Stabilo - I Don't Believe In Love Lyrics

Excuse me miss, I seem to have lost track of time,
What just happened, how long have I been lying here
Sprawled out on my back, you just confirmed my biggest fear

I'm sick and tired of being this way
I know how much you hurt and God you know how hard I've tried to change
Right all along, you told me I was fading
Nothing left for them to say, good luck, your gonna need it boy
You'll need it babe, if your going ot live that way

I don't believe in love, you don't owe me anything
Believe me when I say, that I can change some day
I don't believe in love, you don't owe me anything
If you need a place to hide, I am on your side

I know its hard to find an open mind
The wisest ones were left behind
We thought we had it all
They knew exactly how we'd fall
I thought we'd see them on the other side
The flames they rose high up to our kness
We tried to hide behind the light
I want to be alone and on my own
And roll the holy bones
I want to feel alive and strong on the outside

I don't believe in love, you don't owe me anything
Believe me when I say, that I can change some day
I don't believe in love, you don't owe me anything
If you need a place to hide, I am on your side

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Stabilo I Don't Believe In Love Comments
  1. Steven Temple

    I saw them open for AC/ DC back in the 80' s then saw them headline a show in mid 90' s.

  2. Mike Davenport

    This is true


    0:52 A clear violation of prisoner's rights. A good attorney will get this case dismissed.

  4. Mike Davenport

    I luv this groups music.

  5. Sledgemotion

    I don't believe in love...anymore

  6. Jon Studebaker

    THANK YOU !!! Posting this song in 2015 ended my 27 year marriage! 2 weeks before Christmas, my wife of 27 years ended our marriage of 27 years in part because I posted this song on Youtube alerting her family all was not well in paradise! It ended up being being the BEST CHRISTMAS gift I ever received as she was OSPD and harder than HELL to live with! THANKS!!! Now moved on with wife 2.0, I am happier and thankful to her! Thanks Carolyn Yordy!!! Best damn Christmas gift you ever got me!!! :)

  7. Darell Kennedy

    i lived in Bothel, the late 80s-early 90s...good times,GRUNGE,huge,
    underground Bars...Downtown,

  8. Jake Schardan

    This should be the anthem of the MGTOW movement!!! MGTOW4life.

  9. Eric Fapton

    When my relatives ask why I STILL don't have a GF lol

  10. Debbie Colgrove

    Queensryche right behind my band acdc .

  11. Peter Wiersma


  12. tina marie

    I never have I never will.

  13. Snow_Bitzz

    so happy people are still commenting

  14. Sci-Fi Ninja Theater

    One song that speaks the truth about love

  15. greenerpasturesny

    Queensryche were a freight train those days ...

  16. Debbie Lynn

    Lordy I'm back in my 20s w some of the best music everrr!!! The chords start up...I get goosies. Outta control... I dnt feel any different now.

  17. Gary Helps

    This is song is so beautifull, chirs a guitar legend cheers

  18. Jessy Lee

    In this world ur really all by yourself people lie n deny they never tell u the truth

  19. Jessy Lee

    True..I dont believe in love

  20. William Barai

    Respect from Bangladesh✌👌

  21. Sharon Walkoviak

    My favorite rock group,love you guys.

  22. Chris Cockrum

    The best concept Album ever written ...

  23. alberto burchielli

    A great band that will never receive enough the recognition it deserves.

  24. George Griviski

    Is that the same nun from the "Eyes of a Stranger" video ??

    Anne Ahlefeld

    More than likely, considering they're both on the same album .

  25. Buried Axblade

    Name of the Rose?

  26. Wolfgang Trubshaw

    Faex-Mundi-made. (The entire act from the get-go; very pop-ish at that …)

  27. KMichele M

    Saw in concert 88 def leopard open for um atl

  28. Shay Kelley

    I don't believe in love it's never worth the pain that you feel. So true words. Queensryche was one of the best bands to come out of the 80s. Geoff Tate's voice was amazing. At the time he was in close ranking with the two true Metal Gods. Rob and Ronnie.

