St. Lunatics - Gimme What You Got (Remix) Lyrics

I'm on my way to my show, uh, shirt Polo
Gortex figaro, jeans Hilfiger though
Starched up, hit the Amaco
Bought a Philly, sparked up
Lunatics'll blow the park up
Ooh this herb, got me geekin like a nerd
F what you heard, federal roll like a bird
You were, actin funny when you first saw me
Now, I'm makin jams have you bein like "go Lee"
Hell nah trick, I'm picky now
I'm spiffy now, smoke sticky now
Hit the door at the club Yella, Grip and Luv
Met me with a dub, was it fire playa, what
Straight to the bar, got a Henny and Coke
Ain't been in five minutes, rats sendin me notes
Could it be the way I get down, the way I throw down
I don't know, but it's one thing I know for sure

Some a y'all been tryin to write rhymes for years
And we got dibs, irritatin my ears
Is this the best that you can make?
But if not, then you got more, I'll wait
But don't make me wait too long 'cause I'm a move on the dance floor
Where they put somethin smooth on
Turn up the bass, it's better when it's loud
'Cause I like to rule the crowd

Like my homie Joe Day, burgandy six-tre
I'm lookin sporty, you fools know me
No way, am I goin out like a buster
Once I'm in last long like a wrestler
Givin out degrees for that P.H.
Raised on the N-O-R-T-H side of this biiaatch
?? real soon, uh
Like soon as you hear it put that blunt out, break and leave the room
Get your own pop, piece to doom (?)
Bulletproof and pop, my hit gon' baloon
Position is assumed, I'm the Tic, the Tune
Leavin 'em all like a typhoon, ghetto tycoon
Cats waste ink, they don't take time to think
Actin hard like they shit don't stink
Knowin they stench like the rink
True color be pink, rinky dink
Big Lee need a spliff 'cause I'm startin to think, that...


See I rockin in my spare time, unwind and grind fools like coffee
Softly is how I speak to them punks who come actin salty
Then Ali, I let this thing go (booyaah!), back on the farm
I heard you was on my tail now you yellin "Nelly, you lost 'em"
Fool, my click is off the hook like O.J.
Fool, there ain't no way, that we could ever be deep in four-play
Run and ask your lady
Smokin hay-hay-haaay
I bust a rhyme, and I line all them draws, my sign for all a y'all
Be that F on the top of skyscrapers, my lyrics rape ya
Tape your mouth like a hostage, you be talkin garbage
Makin my stomach nauseous with that shhh that, ah
Tryna' compare your click to mine, you need to hide and catch up
?? Duff know I'm a liar, makin you fools transpire
To sweatshirts like Champion attire, so why you try-ah
Lunatic for hirrrrrrre, haha, I'm startin to think that...

[(Hook) 2x]

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St. Lunatics Gimme What You Got (Remix) Comments
  1. Mr Democratic MD

    Just a Spiritual Gangster & a Lunatic for Hire

  2. Kimberley Davidson

    #1 St Lunachik😍😎

  3. Seymour Booty

    Timeless. As soon as the beat drops it takes me back to the beat times

  4. Kevin Kev

    Chun Li at the end is classsssic

  5. Kevin Kev

    The Brothers Johnson sample is HARD

  6. Marc Fu

    this beat sick as fuuck, best track of st lunatics by far

  7. Death Rager

    fucking classic. this album litterally got nothing but classics. cant believe how people slept on this.... nelly and st lunatics. legends

  8. