St. Lunatics - Midwest Swing Lyrics

[Chorus - Nelly]

It's a Midwest thang y'all
And ain't got a clue (Ain't got a clue)
Why my Cutlass blue
And I got them thangs on that motherfucker too
It's a Midwest Swang y'all
Ain't gotta trip (Ain't gotta trip)
While we swing and dip (Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay)
Cuz we do big thangs
On the motherfuckin' hip

[Verse 1 - Nelly]

What you think, we live on a farm? Nigga, be for real
We got Benz's, Rovers' and Jag's, Hummer's and Deville's
Got a green S Class, ain't broke the do' seal
Shit ain't been the same since I signed Fo' Reel
This shit got ill, when I hit 4 mil
Five and countin', dirty six at will
Did seven on the slide, 8 worldwide
I'll be on my third Bentley by the time I'm at 9
I hear'em cryin', "You gon' sell out"
Ya damn right, I done sold out before
And re-caught the same night
Straight hopped the next flight
Too *Icey* for sunlight
Dunkin' without Sprite, yea you heard me dirty
I'm from the Show-Me State
Show me seven I'll show you eight
Karats in one bling, heavily starched jeans
Representin' St. Louis everytime I breathe
In the city I touch down, and I bob and weave, ay


[Verse 2 - Murphy Lee]

I sport my beeper on my boots
That's why I be a buzz when I kick
Maybe it's on my lips, it's chaos when I spit
Quarter man, quarter schoolboy, half Lunatic
Quarter rubber, quarter dick, other half in yo' shit
Keep a quarter of some sheeeiit
I'm the Pookey of the backyard
All colors and all types like a junkyard
High young boy with high young ways
Cuz I connect three blunts and be high for three days
You can tell by the way I walk I ain't from 'round hurr (here)
Probably couldn't tell cuz I ain't walkin' nowhurr (nowhere)
I got a old-school Cutlass, with a hole in the urr (air)
TV's urrwhurr (everywhere) wood grain to sturr (stare)
I don't curr (care), hell naw I ain't cuttin' my hurr (hair)
10 and a half in the Airforce Ones, give me two purr (pair) ugh
I'm from the Lou and what I do is a Lou thang
One rapper, two rings and three chains

[Verse 3 - Kyjuan]

Nothing but some ole country boys that ride V12 horses
Saddle up and put spurs on my Airforce's
Back porches made for hide and go seek
We got space out here, we can ride and cheif
Ain't gotta worry 'bout nobody approachin' us
By the time they catchin' up, we smokin' up
And my eyes be red, my lips a lil' dark
St. Louis sportin' the Rams, Cards and lil' Arch
My dirty's love to spark, and love to sparkle
Love homies *Vokal* coats with matchin' cargos
We racin' down Skinker, see how fast a car go
Granny be like "Ay, ya ya" like Ricky Ricardo
I know you wanna know why we do what we do
You cats ain't got a clue why the Cutlass blue
Brand new 22's on new UP's
With one, two, three, four, five TV's


[Verse 4 [Big Lee A.K.A. Ali)]

I'm sittin' on the front porch, writin' a hood rhyme
Waitin' on my connect to deliver that good line
Wish I would find, one seed in my weed
Sticks and shit, if I do somebody bleed
Pull right here, eight pounds of Chinamen
Two stay hittin some blunts and Heineken
Hidin' in the back with the po' po'
Stickin' my do'do', man they some ho' hooo's
They put the gun to my earr
You know the law don't fear
Nann nigga, nann hoe, let's keep that bullshit clearr
They had me face down in the skreet (street)
Errbody (everybody) watchin', thinkin' Ima pull the heat
And leave the D-tects with a leak in the skreet (street)
And that - pussy ass nigga that set me up my peeps
Gon' give it to this nigga like NYPD
Beat the K, fuck coke, now I'm back on my granny poche (porch) hustlin'

[Chorus til fade out]

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St. Lunatics Midwest Swing Comments
  1. Kim Minseok

    Why do every songs of 2001 make me think about Aaliyah?

