St. Lunatics - Gimme What You Got Lyrics

I'm on my way to my show, uh, shirt Polo
Gortex figaro, jeans Hilfiger though
Starched up, hit the Amaco
Bought a Philly, sparked up
Lunatics'll blow the park up
Ooh this herb, got me geekin like a nerd
F what you heard, federal roll like a bird
You were, actin funny when you first saw me
Now, I'm makin jams have you bein like "go Lee"
Hell nah trick, I'm picky now
I'm spiffy now, smoke sticky now
Hit the door at the club yellin "grip and love"
Met me with a dub (was it fire playa?), what
Straight to the bar, got a Henny and Coke
Ain't been in five minutes, rats sendin me notes
Could it be the way I get down, the way I throw down
I don't know, but it's one thing I know for sure

[Murphy Lee]
With the scenery of St. Louie, we can't be touched
M-I-S, show your rifle, we just too much
We crossed the bridge, you tripped, uh oh, this ain't alarm
Once hear sounds, get down, hope you Lucky like Charms
Lunatics will explode, OK, call me the Rigga
Representer, St. Louis figures, chronic hitters
So what's up? Let me introduce my click and I
Lunatics, I'm little T rollin ninety miles an hour

And you say St. Louis City, c'mon, uh
(Gimme what you got, gimme what you got)
And you say St. Louis City
(Gimme what you got, gimme what you got)

You wild boy, you need to change your whole style boy
Your team will never be the same like Jimmy Johnson's Cowboys
What you gonna try for? You guilty of bein wack
If ??? Louis was your cousin I wouldn't put you on my track
Get some lyrical jack, you know, Neal like Shaq
Now where we at, so when you try that, Lunatics got my back
It's a fact, you see a blunt you supposed to match
It's a fact, Lunatics gon' put St. Lou on the map
I put St. Lou on my cap, and it's obvious see
Kyjaun's true when he rap, is you mad at that?
Perhaps you mad, 'cause all the rats that I flash
Be havin some matches, spark it, put yourself in trap
Got 'cha

[City Spud]
Want some, get some
'Cause everybody on my team could give some
You know my squad, rip ya girl if ya thorough son
From the clit, what, with the gun son
Work it down, freak it any way you want son, uh
Is he really real with the skill son, uh
Did he make a mil with the skill son, uh
Gotta make 'em dance in this here son, yeah


In my spare time unwind and grind fools like coffee
Softly is how I speak to them punks who come actin salty
Then Ali, I let this thing go (booyaah!), back on up off me
I heard you was on my tail now you yellin "nelly, you lost 'em"
Fool, my click is off the hook like O.J.
Fool, there ain't no way, that we could ever be deep in four-play
Run and ask your lady
Smokin hay-hay-haaay
I bust a rhyme, and I line all them draws, my sign for all a y'all
Be that F on the top of skyscrapers, my lyrics rape ya
Tape your mouth like a hostage, you be talkin garbage
Makin my stomach nauseous with that shhh that, ah
Tryna' compare your click to mine, you need to hide and catch up
??? Duff know I'm a liar, makin you fools transpire
To sweatshirts like Champion attire, so why you try-ah
Lunatic for hirrrrrrre (hahahahaha)

[(Hook) 2x]

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St. Lunatics Gimme What You Got Comments
  1. Glazed Gaming

    only time ive ever seen Nelly lack confidence for fuck sakes lol.

    Wish I could blast this shit really loud. Cant unfortunately amazing bass line

  2. BayanTheOne

    if it were the 1st record i heard Nelly on, i would've never noticed him

  3. muzikman183

    DAAAAAG I remember when this came out!

  4. George Rodriguez

    Nelly fire the hook cool 2

  5. Idol_Stomper

    That bass

  6. Christophe Breland

    Nelly kinda sounds like nas used to (his voice not style/flow)
    Seeing if Nelly's voice, I do have to say (at least later in in solo career) his live performances sounded way different than his albums to put it nicely.

  7. Pedro Inacio

    BRASIL 2019

  8. Patrick Belk/ Kunta Kinte

    I have this single and also I'm The Boss. Great start.

  9. Kiy Sezz Blaah

    had to come watch this on 3/14 day!!! memories!!! this was a Saints anthem

  10. Elephant In The Room

    I remember hearing gimmi what you got in late 90s in st louis, then I went to this kids house in high school and he was playing it on his computer, and I remembered it from the radio before nelly was famous

  11. Moyo Miranda

    Nelly g0t fl0wz

  12. DizzieDaCrazzie88

    bassline reminds me of dru hill sleeping in my bed remix

    Barrett Lovett

    Jermaine dupri need to be sued

  13. Earl Kyat

    What happened to Nelly brought me here

  14. Dr Gong Shank Tha Chef

    See...they had oversized jerseys and jean shorts before the early 00s!

    Bryan Smith

    Wonder if Nelly popularized that style....

  15. Marcus Jones

    Goodness! Not saying Nelly can't rap now. But that dude could clearly rap then

  16. busymike

    Nelly was dope back then.

