St. Lunatics - Summer In The City Lyrics

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I am the king of the city, top down windows
I'm Puffin like Diddy
Ridin cause the haters face mad, team gritty
Honk your horn twice if your missies lookin pretty

Well if you run wit your niggas, then I walk with my killas
Mo you will never have a winning hand, yeah as long as I'm the dealer
What you feelin (uh) you sure you want some
Brought my slums, cats play like rums
Money in large sums, navigators and guns
Baby mamas wit sons
Ain't afraid to let you have it
If you trip with their loved ones (you tripled your fare)
What I hear most is no, no
You best get on your mark, get set, go, go
Like Jagged Edge Ieave ya more Def than So So
Type of person continue short sit in the front row
Get your hands out my pocket
You don't want just blow, blow
The only bird I get wit more is the doe-doe
They be like oh, oh
It's what they screamin from the back
Hey timber, is when I hit 'em wit the axe
Put ya gun away
And you might live to see another day
Come in head, run and done, bustin like andele

[Chorus - 2X]

Asked around you got a Range
(boy I been had wheels)
Aiyyo you think you gotta little change
(yeah my dirties love me truly)
I remember you use to shoot that thang
(ya never knew me)
Ya used to claim gangs (uh-huh)

Yo, when I rock Vokal its either Timb's or Nikes
When I step in my Prada I'ma rock the ice
When the 'Tics do a show I'ma rock the mic
Born in "New Jack City" like Wesley Snipes
Drive a SS M.C with racing stripes
Runinn two P's of L.G, flip it twice
Hang round with cats who bust and they don't think twice
Nothing but dome shots no coming back twice
All I knew was hustling and rolling the dice
Scraping up dimes for whole-orders of China Men Rice
Now I sacrificed my life for publishing rights
Hoping everything gonna be aight

[Murphy Lee]
St. Lunatics at the Superbowl
Top row gettin super blowed
Rams on the 24 second down two to go
Now we in the Louis tho
It's two below hundred degrees
I'm drivin about 103
With a S.T.L hat on
Top down holdin a blunt
You know I'm smokin wit the windows up
I be the young dude
Chief into kung-fu, with sun-do
Come through, Beenie Man you don't really want to
How come you, think you can
I'm from the city where the muddy Mississippi might
sink you man
I'm getting brains in the Range
With the brains blown out
With TV's, the wood grain and them thangs rolled out

[Chorus - 2X]

[Big Lee (Ali)]
It's like a hot day in July
Just bangin when I fool guys
It's the credible, edible, federal when I'm high
On the hills on the lane
64 Chevy the brains
Blown, gone, spread foam, wood, and chrome
How you doin mama my name is Lee
I be the fabulous M.C you heard of
St. Lunatics word up
I'm like "OK", all the sun out
Ice down but I still pull a gun out
Feel that, bow down
It's real rap, verbally peelin cats off da map
Turf shake 16 bars of earthquake
If I do the whole song boom {*booming sound*} it's Vietnam
You see it wrong, so I'ma gone leave you alone
Put my mind back on, who I'ma bone and take home
Got mine, get cha own - grab a cell call Big Tone
Need some Air Max cuz dem boys bobbin like stone, and a...

[Chorus - 2X]

[Cedric the Entertainer]
Ya ready for this, it's Ced let-me-entertain-ya
Wassup, representing on wax
Talkin on record like P-Diddy
I'm just here hollaring for The Kings of Comedy
You know too sharp Steve Harvey, Bernie B. Mac
Keepin it on the D.L Hugley

[Chorus till end]

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St. Lunatics Summer In The City Comments
  1. Siedah Holmes


    Kawaii Cooki UwU

    HELLZ yah. Am on a nostalgia binge.

  2. GiveitUp 100 100

    Beat is unique, clean!

  3. 901 truck driver Remy

    Watchin this on the box bakk I’m 5 Th grade

  4. Adub nostalicking

    Osmosis Jones the movie and it's soundtrack was lit!!!

