St. Vincent - Marrow Lyrics

Muscle connects to the bone
And bone to the ire and the marrow
I wish I had a gentle mind
And a spine made up of iron

Mouth connects to the teeth
And teeth to the loves and curses
Honey can you reach the spot
That need oilin' and fixin'?

Help me, help me
Help me, help me

Muscle connects to the bone
And bone to the ire and the marrow
So I pretend there aren't ten strings
Tied to all ten of my fingers

Help me, help me
If you want we could go somewhere else


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St. Vincent Marrow Comments
  1. Mauro Caresani

    Soy Mauro Caresani de Rosario Argentina y me gustas mucho en all sentido. Vos como mujer y como artista y tu mùsica son una bocanada exitante de aire fresco.

  2. Jose

    I wonder how I went more than 10 years without knowing about St Vincent. Their music is strange but I am hooked. Annie is so beautiful.

  3. Tommy The Train

    How much anxiety do u have

  4. Tommy The Train

    Gawd damn shes fine af

  5. Michael Furia

    This is what alienation looks like.

  6. arno le grand

    la vache !!! remontée d acide ...

  7. Lulu Stylez

    Im comin Annie! <3

  8. Ed Sweet

    I wish I could be half as talented as her. I absolutely love St Vincent

  9. José Manuel Zúñiga Zúñiga

    I love you st Vincent.
    Eres hermosa y de libre pensamiento.
    Te amooooooooo

  10. colourmerainbowcloud

    proof that Annie Clark is fae-folk

  11. Brett Morris

    death is lovely

  12. Lumfy Puff

    We need a screamo version

  13. Cory Gilliam

    This rocks and tells a story I can relate to. It sounds and feels so current that I can't believe this song in 10 yrs ago. Everytime I hear Trump speak, this how I feel. Ugh!

  14. dementia-praecox

    What I say when I start hearing the voices in my head telling me everything a human shouldn't know about the apocalypse

  15. Roxie Marquez

    I wanna see these guys open for NIN

    three dee melodie

    it’s just her haha

  16. Shazzadul Haque

    the eyes GOD THE EYES!

  17. JDMime

    This reminds me a little of the Cruel video where a family destroys her humanity and tries to trap her into being a housewife. POD People!


    except, now she's restoring their humanity

  18. Nigelrioux1

    annie is the fucking best

  19. Joshua Loveless

    Fkn DIME ur Sexy as hell!!!! &musick had to katch up to u ... U little trentld setter

  20. Armando Perez

    Uff mami Rika.... 🇲🇽

  21. Armando Perez

    Sabrosa hot 🔥

  22. Sabrina & Pedro

    Found this song looooong time ago

  23. Timothy Thurston

    If you took Siouxsie Sioux ,Beth Gibbons from portis head and Bjork. DNA pit thin in a dish. Than you have st Vincent

  24. Epicuro de Samos

    How can I help you, "belezura"?

  25. Eyes 》

    This reminds me a bit of Gorillaz actually. Mixed with Portishead and a bit of PJ Harvey.

  26. Zelgaro

    This is like the ghosts in Super Mario. when you look at them, they freeze. When you turn away, they follow you.

    off the wall!

    Sab Davage that’s so deep man how do u come up with this stuff? Like I’m just so intrigued and I just....... wow. 👨🏾‍🎓🤔🤔

  27. Timothy Weiss

    You still stole my acoustic guitar riff from 1988 but that's okay....

  28. Thomopolus Rex

    Lovely lady

  29. Adrienne Carlisle


  30. God Is Great

    Reminds me of gorillaz

  31. Liam Tahaney

    queens of the stone age, baisically

  32. caleb beachem

    i love the first part of the song

  33. jaiblue25

    She looks like Chan Marshall in this

  34. Korey Culjat

    There's a muted backbeat on this song that is a really simple thumping sort of sound, but when listening to it w/ headphones it plays one in left one in right, so on so forth

    Sinead Murty Bautista

    i love you for pointing that out hahahah

  35. Nigelrioux1

    anies best song

  36. mwmusic

    That whole tone scale.

  37. Chad Young

    on a pathway in unconsciousness, seeing things cautiously , bringing aspects of comfort to creative tool, seeing change, shepherd, and disciplinary actions

  38. John Wheeler-Rappe


  39. Alisha Fairbairn

    I love this album, like its pure art, and Annie is just the definition of perfection❤️

  40. Brehnner Valente Leite

    Curti muito., De parabéns St.Vincent ...

  41. gpuppy1234

    Reminds me of Forrest Gump. The running scene where people follow him

  42. Chairman Meow

    I wish that her hair was a lot fluffier. She's a cute lesbian though.

    three dee melodie

    Marvin Tacklebury she's pansexual

  43. Weeaboo Jones

    wow nocturnal animals is so good!

  44. sieteocho

    Enjoying the Phillip Glass reference.

  45. Rivio

    I saw this a lot of times but just relized she was dead during the whole video

    three dee melodie

    Rivio omg...

  46. Real Talk

    She is so talented it baffles me i am so lucky to get to listen to her genius

  47. Accidental Lyrics

    St. Vincent: H-E-L-P, Help Me, Help Me
    DEVO chorus to DEVO: We are Devo, D-E-V-O

  48. Koala Babe

    So I think she is dead. Her song is like a sirens. She attracts people with it.

  49. Gabriel 1

    Amazing!!! Deep gratitude!!!

  50. Jasmine

    This reminds me of super mario bros. where the ghosts will chase you when you're not facing them, but freeze once you turn around

  51. Tauna Brown


  52. Laurie M

    yea but wtf

  53. Noe Berengena

    Song starts and ends at a roadside shrine to remember someone who was killed on that spot. Death -- what does it mean?

