St. Lunatics - Platinum+ Lyrics

Uh, yo
Everytime we drop a rhyme
Uh, uh-huh, yeah, uh
It's like this

[City Spud]
Now, now everything I drop yo it's platinum plus
That's why everybody tryna hate on us
I keep the, fly hunnies in the mood to
You gotta, prove to us you can groove with us
And make ya, move with us it'd be the best thing for ya
Got, smoothest tats keep it natural like quarter water
Move with us stay all up in your garments
Pop's stayin' at it while you savin' up your quarters
In order to rock a party yo you gotta keep it live
Yella they got me, got me, 55
Curvin' off that herb and you can see it in my eyes
Lunatics get down and we can rock it all night
(And that's for real)
(Yo, uh, yo)

[Chorus x2: City Spud]
Check the rhyme y'all (rhyme y'all) We got it hap'nin
Got the whole crowd movin' from the hit that's platinum
If ya, think not you better beg the gig
Cuz my whole crew behind me one-hundred percent
(St. Lunatics!)

Now can't nobody get as live as we
Just to be the best is what we strive to be
Open your eyes and see, the way the rookies
Be invadin' our privacy, man they be ridin' D's
Like a drop top six with the flyest diesel
While you thinkin' like a G I'm thinkin millions
Add on like a buildin', stand high on streets
Hold on to some 98, paid for keys, cats please
I've been, like, three wheel leavin' E's
Bees sworm like bees, 'til the haters be my enemy
You ain't sellin' me; to eat me; and fettle bees
Repeatedly repeatin' me (repeat me) To beat me, they see me
Mad cuz they can't beat me, nor see me
Mad cuz my ride got rims, and a TV
I'm ruthless like Eazy, but huggable like Teddy Rugsben
I'm not as strict so you'll never ever ever put my bugs in
Your pocket; I mow you, I don't owe you
Swiney stole you in your eye socket
Maggot and Da Lie Rocket
And no matter what to top it, you ask me what's up?
I say the star and the moon who will be home soon


[Lil' T]
St. Lunatics emit like Voltron we way beyond your level
Cover the platinum hits cuz ghetto my problem's a little
But 'til then, St. Lunatics Entertainment (D2!!!)
State studios paggin' pins make a million
Be Rumpel like Stiltsken (you gotta feel that)
If not, just be my rap like album I hit it back
Lunatics got my back like murders and Malcolm X
All you haters relax, every kickin' light stat

Thinkin' about somethin' nauseous with that shhh straight up
Muh-muha-muha-my side for all y'all
Thinkin' about somethin' nauseous with that shhh straight up
Be-beha-beha-behabeha-be that L
Thinkin' about somethin' nauseous with that shhh straight up
Muh-muha-muha-my side for all y'all
Thinkin' about somethin' nauseous with that sh-sh-sh-shshhh
Be that L be-beha-be that L


Check the rhyme y'all
Check the rhyme y'all
Yo what's that y'all?
Keep it live y'all
Make it real loud y'all
Check the rhyme y'all
Things like that y'all
Keep it live y'all
Jay E y'all
Jay E y'all
I'm on the tracks y'all
Lunatics y'all
Gimme that fetch y'all
D2 y'all

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St. Lunatics Platinum+ Comments
  1. Taylormay Thorne

    nelly's verse is filthy! sick

  2. Ultimate Dark Knight

    Ali : Freestyle Floetical Fire
    Kyjuan : Ice Cold Chill Lyricism
    City Spud : Smooth Swagg Style
    Nelly: Derrty Dangerous and went in like Bruce Lee on Enter the Dragon
    Murphy Lee : Beast Mode Kinetic Energy
    St Lunatics as A Whole : in the words of Nelly , "#1"

  3. Marcoo MK

    Nelly did his whole verse in one breath

  4. ほにゃらら

    nelly and murphy lee .

  5. sir nimbus

    Its crazy that this was so fire. You hear it and you think "man that shit went hard af" 10 years later multiple genuine lyrical geniuses use this as inspiration to make atomic fire lighting and brimstone punchlines rhymes beats and verses in music.

  6. Righteous Shadows Dojo

    Peace to the 7s.