  5. Adub nostalicking


  6. Adub nostalicking


  7. frisco hanley

    Good times, when music and music videos was everything

  8. Stoutner Stoutner

    This song is still fire as fuck

  9. Abel Mantor

    A decade later this song & the movie still hold up .

  10. Grelusha Queen Malkia

    Osmosis jones disney ahow with this song ( chikd proof) as the intro song.

  11. Xaya Vannavilay

    Laos king.

  12. I speak My mind

    Corny song corny band

  13. Isaiah Wasabi

    2:06 2:07

  14. sir nimbus

    18 yrs later... i forgot how nelly and st. Lunatics were a huge force in rap. Then like mostly everyone they dropped off the map.


    Yea Nelly was dat guy 2000 - 2003

  15. Chelcie Daniel

    Childhood memories 🙌🏾

  16. Creamatic

    I miss being 4

  17. Ryan Burke Pictures

    St Lunatics and Nelly sing that song. The Movie is the coolest which Chris Rock is the coolest guy ever!

  18. SORROW Ω

    Should uv gave Nelly and Lee All lyrics

  19. O G Napp BiGGSHEEETTTsss

    STL AllDay

  20. Martin Micev

    Murphy Lee underrated af!

  21. James Thomas

    How you in the st.lunatics wearing a Cubs shirt also I think that was my God brother at 1:47....seeing the high school I went to in a music video is weird but awesome

  22. Jeremy Walker

    Funny how mfs never give these dudes they props me for one was amazed @ how skilled keyuan and murphy lee was

  23. Anthony Niroshan


  24. sogone away

    why Ali kill it like that!

  25. bloody knuckles

    Every now and then this beat pops into my head

  26. Dubble-SS

    instrumental anywhere?

  27. Fugitive Predator

    1:19 it fits thrax

  28. James Jackson

    This song still does the damn thing even in 2019. STL fan, no doubt, always will be. That chinaman rice tho 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. anywaythewindblows 89

    St Louis represent!

  30. abdullah joyner

    This my shit wen i get sick an peoples be sleepin on nelly too i think he a good rapper my twin number#1

  31. Marvin Tom

    Dope song need more

  32. PapaGeorg10

    Rap music was great before all this mumble lyrics and trap beats crap

  33. Ceystal Nicodemus

    And how are you people turning tow get a hold of crystal nicodemus is that Richard hord.jr palce this this Mary Flynn step people.

  34. Mavela Salvatore

    I Love this movie osmosis jones and i Love the song to

  35. derrty dollas

    Drive a SS MC with racing stripes

  36. Michael Haney

    good music

  37. telepathy90

    Omg the throwback osmosis Jones. Really in my feels rightnow

  38. Bobby Ewing

    2018 still lovin this track

  39. iiPrandz - Official Youtube Channel

    O S M O S I S J O N E S ( 2 0 0 1 )

  40. EDP2000

    Osmosis Jones, anyone?

  41. Quanezia McGaughey

    I didn't know there was a video to this...who would've thought?

  42. G Mell Talk

    what the hell the guy with the mask do

  43. Corey Marks

    Light skin Redbone chicks was taking W's in their videos!

  44. William Harris

    Murphy was supposed to be THAT DUDE!

  45. 3 Things Fishing

    St. Lunatics Free City super underrated album.

  46. pee wee

    those shots of the arch really look like a green screen.. atleast some of them.. the rest is shot in east st. louis, IL.. nelly was the shit tho and the st. lunatics. im from the 618 im just saying...

  47. Rickey ReDz

    crazy how i grew on nelly and the lunatics

  48. Brixnna •

    Oh hell..... that can't be nelly

  49. StanginNbangin YouTube Account

    Shit Was Fire, still is.

  50. Wesley Robinson

    nelly had a run.

  51. Jon Samuels

    Damn! Nelly was spittin on this 1!