  54. Bobb Smith

    She is so smooth. Yes, definitely yes.

  55. Existential Delight

    I seriously cannot get enough of this song.

  56. HateHater

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, her freckles!!! I'm even more attracted to her!!!
    ... and her hands!!!<3 <3 <3 !!!

  57. bullstompf

    this song such amazing and unforgettable. i replay it again and again. i like it! ❤

  58. David

    She's got beautiful eyes

  59. Chris Marchand

    St. Vincent is amazing. This stuff in unbelievable

  60. Karl Hainer


  61. Kevin Fernandes

    this song is garbage

    Zoey Legend

    Jet Sauce


    *my jam

  62. Jose Belemmi


  63. Robert Cox

    I want to hear Chris Cornell sing this.

  64. James Grandjean

    Also, existential crisis never looked so beautiful. love you Annie

  65. James Grandjean

    I connect to this song on an almost eerily personal level.

  66. oooBUBU7ooo

    Doesn't the noisy breakdown at 2:11 sound like the main riff from My Bloody Valentine's I Only Said? I thought it was some kind of tribute, but since Spotify features a re-recording I guess it wasn't intentional and when she noticed she replaced it

  67. Azalea Shir

    im a new fan and its 2017 and

    this was in 2009? that was 8 years ago.... this song doesn't feel like it was made 8 years ago...

    tengo sueño

    This feels like 2059

    Manuel Ortiz

    Your right
    It sounds like it was made by Bjork in 1995

  68. undead2live

    She seems to be talented ...just can't get in to it... but, then again I was never a big fan of The Talking Heads... who she seems to be heavily influenced by

    three dee melodie

    undead2live She did do a collab album with David Bryne

  69. DJB 91

    I love the use of that deep fuzz bass in almost every song of hers. (not really sarcastic, I do actually like it.)

  70. mathew richwalski

    i think to be mindless places us into wonderment, maybe that's this video, this song

    mathew richwalski


  71. Audrey

    That sounds like a mix between David Bowie and the very first albums of Pink Floyd... LOVE IT

  72. Hanklovesprimus

    nicolas cage @ 0:53 to the left

  73. Hanklovesprimus

    the guitar is so cooool

  74. Žonatan Rivera

    This beat. Is so sick.

  75. ِ ِ ِ ِ

    sounds like that one riff in loveless

  76. Todd Cronin

    this sucks.


    *snatched my wig

  77. Mauricio Abastoflor Franco

    Muscle connects to the bone
    And the bone to the ire and the marrow
    I wish I had a gentle mind and a spine made up of iron

    Mouth connects to the teeth
    And teeth to the loves and curses

    Can you reach the spots that need oiling and fixing?

    Help me, help me

    Help me, help me

    Muscle connects to the bone
    And the bone to the ire and the marrow

    So I pretend these aren't ten strings attached to all ten of my fingers.

    Help me, help me

    If you could only go somewhere else

    Help me, help me

    Help me, help me

    Help me, help me


    Mauricio Abastoflor Franco
    It’s actually “If you want we could go somewhere else.”
    You can hear it better in here live performances.

  78. SB ESPN


  79. Maitiu Jarrett

    annie clark...marry me.

  80. Callisto _

    There's something about this music I don't understand but I like it.

  81. Dimzidze

    what song?

  82. Steamy Hot Djent to the Face

    My first thoughts on St Vincent was "wow she's pretty and her guitar is cool" now it's "I couldn't care less how she looks, her music is awesome. And her guitar is cool"

    TheMighty Chabunga

    Nothing wrong with how she looks but,.. ...I did not recognize her until I saw a clip of her with blond hair.
    We played the same venue in Austin Texas in 2009.

    Steamy Hot Djent to the Face

    TheMighty Chabunga
    Yeah. What I was saying is that she is pretty but i care about her musicianship more. also it's super cool that you played with her

    TheMighty Chabunga

    We were just a couple of working musicians trying to make a living.
    If I remember right the venue was called Treasure Island.


    best vagina to ever play guitar. BAR NONE


    that heart chick was good tho

  83. John B

    She's physically attractive, but her music sucks.

    Donivan Lattimer

    you suck

  84. Jacob White

    I'm only here cause I wanna feel high

  85. Adam

    All your music is incredible. I will allways listening your records. Outstanding, big talent and feeling. Sorry for my english - i'm from Poland. Good luck, Annie.

  86. Lee Wilder

    she's such a weirdo
    I love it

  87. Ali Rafatjah

    She kind of reminds me of America's answer to PJ Harvey - love them both!

  88. I AM GAY

    BMTH- Shadow Moses

    Audrey Bucio

    I AM GAY that's gay

  89. xyloplax

    Even her videos are fantastic. Can't wait to the next album.

  90. SomeSunshineOutside

    that mother's face is captivating.

  91. Jennifer L

    This video is like a horror movie

  92. Erol Gedik

    that's heavy (in a good way)

  93. M. ouAzo

    c'est... spécial

  94. alyssa reyes


  95. subfragment

    the video only reveals how deep her lyrical concept can be...

  96. The Obvius Gwen

    lo que no le haría papu, primero la pongo de rodillas y le meto el pene hasta que chille, después me vengo y mi semen sale por sus orejas y van recorriendo su sinuosa espalda que termina en su suave tracerito, después le hago varios hijos y los aborto, después la tengo como esposa varios años, después la vendo como prostituta y después la abandono en el Río lerma, no sin antes venirme en su cara y oler su panocha con su vagina destruida.

    Sonicre Vic

    Sigue soñando amigo, probablemente ni las prostis mas baratas se te quieran acercar XD.