  29. Enda Dorgan

    This band was going to OWN the 90s but Grunge happened... So... Deadly song though!!

  30. Tattooed Munky

    This was one of my favorite albums growing up, still to this day, I find myself humming songs from Mindcrime.

  31. Joe Kinchicken

    He's the "Vest" there is!

  32. Dawid Bekhem

    I do believe in Love

  33. Collin Smith

    One of the best metal albums ever written.

  34. Robert Goodman

    This song is about the pain....(love)

  35. Robert Goodman

    My credo...😂

  36. Liam Hathaway

    Fantastic album. Tate looks like Christopher Walken in some of these Mindcrime era videos.

  37. Dale Doherty

    I'm with Geoff Tate I don't believe in love either is just a four-letter word somebody made up love does not exist

  38. Jennifer Dunn

    Seen this 4 times

  39. Amanda Westfall

    I was way to up the Smiths and the Cures ass in my youth, however when my sister brought this
    album home...I horded it.

  40. Ananaia O'Leary


  41. Thomas Reed

    Whoever hits this dislike button on any song on this album needs a good swift kick in the nuts 🥜 😳

  42. Bonnie LaDuke

    Love this song and Tatte is really GOOD LOOKING With His voice @least back Then

  43. Ken Hall


  44. Harley Schram

    Queensryche needs Geoff Tate back with the band he made Queensryche.

  45. Brylee Burke

    My papa like that song

  46. Eva Soliz

    So true. Love this song.

    David Bolha

    MGTOWs too. 😉

  47. Phil Smith

    First time I've looked a the video, been listening to the album for years, Epic! Absolutely Epic!

  48. Mrinmoy Ghosh

    Ah the bass galloping technique 😎

  49. Robert Valentine

    Not anymore.

  50. Austin Via

    My heart breaks everytime I listen to Nikki find Mary's body...
    "Even in Death you still look sad."

  51. Michael Colgrove

    That bass line rocks!

  52. ed herrick

    Top-shelf metal.

  53. anthony Jackson

    What people need to realize is this song is a part of the storyline of OMC. Its not an anthem of anti Love.

  54. Rickey Engle

    that's because you never had love,,

  55. Jonah Winchester

    These guys were on of the last "hair bands" to come out. They ended the era because after they came out everyone had to sit down. No one could follow them. They were too cold!! Geoff Tate is TOO Good!! They created the perfect rock band IMO

  56. ismael soto

    Bad ads music you willneverforget never Will go away

  57. James Hetfield

    Geoff Tate, top five greatest metal vocalists of all time, hands down.

  58. Dmitri Kozlowsky

    CSI: The Musical

  59. John Watson

    That drum set with chains is um yeah killer

  60. A Parks

    For a vevo video the audio is rather quiet.

  61. Jonathan Campos

    I don't either, there's only some kind of negotiation, unconsciously, most part of time!

  62. WonderWhaz

    I'll just pretend she never was real.

  63. Tony P.

    How could 902 people dislike this tune?? Dam. Yikes lol. I'm a dinosaur rocker dude and I have an open mind to rock n roll bands. This band is influenced by rush lol. Yeah. My favorite. Rush and yes. Pink Floyd. Led Zeppelin. Lol. On n on. Rock on folks.... Lol

  64. Roy Harris

    Love is like a fairy tale, except there is no happily ever after.

    David Bolha

    But "happily divorced". 😒

  65. Carrie

    We'll never see another band like this.

  66. Andrew Garratt

    This album as a whole should be in a hall of fame.
    Many metal bands,many skipped tracks....this was one of the very few that scarcely saw the “skip” button.

  67. SavatageFanForever

    Love this song. Geoff has such an amazing voice. I refuse to see Queensryche without him. He was what made the band so special.

  68. Mzu5000 Mzu

    This is true metal , bass and guitar have the same importance is fundamental part of metal

  69. Jay Dobbins

    Awesome mix, such a great song. #FUCKLOVE #MGTOW

  70. Rock like a rocker

    A Mtv Brasil tinha um "CENSORSHIP" e deixamos d ver muita coisa

  71. jeff deathrage

    This albums more relevant now than in 89 when i bought it. Freaky.