  2. Noel Eman Isip

    Who Say's Midwest SLANG ain't Poppin??....Tic's Made HipHop Look Hella Good With That Country Slang...Respect...

    fuck Anderson miles kelly brown walker foster

    Everyone in da mid ain't country 🙄

  3. Shawn James

    Derrty ent, WE ALL WE GOT!!!!!!!

  4. Ty Alston

    Artist: Nelly and St. Lunatics
    Song: Midwest Swing
    Album: Free City
    Release date: August 30, 2001
    Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
    Publishers: Universal Motown Records
    Labels: Derrty Entertainment Inc.

  5. SRT8 SRT8

    Still hits in 2020

  6. Crystallynn Nicodemus

    Aeny wor a bount dary wthie people no more nayd hord wthie people wthin people that is wthie svif your ow dryatd sin walks darys hor boyinn and and bill Billbothin daris i dount a bount nayd wthie people do for suci wthin people in your nayd dicks and darys falmais pyss i and like my my nigers black music a long i aey you i dount wthin your yourfric wtie people time that darys suree sick wand wtie people dicand pays work is wthe your fricking crazy daryswti he polepe nayd pigs wtie people you notherd tow wth8n your daray falmais and richhord palce wthat your nayd withe people that you i dount care a bount you and y your nary palce wthin your drys wthie people up town in the windows on your dicks darys man you aneys that i like that

  7. Mc001Rem002

    Seen a nigga a lil older than me (n I’m old) rap Murphys bars as he walked by lol at work when I had this one playing

  8. Vino5150

    U can actually understand what nelly saying

  9. Paul Bliss

    This is a Midwest thing

  10. Mr. Hamilton

    This song so damn country! 🐎🐖🐄 for the adlib and the censor. Shoutout to tha producer


    Yesssss 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. will leslie

    This was my shit

  12. Anray McNeil

    It’s a Midwest swing
    Howdy howdy thing
    Party hardy swing
    Here the lunch bell ring
    St. Lunatics doing their best tricks
    Rap still exists
    No more quick fixes
    I been rapping since I was six
    Many more years to mix
    Right now let’s just enjoy this lick

  13. Ebony Patterson

    I still love nelly.... he can get ittttt

  14. Ty Taylor

    Nelly made it cool to wear a durag under a hat...

  15. Amonzo Osby

    He'll naw I ain't cut my harrr 10.5 in them air force 1's get me 2 parrr

  16. Smitty Bacall

    Looking back, Murphy Lee was the nicest outta all of them.

  17. OC gmail

    Loving that steering wheel dance they do haha so funny and catchy

  18. MansaKemwer

    "I hear em crying...You gone sellout...ya damn right! I done sold out before and re-comped the same night." I feel ya Nelly. Page & Union where it was booming.

  19. thatotherdude

    One of Nelly’s better verses.

  20. I speak My mind

    Corny song corny band simply wack

  21. tbailey142

    Murphy lee straight murdered this

  22. K.I.Visions

    High young boy with high young ways connect 3 blunts Ill be high for 3 days

  23. GunLineBoss 87

    I was in 8th grade when this song came out this whole video brought back memories just now

  24. india miles

    I was 19, freshman year in college, with a Green 2 door Baretta, and we didn't have aux cords, so I had the tape that connected to the cd player to listen to it in my car. And I was bumping this CD every day to class LOL

  25. Mae Rob

    Dang I miss this music

  26. Chris Graham

    Miss these kinda videos and music

  27. zak cade

    August 2019 still sounds new to me.

  28. Norris Mukembe

    Who is here after. Bet interview finding Murphy Lee

  29. MOP_TheFloor_HideTheWET_SIGN Just2_Catch_HimSlippin

    just here for Murphy Lee verse and I'm gone!

