St. Lunatics - Ice-E Lyrics

I got a whole heard of cows ta die for my 6'
Hockey players pagin' me to practice on my wrist
20 inch chocko treads so my whip don't slip
Pullin' up bringin' joy like my nigga Baugette
If I go on a rampage then watch my mo' flip
Draw from both hips, emptyin' both clips
Got a whole lotta niggas wanna ride with' me
Now that a niggas so hot, can strike fire from me
Thinkin' Nelly 'posed to take 'em outta poverty
But when I tell 'em no, they think of robbin' me
Son ain't no stoppin' me, some are home at Iceland
Hang with penguins, like that's my reason (that's my reason)
Like Berkley we'll find the part that's freezin'
Last time you seen Nelly, snowin' in June
You ever had a bicoastal orgy happen off in yo' room
But what happen's in Cancun, stay's in Cancun

[Chorus x2: Nelly]
Icey that, icey this
Icey neck, icey wrist
Icey cris, I see miss
Icey 6 tha sea six
Icey fits on five, icey tips

I live a nice way, I store my jewels in an ice-tray
How you want it, the man or the mice way?
Talk 2 of these karats, call me in tha mornin' have an ice-day
I stay in more leather than Andrew Diceclay
You might say I'm arrogant, just because I ain't sharin' it
If the check ain't seven digits, I'm tearin' it
If the 'Tics can't fit in my whip, then I ain't steerin' it
Bomb that rifle 'cause, now a nigga wearin' it
Catch me on my set with' my iced-out chain
An iced-out rapper with' my iced-out name
A cold hand shake because of my pinky rang
Iced-out Cordeara's with an iced-out frame
Catch me in an iced-out Range with' icey dames
Puffin', bling-bling, while she do tha damn thang
I'm spendin' half my changes on clockin' thangs
And I got a icey game like hockey man

I gave knowledge to scientists who brains was locked
They didn't know that Iceland was just my jewelry box
And then the South Pole, that's when I used to slang O's
And moved to keys and bought diamonds outta control
My poppa, Snow Man, momma, Eskimo
So many rats that I need pest control
Would cop from Jacob, but I don't know where he at
So 'till I found that cat I guess I'll roll with' Zach
And puff sacks in the hydraulic-dancin' cars
Gotta a caulus on my hand for poppin' Branson jaws
Bitches be prancin' hard 'cause they know we maintain
With enough ice to freeze rain in a woodgrain Range
Dual exaust playa, I keep some soft
It's da gloss-boss, the floss-frost across the Randy Moss
Until we meet again, y'all keep on servin' 'em out
Nicky Sach, AKA, George Durban, what?

[Chorus x2]

[Murphy Lee:]
Young dude 'bout to do this like a veteran
Long shorts, tall Timberland's
Flossin' in my icey Vokal, Varsity letterman
Icey headband to hold my baby-dreads in
That's what it is, what 'of that a been
'cause when I get cold I freeze, when I'm hot, I'm water
On ice at all times, hittin' hockey player's daughters
I'm like Ralph and the Honeymooners (Why I oughta!)
Put ice on the S-T-L and my role model for startas
I'm like icey as frozen foods with frost big friends
Who all like 'em thin with icey rear-ends, nine outta ten get hit
Seven outta nine givin' icey head in the icey whip
School boy keep a icey fit for icey mits
Who like icey that and icey this
Smoke a icey spliff gettin' icey licked
By these Pizza Hut delivery chicks who love tips

[City Spud:]
Aiyyo, I'm icey when you say Lunatics gon' ride
Love when ya call me to make yo C.D. hot
Met this man sayin', "How you go from bottom to top? "
Juan B behind me when I do T.V. slots
Now I'm at the bar floatin' from the icey jaw
Know who we are when I pull up in tha icey car
I ice the chain 'cause niggas got twice the change
I ice the ring and niggas go to sortin' the game
So if I'm hot, I'm hot, if you not, you not
And if I'm clockin' dough, let me tick and tock
And if love ready to rock, yo I'm hot to trot
Courtney B. ready to rock, I'm hot to trot
Yellow Mack ready to rock, I'm hot to trot
Cougar Love say I'm hot then I'm buyin' a yacht
And a drop to shock these niggas who jock D's
Think he might shock Eve, like the icey watchee
Put these on six e's, if I want it I get it
I do it for publise so honeys'll love this, ugh

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    Why does it seem like young upcoming artist were more intelligent back in the day than now

  2. jason suplexcity

    Nelly was my first favorite rapper. His influence and style was way ahead of its time. Everybody is a singing rapper nowadays.

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    Anyone here from Are we there yet

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