great job producing Stacey's albums back in the early 80s.

  78. Felicia Dee


  79. OGGilmoregirlz1

    Wow!! I remember this one!!! What happened to Stacy Lattisaw? I saw her once when she attempted a comeback but the era of music had changed and I don't think the material she was singing worked for her. Too bad because she has a great voice.


    OGGilmoregirlz1 she is into gospel music now

  80. MyDjfreeze

    Blessed love..Great last the correct speed..