  52. Mad Train

    This song had the whole St Louis on fire.

    Gregory Davis

    Pedo Rapist yep

    Gregory Davis

    Pedo Rapist the whole state of Missouri was listening to nelly in 2001 then tech n9ne blew up

  53. Corey Johnson

    u city stand up

  54. Gregory Davis

    when st Louis Missouri maid it in the industry

    Lawrence Chavis

    I think Gregory Davis really need to go back and check his industry history because people from St.Louis always been in the industry No*matter if it's Movies Music Entertainment are whatever
    Being from the Lou I know that remember homie you can't spell hustle without the "STL"

    Jay Coleman

    Gregory Davis Since when did St. Louis hire a maid? 😂😂😂😂 It's *MADE.

    Jade Williams

    We still in the field just not much 😭

  55. Jakob Sanders

    what is the name of the cartoon in the video

    Eduardo Porras

    Omosis jones :)

    Kalei Alvarez

    osmosis Jones. it's a movie

    Andre Johnson

    Eduardo Porras my favorite Ozzy& Drix

  56. sogone away

    i bought this CD from kmart

    Max Herrington

    my friend found it in an abandoned gymnasium. How did it not burn down with all that fire inside?


    Max Herrington 😂😂😂😂😂😂 forreal? 😂😂😂

  57. Pariah Apache

    its always a broke mf hating⬇

  58. Adam Baum

    umm who the fuck let the cub fan in this video???

  59. Thevadis

    anybody think he has the same style as nelly


    +SuperDarren1999 oh wait it is nelly

  60. Shanise Brown

    these guys were cool dudes.


    they were a breath of fresh air! Unique gang of baller rappers
    i still listen to their music religiously . even after 15 years

    Gregory Davis

    Reziidoo I remember when the lunatics came out the early 2000s was a good time to be alive

  61. Charles B

    I love in Downtown St. Louis and nobody remembers these guys today.

    Charles B

    @DMaster81 only old people talk about Nelly around here. He doesn't do much for the STL community from what I've seen and nobody really cares that much. Same with Chuck Berry. He still plays novelty shows in one of the hipster areas here in stl, but nobody is actually that much of a fan. Nelly will be doing the same thing when he's 80.


    i'll take your word for it since it sounds like you know the st louis scene more than I do. And an 80 year old rapping Nelly, now there's a funny thought, haha

    Charles B

    @DMaster81 I'm sure people would have laughed back in the 1960s if you told them the rolling stones would still be performing rock shows when they are old as fuck.

    Gregory Davis

    Charles B nobody in St Louis fucks with nelly now they never really have past 2003


    Haters usually stay in the home town

  62. Charles B

    I live in Downtown St. Louis and think this ish is lame.

    scarecrow crow666

    Charles B like u

  63. Charles B

    I live in Downtown St. Louis and think this shit is lame.

    scarecrow crow666

    Charles B like u lame ass nigga

  64. Charles B

    I live in Downtown St. Louis and think this shit is lame.

  65. isaiaha calmese

    my brother is in the video running track.... man he was still in high school

  66. 007_Legend

    I had that polo that Ali had on back around that time. Damn i'm old lmao!

  67. Toph Earth bending masta

    I wish today was more like the old days

    Gregory Davis

    I agree 2016 needs to go back to 1996

    D money

    Toph Earth bending masta hell yea was good as times

    Tanner Walton

    Toph Earth bending masta SAME with me

  68. Derek Tagliarino

    Why don't people wear basketball jerseys backwards anymore? It takes out the guess work of which player it is.

  69. Boi Convoy

    When you hear this when the movie came out as a kid and then when you reach to adult hood and listen to the lyrics your mind is blown

    TM Nation

    Lmao right

    Boi Convoy

    RIght xD


    @TM Nation what movie? I was early 20s when this came out

  70. Brandon Powell

    This my jam

  71. Forrest Whittle

    The hell is Murphy Lee doing wearing a Cubs Jersey?