    David Bolha

    Mhm. MGTOW song.

  72. Cripple FellaPHant

    So, a dude walked into a bar...................... Got raped by a nun!😂 SMH didn’t see that one coming

  73. thunderdeed1

    The band at the ultimate top of their game!

  74. Urban Outsider

    Is this band still alive if you know what I mean ?

  75. Hammering Hank

    A massive sound - Tate is one of the best from this era.

  76. Oscar Moreno

    He said he dont belive in love, never have. Never will. But then he sings that its never worth the pain that you feel.
    That pain sucks and the joy; no words to describe it

  77. DDM9009

    I don’t believe in it either Jeff

  78. Fernando Migliazza

    Amazing band amazing voice

    I R O N G R A Y

    Enjoy my channel fernando

  79. trinity trin

    *I Just Don't Believe In Love I Never Have And Never Will!!*

    I R O N G R A Y

    Enjoy my channel trinity


    Queensryche is me and my dad's favourite band. He even has a photo with Geoff Tate (sorry for my English)❤❤❤❤❤

  81. BTREquipment

    when this album 1st came out,I said it was the best album in the history of rock, and noone was in agreement. But im glad to find so many people that are of the same mind. when I played it for my mother shortly after its release, (she was a concert violinist with the Riverside Symphony Orchestra for several years when I was a kid), her 1st comment was, "thats the most prophetic album Ive ever heard, and who's that singer. Hes fan tastic. As time has passed now and the world has shown many new things, I for one it to be more and more prophetic with each new world event occurs. Queensryche shall go down as the top of my list, without a doubt.

  82. Lance Shepler

    Love is an illusion. Like a mirage on the desert plains, promising everything to the naked eye and mind and delivering nothing in reality.

    I R O N G R A Y

    Enjoy my channel lance

  83. 1blindmarc

    Queensryche at "this time was ahead of any band. This band was the best.

  84. Jon Harvey

    the iron maiden of the usa..sad these guys didn't lastas long as iron madien

  85. hippyhauler13

    Queensryche and Savatage, best hard rock of the 80s

  86. Aaron Froyd

    I noticed that the outro sounds like the opening guitar part to “The Acid Queen” by The Who (from their rock opera Tommy)... I wonder if this was intentional?

  87. Barbara Castilleja

    i miss the 80s and 90s

  88. Dom DelaWeeds

    ❤ 🌎 ✌️

  89. gotarmadillo

    wrong kind of knife

  90. Jomáe Joestar

    God's of their time

  91. Mark Kelly

    They were fantastic in their pomp.

  92. Morose 14

    So damn good. 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  93. Cami Belcher

    So obsessed with Queensryche again 2019

    Tom White

    2019 here!!

    Silva 209

    Of course! Music like this never fades.

  94. Dragonsfire6664

    This ones been my creed for decades now, not sure if that’s good or bad?
    Been thrue the wringer more times than I can count, friends used to call captain save a hoe, been I gave up on true love a few years back after the last catastrophe,lol. Changed myself to captain save this bro, and it’s not that I’m a total asshole to the relationship thing, just tired of losing everything to someone, having to start over completely from scratch, and what’s scary is I’ve gotten really good at it?

  95. YourSandwichIsMine ._.

    I’m still in school and I’m literally the ONLY ONE in the entire building that listens to rock and roll bands. The ONLY ONE. Everyone else listens to rap. It sucks.


    YourSandwichIsMine ._. Bullshit. Unless you asked every single person in the building what they listen to. Sometimes people like to keep their music to themselves.

  96. Christopher Blake

    Man. This song.....just. awesomeness

  97. Patricia Earney

    I feel sorry for people that can’t feel love! It’s a great feeling! 💕💯

  98. Patricia Earney

    I believe in love, even tho it hurts sometimes!💕

  99. Big Poppa

    Saw then with Metallica. The operation mind crime part was way better than 20 minutes of blackend.