  7. dario202f

    I been telling dudes for 20 years Nelly had this in him! Universal had him change his style to separate him from the competition which is why he went diamond. But I would put Nelly up against any M.C.


    They had him change his style? You sure about that?


    @MrOunce3 Have a nice day!

  8. Ultimate Dark Knight

    St. Lunatics hands down the best In the midwest, behind bone thugs n harmony, but on some real shit , Ali, Kyjuan,City, Nelly and Murphy Lee just went Midwest Country Grammar Raw Street Sophisticated Educated the haters and showed Errybody why they are #1, "gotta helluva swagger , a socialable personality, I dont have a religion, I only deal in reality " cant nobody tell me this ain't flamethrowed energetic real hip hop , Lunatics 4 Life

  9. Lemogang Lechiile

    2019 ???

  10. Aakash Supekar

    My favorite 👍👍🎧🎧🎧

  11. Domski_tha_Great


  12. Royal Guard

    Straight uncensored dirrty flame <3<3

  13. •Viking Wolf•

    “They Soul Real Thin Like a Chuck Taylor Converse” 🤯🔥💯

  14. Gloria Hristova

    Still the best even in 2019

  15. Justin Ramsey

    I would say Nelly, Ali, & City Spud killed it🔥🔥🔥

  16. cerone gates

    Song had so much potential but they couldn't keep it together

  17. bblktree

    Classic Peace 2 tha Gods 314 StL 4 Lyfe

  18. Don Shakur7

    Funny thing is Ali said it from jump y'all won't even understand what I'm talking about but he murdered that verse

  19. Garry Straits

    Anyone get the lyrics out of this?

  20. Juz Nbc Thomas

    City spud went in damnnn

  21. lu carter

    nelly's verse. STRAIGHT FIRE MY NIGGA!

  22. Robert Mitchell

    city spud don't hurt 'em. much respect to the stl representatives. 618 to the 314 metrowide!

  23. Jarius White

    Still go hard than any song Drake ever put out. Stl all day Bitches!

  24. Jocquis Washington

    Ali came on this

  25. Austin Stout

    This shit still slaps in 2016...Nelly destroyed this


    +Austin Stout yaman nelly's flow is so awesome


    Austin Stout still slapping in 2018! Underrated doesn’t even describe these bars. Spud killed this.


    dats da shit im talking about

  27. Pero Peric

    I can't find lyrics to this song anywhere on the internet....
    I would appreciate if somebody could help me :D

  28. NO3L

    This album is never coming out

  29. amparcade

    City Spud... What the fuck can I say?! TOP NOTCH!

  30. V. Riks


  31. Eztteban Rivas

    Nelly is one of the best in HIP HOP

  32. Daniele Franconi

    BEST SONG OF ALL TIME!!! This is REAL Hip Hop!!!! <3 

  33. the mechanical engineer

    Nelly beast mode 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0

  34. elbow2bak

    Benn pumping this shit for years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! St lunatics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. TheUnglyKiller

    somebody the lyrics...please...

  36. aco6661

    AWSOME! Pre Game Music ;)

  37. MsMcmoe

    'Disrespect will get you hurt"

  38. Rick Osborne

    City Spud and Nelly ripped it man, beast.

  39. Rick Osborne

    Fuck man does anyone know where I can download this at?

  40. Brandon Buckalew

    I can't find this song anywhere but right here.

  41. JusInBello

    This needs to be on iTunes!!!

  42. Poppa Willo

    City SPud Killed It!!!

  43. TheSavageMusicGroup

    Am I the only one that that City Spud fucking killed that too? i mean, the bars homies, the bars! Count em up, he went hard.

  44. Harvey Jennings

    dam Nelly is so COLD!!!!

  45. William Fletcher

    Good song

  46. patrick gould

    Best pump up song. Is it on iTunes

  47. graffstar123

    haha my dad rocks to tha lunatics and im 21 years old :D nelly and murphy lee definatly killed it!

  48. Meru Muad'Dib


  49. Gloria Hristova

    Where can I found the lyrics? Is it sure that is the name of the song?

  50. Preston Sandoval

    anyone have lyrics fo this song?

  51. Baby Jayne

    Ali fucking murdered this track. Blood bath status.