  17. Jake O

    this sounds like Mickey Avalon Jane Fonda. or Mickey sounds like he copied this.

  18. David Geraci

    It's clear who made it huge out of this group!

  19. Marco Aruanno

    Killer track😎

  20. Moe J

    Damn lol Nelly had flow....this is what got him put on.

  21. Christian Barrett

    Nelly was actually good when he had little money back then, but he was hungry for success.

  22. 21 thavage

    Nelly 🔥

  23. Ngom Mamed

    What year was this and how old was nelly in that year


    this is from 96-97

  24. milklord nomadic

    This shit corny af

  25. Sir G

    Vid has !34,000 views Thats wassup. Lol shoutout to Da Lou


    You can tell Nelly had the “IT” factor .. he flowd his ass off on this beat

  27. MotherTerise

    Seriously wack for 1996, fuckin hell.

  28. walk on water

    the Raw and Uncut Nelly killed it

  29. Vaughn Baskin

    YO! Don't forget DJ EJ.

  30. Suck It 2 My Tete

    Whats the original beat?

  31. Kings Of Rap

    This is a remix

  32. Yusuf Ali

    For all the old heads out there   this is the first video I Produced and directed.
    I did not know too much about film but We had a good friend that believed in us  Paid for By Darell " Dink "   he had Balls to believe in them when no one did.  I flew a crew from atlanta 
    to St Louis.  the gear was minimum   we shot super 16MM  and the camera was old and kept breaking  and we had minimum film at the time.   My good friend Carlos Jacksone was the D.P and Joseph Ramsey ( R.IP) edited this video.  We had fun during the process and had fun.

    Imtiaz Yousuf

    The editing looked good.


    U go girl!

    Kings Of Rap

    Lol, Ali.


    Damn did not know they had a video put this early..

    Rjv Ernesto

    much respect, yusuf

  33. Maor Klir


  34. Brian Burks

    This and dat Dru Hill song sounds the same

  35. LightUpTheElectro

    what year is it


    LightUpTheElectro 95

  36. Renell couzart

    They were still in high school on this University City High and Cardinal Ritter. Leroy's Barber Shop Natural Bridge Pine Lawn Mo. Leroy Bryant owner University City High grad

  37. Jonathan Newman

    why are they dancing like a damn boy band lol

    Hamza Dawud

    It was the '90s.

    Dave McDonald

    probably more of a throwback to the old Cold Crush routines and such or just them having fun at a show.

    Jeff Jacobs


  38. Nina513

    They were really dope even before they blew up, this was hot....


    Nelly, what was that 2:16-2:18?

  40. crazy STL

    this is STL strong I love my city ST.LOU LOU

    Grawlix Media


  41. nismo510

    swingin of Ma$e's diiiih

  42. Baroque Obama

    This sure beats Country Grammer.


    Baroque Obama Stop.

    Sir G

    You crazy

  43. Trish Farrugia

    guess.polo.hey you know now.

  44. Black .23

    Aye Verb 3-0

  45. Wolfpack8706

    Damn I wish Nelly would've used that flow when he came in the game.

    Hip Hop Souljah

    Nelly was dope in the 90s


    @Hip Hop Souljah
    " Yes St. Lunatics was created in 1993"

    What in the hell does have to do with my comment????

    Hip Hop Souljah

    @Wolfpack8706 Cause you was saying
    WHAAAAT to Kings Of Rap 7149


    @Hip Hop Souljah I don't believe he need you to speak for him.


    @kadiray dukureh nelly was trash in 2000s 90s sound better

  46. TWEEZY F 2K

    dis sound like some wack shit from dis era

  47. Michelle Steed

    wow nelly was so young

  48. J Jadender

    Dancin like New Edition

  49. Tha Taurus

    this boost Nelly career cause the way he rap

  50. peace& l0ve

    reminds me of the hot boys

  51. blobbyhilliamRESURRECTED

    daaam nelly sound different as hell.... couldn't even recognize him until he said lunatic fore hiiiiire.

  52. Kaz Rizzle

    finna say.. .

  53. Black Boy Tatted ( CALI NEWS )

    classic music ......

  54. Kimberly Griffin

    They were so yung & cute, I didn't recognize Nelly either, goodness they were almost like babies, but 1 thing about St Louis Katz they goin 2 rep the city til the end, much luv 4 Nelly & the Tics.

  55. Craig S

    I've never heard this until 2015 and I wish I had heard it back in the day. This is really good.

  56. Ratso Rizzo

    this shit is good


    GOOD SHIT!!!

  58. KHooksMixer

    The old Saints skating rink appears in this video, the 2nd most popular skating rink in STL after Skate King. They sadly just tore the building down last year and the rink had been closed for almost 8-9 years unfortunately. Good times at the Saints. I believe Nelly was scheduled to perform a small show there before it closed. 


    So, they scheduled him and then it closed down before his show?

    ralph longo

    This song was cut at the rink, they had a small studio in there. So it would definitely make the video.

  59. Khadiza Sano

    @Cornrow Wallace you petty for calling him broke. But its actually true, Nelly started from nothing but now he's worth a lot. Even has his own reality show on BET.