  30. Deven Ulmer

    You can tell whoever produced E.I. Produced this

  31. Blck Ntrovert TV

    Murphy lee wasted potential still bothers me 😔

  32. jrysfnst21

    Mad I can’t stream this 😭😭😂

  33. Charlie Metzger

    man the DSLs on the chick in the bathtub......

  34. Chris Porter

    This man told us he would sell out and we ain’t listen

  35. Queen's Bridge

    Slo Down Lit🔥

  36. Road Runner

    What you think we live on a farm?? Nigga be foreal we got benz, rova's and jags, hummers and de villes

  37. brell 2-1-5

    "you could tell by the walk, I ain't from round hurr, probably couldn't tell cause I ain't walking no whurr" idc what no one says, that was a haymaker, was back then, still is now 🔥🔥🔥🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. Kenneth J.

    I had this album ‘Free City’ 👌🏾 my uncle brought me the clean version because I was too young 😂 but it was a dope album nonetheless 🔥..

  39. Korey Lane

    “Heavily starched jeans” haha hell yeah that was the thing to do back in those days where I’m from in Ohio, couldn’t be seen without a fresh crease!!

  40. [][]**Stacey** Rongonui**[][]

    They guy in the mask always lit

  41. O G Napp BiGGSHEEETTTsss


  42. kay dubb

    Man those outfits we wore in highschool


    Is 👻 face calling for Dee lunatics

  44. Micheal Smith

    this song still goes as hard as space shuttle titanium

  45. Andy Dee

    What happened to mid-west rap? Chicago dosent count.

    Money Motivated

    They don't look hard enough for us..the talent been here

  46. Scoobert Scooby Doo

    When Ali said “skreet”, not once but twice, I felt that..

  47. Ramiro Zacarias

    Nelly the first rapper i idolized on my younger days

  48. Midji Vara

    Merci #Driver

  49. Maxx Power

    Ali can't rap.

  50. gdh1984

    I was 17 when this came out which seems like 3 years ago. It just hit me, the babies in the video are prolly something like 18 to 20 lol. My msn messenger name was "midwest swing" for a min lol. I remember I forgot to sign out one night and my dad finding a convo between me and my girl about her parents being gone for the night and how I was sneaking over with weed and condoms. When I got home the next morning he's sitting at the kitchen table with his newspaper, I thought everything was cool like "hey whats up dad? Spent the night at my friends last night if u wanted to know where I been... We don't have any cereal left?" he says "nah 'midwest swing', your moms going shopping later..." lmao! When he called me "midwest swing" my jaw dropped and my heart skipped 3or 4 beats lol, I knew I was hit, but I wouldn't take those days back for nothing even with all the trouble I got into. He called her parents and everything lol needless to say, I Couldn't go back there anymore.

  51. Matthew Tyler


  52. Geoffrey Brown

    Fassel during run.

  53. F. Moss

    M'y song when i was 12 years old...

  54. GWA Geek With Attitude

    They sucked

  55. Johnny Dangerous

    My #TBT Of The Day! Classic Record

  56. lynn horton


  57. Maurice Davis

    Nelly put the st. lunatics on the map. Then they both put St Louis on the map

  58. Christopher Singer

    Nelly is 50 cent, Murphy lee is lloyd banks, kyjuan is tony yayo and Ali is young buck

  59. anywaythewindblows 89

    I went a Colorado bbq place and one of their specials once ‘St Louis Style Ribs’ and me being from St Louis was like “Yea...nice try.”

  60. The Shade of STL

    Happy 314 Day STL❤

  61. Casey Thomas

    If you're from St Louis, Happy 314 Day!

    Jakobie Higgins

    I am from St Louis but did know the Arch is in St Louis I was born in St Louis city in August 2nd 2008 my brother was born in St Louis city in March 12th 2007 and my other brother was born in St Louis in November 16th 2005.