    @Forrest Whittle That aint Murph, I'm pretty sure it's KyJuan


    @Forrest Whittle Maybe Slo Down Idk but it aint Murph


    @Forrest Whittle it's KyJuan,,,, St.Lunatics was RAW as fuck !!!

    BlvckFire TrvpFire

    Total disrespect ya heard me 👎🏾

  72. Thehulkster1234

    was this song made specially for osmosis jones I feel it was because of how much footage of the movie is shown but idk for sure

  73. Alessandro Catracho



    Now 18 years ago

  74. Charlie Crawford

    Ah ahhhh,My miss is hella pretty !

  75. Dsuranix

    it's funny that they talk about hitting it from the ass, smoking blunts, and modified the hook from "summer in the city" by lovin spoonful, all for a kid movie. ah, the turn of the millennium, how beautiful it was.

    MyCal Russell

    L Good

  76. kishan rambu

    good song :)

  77. Brittni Hawthaway

    Oh god. This is still my favorite movie, and this has been my jam since I was 5. I replayed the movie a billion times just so I could listen to this song over and over again. I adore this<3

    Lamar Martin

    That makes 2 of us

  78. Hipster Doofus

    Is that Bill Murray at the start of the video?

    Kenny Springer

    Yeah he played Frank in Osmosis Jones

    Hipster Doofus

    Thanks, thought I was seeing things.


    Yes, that's Bull Murray.

  79. iPartyHardcore

    MY GOD! Who remembers jammin this?


    glad you found it.

    chris mendoza

    This takes me back😌

    Fabian Fabianski

    iPartyHardcore Oh yeah! Back when Music was good.

  80. LaTonya Booker

    This was my favorite song on the soundtrack when I was a kid! I was 8 when it came out and now I'm turning 21! Lol crap time flies

    Dave C

    same here but im 23 lol

    LaTonya Booker

    @David Campione We're getting so old!! lol


    @David Campione i'm25 and Nelly & ST.Lunatics put STL on the world map !!!

    Stop stalking Me

    I was 3 when it came out, now I'm turning 18 soon.


    @Lou Ross time goes on ))))

  81. TheBella3470

    I don't remember this song.but obviously this song is for the soundtrack of the movie osmosis.


    It was the credits song.

  82. Icy Brown

    miss that shit so

  83. Kam

    osmosis jones brought me here


    Same here.

  84. Professor B

    wow the old Rap and Hiphip was for real nowadays is about 3 main subjects
    1- Women i mean hoes sorry
    2- drugs
    3- and how to be violent and be a criminal
    great jewish american goverment


    Khalifa Alzaabi lolol u still talkin about that shit in this song the difference is that they do it in a fun clever way

  85. Ivan Ivanov

    Fuck Yeah baby !!!!! SAINT LOUIE MY CITY

  86. Emoney Posey

    this is the shit

  87. Brendan Douglas

    my brother was the Nerd that got knock down lhh

  88. Kaya D


  89. Kaya D


    scarecrow crow666

    Kaya D shut the hell up bitch

  90. Kaya D


  91. Kaya D


  92. Cia Price

    that model was looking like somebody's mama...

  93. Futeki360

    Osmosis Jones movie is one of a kind for saving your time & thirst for comedy, adventure, & KNOWLEDGE!

    This movie considered as the revolution intro to Edutaiment (Education & Entertainment).

    My infinite thanks to Dennis Edwards, Robert Farrelly, Peter Farrelly, Zak Penn, Bradley Thomas, and Warner Bros. studios for letting me enjoying & learning the principles of health sciences and especially the lesson of the word of 'Hypothalamus' where it was lectured with a simple words by Thrax!

  94. Kemar Francis

    Osmosis Jones

  95. Mason Bikshorn

    university city high school

  96. Chris Singer

    I wonder what school there at it would be cool to know cuz im from and live in st. louis

  97. Kane Jabbar

    Osmosis Jones Y'all