  60. Jade Williams

    my dad does that dance love Nelly and them

  61. M&N Distribution

    Never knew nelly went back this far

  62. TopFlightSecurity415

    one of the best verses ever spit by nelly

    Jonathan Soko

    This was a bad boy styled song, they were a dime a dozen. Its hard to sell when everyone else did the same thing @Wolfpack8706


    @Jonathan SokoWhat are you talking about??????????This was a Midwest style of rapping.

    Jonathan Soko

    The beat. @Wolfpack8706


    @Jonathan SokoI doubt it.

  63. amparcade

    I used to love this song BUT I didn't know the St. Lunatics sung it! This IS their best song by far.

  64. Rashawn Antoinio

    how old was nelly in this song

    Khadiza Sano

    He was 23. LMFAOO Im late.. @Rashawn Antoinio 

    Christian Barrett

    He was 23 years old in this one.


    Nelly and City killed it

  66. TheRealCiTy

    Ali went from being the leader to a hype man lolll

    the mechanical engineer

    He will do anything for money

    Brendan Neno


    Anthony has no last name

    Naaa slo was the hype man he never rapped lol

  67. Eztteban Rivas

    Ali was the boss

  68. Joseph Pawlowski

    this has a Bad Boy feel to it

    M&N Distribution

    Joseph Pawlowski Midwest

    Ayye Dre

    Joseph Pawlowski word. It does have a feel to it. Just a Midwest version of it tho but still fire.

    Yo O

    It's the beat

    chris edwards

    Everybody sampled this beat

  69. Allen Johnson

    I was going to Northwest Middle School when this came out

  70. Robo

    remember how nelly used to spit

    Benjamin Leveret

    Robo Nelly went in

  71. blacksultan85



    No one ripped it this is wack.

    Breonn Burgin

    MotherTerise no one was talking you

    Christian Barrett

    MotherTerise Like you? Because I don't see you creating or doing anything better.

    Kings Of Rap

    @MotherTerise fuck outta here!

    Hip Hop Souljah

    @MotherTerise Nelly ripped this track

  72. Wily Santana


  73. Rocko Viper

    Wow Nelly was actually rapping that time and not singing

    Jaime Adams

    Rocko Viper LoL

  74. JMVEntertainment

    i was just saying that i didn't know this was a music video

  75. MsMcmoe

    Nelly Baby!

  76. JusInBello

    I LOVE the video!!! They were still kids working their asses off to make it big, still working at Radio Shack, McDondald's, LeRoy's barbershop. In a way, this video is better than the expensive or flashy ones - imagine how geeked they must have been when this song blew up St Louis, and for the first time they were getting a little taste of fame, and they were finally on their way!

  77. rome12333


  78. MrThetravis87


  79. Chris Singer

    WTF? I thought nelly's debut was 2000 with his country grammar album


    Chris Singer 93

  80. toni6478

    Scott29 let my have the cd

  81. JMVEntertainment

    this was a video?!?

  82. Ron Fox

    that dance is drop dead hillarious

  83. Wolfpack8706

    Right the way he was spitting you would though he sound like Outkast or Goodie Mobb

  84. Jay Elle

    Nelly killed it ! they all looked so cute too ! love it !

  85. Kiy Sezz Blaah

    awwh man!! now THIS takes me back to about ' saints and palace days on saturday nights...real stl niggaz know what I mean..8-12...them lock in's..jeans with the sta-flo..curl box, j's air max, turkish chain w. the charm..mayday parade when it was still on nat. bridge..hazlewood day the next I miss those days!!

    Rod Harris Mixing

    Kiy Sezz Blaah Memories bruh

    Red Acura

    You ain’t from the Lou stop it

  86. DoMesia Townsend

    normandy middle!!!

  87. Gabriel Besant

    rreppin MO

  88. trinalfuzzball

    doesnt have as many views as it should........

  89. The Business

    cuzz you came a long,i'm so proud of you. NU-NU

  90. Allure Searles

    i never seen him in music videos back in the nineties but looking at this video nelly can rap i love the video so cool i always been a fan of nelly

  91. rrr

    real hip hop! no dislikes!

  92. classick1hunnid

    nelly kill that shit but i didnt even recognize him at first

  93. chris Will

    1st time I've ever seen this, but Nelly went in on this hoe!

  94. Adam Hampel

    MAn i LOVE how low budged this shit is!! haha now adays in music videos artists are wearing like different clothes and shit in every scene with like all types of diff shots. In this a lot of those guys just wore the same thing throught the whole vid. Nelly had the same shoes on. And the rarely switched up shots, like nellys verse was so simple and yet so awesome man!

  95. MsMcmoe

    Wow, how far they have come! Nelly does a lot of philanthropic things now to give back to the Lou, we're proud of that. He'll be performing soon and I can't wait to see him for the 1st time!

  96. toyalol10

    this was the song back in 2000

    Kings Of Rap

    latonya hicks u mean 1997 dumbass

  97. Weeeee

    I still got this cd, 6 tracks on it

  98. Pistas Gameiro

    they sounded amazing together ...