St. Vincent - Bicycle Lyrics

You stole my bicycle
So I had to walk
Twenty-six blocks in the rain
What a shame

You took my tennis shoes
So I took the train
To avoid the rain
What a shame

You saw me on the street
You offered me a seat
Then when I blinked
You were gone

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St. Vincent Bicycle Comments
  1. 。。

    this aint what i was lookin for but im glad i found it



  3. lazygazzzer

    Whoever nicked her bike, I tell you what, I will give you cash for her saddle.

    B A G E L

    lazygazzzer ACK

  4. Uncle Squiddz

    Too bad this was only released as a bonus track. Probably one of her best songs IMO.

    Jacob Ross

    Ikr it's lovely and hauntingly beautiful

  5. The New Gothic The New Gothic

    This is celestial and so cinematic!

  6. JP51ism

    As cited above, this is only on the vinyl apparently; not on my CD.

    Short For A Hoe

    This isn't on the vinyl

    B A G E L

    ShortForAH03 than WHERE THE duck IS IT

  7. Keven Rivera


  8. Daniel Cabrona

    the pitch is slightly raised on this.


    I think this is actually the correct pitch, it sounds most like the video from LoveThisPizza

    Daniel Cabrona

    @Daniel idk y but the accordions on here have a slightly higher pitch here than the versions im used to

    Purpa Lee

    I'm all late lol but this is correct. It was on spotify momentarily and it sounded like this. People slowed it down and lowered the pitch to avoid copyright infringement

  9. Bendage

    she plays the melody at 2:17 during her live version of Your Lips Are Red. fantastic!


    Which concert?


    Bendage holy crap i just noticed that!! awesome catch hahaha

  10. biggestfanofroger

    this is so beautiful and special

  11. adz

    every single time i hear this it gives me shivers, goosebumps. it scares me

  12. Cvalda

    i really wish she did more like this

  13. C. A.

    this song fucks me up on so many levels of existence


    ikr it fucks me up too

  14. Ender Wolfer

    Love it! Always had a taste for St. Vincent!