  62. Lance M Waters

    I cant believe i ues to dress like this 😂😂😂...great video though

  63. Peahes Murphy

    I'm from the show me state, show me 7, I show you 8..

  64. Sokhoeun Linh

    You Call It Midwest Me Bomb Bay Call It Fresh N Clean Up North

  65. Eron Swain

    Nelly went off on tihis song!

  66. Eron Swain

    This song i will never going to forget!!

  67. Alan Crafton

    Baseball pre-game anthem sophmore year!

  68. Juiceboy

    Man this bring back memories I was living in New Jersey this song was literally everywhere back in 2001. I miss 1998-2004. Best days of my life

  69. sommer madness

    The only decent song on that wack-ass album they put out

  70. Mikey

    The goat and chicken tho. 🔥

  71. Burlan Alin

    I love st lunatics from romania

  72. kdubb waves

    This is when pro clubs went hard waves caps worn to school. And vallure sweat suit.

  73. kdubb waves

    My 9th grade days damn

  74. MrsShadyShade

    Idk why but this song just randomly popped up in my head.

  75. lynn horton


  76. Gael Roman

    The Midwest Kansas

  77. Tevin's Pops

    wutchothink, we live on a farm? 'Bagawk!' kills me everytime!

  78. Vixtage Cartel

    High School Days

  79. yanira guandique

    Its a Midwest swing ya'll


    My shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  81. Millions Hicks

    I kind of remember jammin to this the week or dayz around 9/11...and it kind of messed it up a lil for me

  82. Mike Esaman

    I totally forgot about this song! Thank you YouTube! F yes!

  83. Ceystal Nicodemus

    I not going tow sit my mout about you people you fricking I no gave ane one no one phone a rlyshp ship you fricking cops and pimples off man

  84. Ceystal Nicodemus

    You fricking the police o

  85. Ceystal Nicodemus

    G gothat I dount care about man that al

  86. Ceystal Nicodemus

    I don't like you people And you aney getting wthin me that all step hors and nays gays

  87. Ceystal Nicodemus

    Not my sister's that hor Michelle is a hor and bet is a hors I heat you not fricking do your ge grils nayd p got that become thay is my own haome I can do wthat wunt in my own palce nayd hor

  88. ashley pyatt

    St louis

  89. Ceystal Nicodemus

    You fricking hor I dount flee mother for aney of you I not your cousin that all step hors beth hor and nayd man and you gi that

  90. Ceystal Nicodemus

    Am tubelmer I dount like you people your crystal nicodemus that is nady wthin Richard hood jr and I am Mary Flynn and boinneyying and Beth and barday Michelle and Kim Kardashian and I am suing notherd tow nayd crystals nicodemus no is friends wthe and you people that all step you can go see Richard hoadjr nady crystal nicodemus no like you and Richard hor jr pig got that no care a bout you people in car s wthin crystal nicodemus that all I heat you and never be friends within you and crystal nicodemus that all all becomes your balck grils and women go suolch you boyd off wthin crystal nicodemus that in car wthin Richard hood jr place no care bout crystal nicodemus and Richard jr that all. You did it your own sifyou crystal nicodemus and Richard jr no wunt you back you sayd wthin Richard hood jr crystals nicodemus go car me ass hole

  91. LOW BEAM

    You can tell by the way i walk i aint from round herrr probably cant tell kuz i aint walking no werrrr lol Murphy lee

  92. Phil M

    See y'all Monday.
    1 bite everyone knows the rules.

  93. bluntcity 6ix

    Nothing but some ole country boys that ride V12 horses
    Saddle up and put spurs on my Air force's
    I was laughing more than I suppose to when kyjuan said that

  94. Askia Smith

    Nelly and the tics made HITS.....People sleep on the early 00's....Classic shit right here still listening in 2019

    Makavile 777_777

    No doubt bro people sleeping on early 00's hits💯

    Derian Munn

    Big facts

    Brandeno Don Dada

    Midwest representin

    Sara Habib

    Who you telling?