  52. Keitau

    dude, they typed envy

  53. Htown113

    murphy lee killes it also

  54. Htown113

    Nelly is such a beast

  55. 81lamara13

    I love Nelly since im 9 years old... He the best after pac... Love & Respect from a Mèxican/German

    holz holzi

    81lamara13 and respect Form poly a german

  56. Dani Nusrat


  57. Pistas Gameiro

    Nelly killed that song , amazing rapper

  58. sonNy

    great song but can't find lyrics anywhere, can some1 give me some? :)

  59. KneeDeepInThought

    Have you listened to any other rappers?

  60. Ankit Patel

    One word.... DOPE

  61. Chris Pan

    nah dawg....

  62. FattieAcidProduction

    Yo When the hell is City Free gonna DROP!!? This has been out for 3 yrs now and nothing!!
    As much as i LOVED Lunatics back in the day, Murphy Lee has been the only consistent of the group.. Nelly has flopped, Ali is no where to be seen after Kin Folk, Kyjuan is also MIA, sorta, and City Spud is back and killing ti so far.. Not as good a they used to be separately but together, like this song..I hopeful for a major return which SHOULD sound like the FRee City Album..

  63. Jared Good

    how this only has 258k in view is beyond me...

  64. Mary Vasquez

    u 85 im the knowledge/ u paying and im the homage

  65. Jake Lizotte

    Y'all spelled envy wrong in the video o.O

  66. james harris

    RT Spud killed it

  67. vanshexd

    oh nelly

  68. Hamudi Qassim

    Do somebody have the lyrics ?

  69. TheSavageMusicGroup

    Why is nobody giving Spud hi prop's? City killed that shit he went in for 32 bars!!! Nelly killed that shit to.

  70. yr410ad

    Wher I get this song?!

  71. Jonah S

    This song so clean. Nelly murdered it. This that classic country grammar nelly flow. He bring that flow back its over.

  72. RoyalandFresh

    Armageddon time after this track!

  73. CaveKanem

    @yunguserable "St. Lunatics" Is The Name Of The GROUP & THIS SONG, Mane...

  74. Love

    Where can I buy this song?

  75. Love

    Ali came with the Supreme Knowledge. YESSSSS

  76. missguitargirl101

    they misspelled envy lol

  77. Gi Cash

    thumbs up if you like the name of the song!!

  78. Kris Paul

    these boys go hard

  79. Alejandro Farid Martínez López

    What's tha name of this fucking Song??? Pleazee give it...

  80. Eli Katz

    City Spud goes in

  81. Lacy Scathe

    I LOVE MURPH yea Nelly did kill it ;) i still <3 murph he ended it for a reason soo good!!! ;)

  82. Toni Jost

    nelly killed rapper alive!

  83. Kemona Ward

    ohhh meee geeeh this go hard... if u dont think so get the wax out ur ears... city freeee derrtyyyy entttt

  84. nashobaakawolf

    damn nelly going off

  85. Ljl Wx3

    my ears wont let me change the song !!

  86. TimCheks1

    i listened to nelly's verse like 10 times in a row, straight fire!

  87. adamrich95

    MURPHY LEE !!!

  88. Ben Cherven

    @saniyah815 When!?!?

  89. Swierrzy

    Nelly is a beast ! :)

  90. milán demjén

    pls I need this instrumental

  91. DaPromoTiOnAL

    slo down was actually sick in this song ,

  92. ArmenianCwalk

    damn does anyone have the instrumental??? this is sooo beast

  93. 74slyb

    ahh shit thats sounds like the old luniticks when the were hungry there backkkkkkkkk

  94. Dennon Johnson

    LUNATICS back baby!!!

  95. 95's Mobb

    nelly's this style is crazy !! who likes singer nelly ? "HE CAN RAP" but industry made "SINGER NELLY" orginally Nelly is a Rapper !

  96. rokas666

    ‎,,,I don't have religion i'm only dealing ʎʇıןɐǝɹ,,,

  97. YJVasco

    yeeee....anyone notice that when city spud says greed, hate and envy...the video spells envy "evny"

  98. Shu da RapAddict

    Daaaaamn Nelly got sum mad flows on this one! Great song overall, but Nelly... REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT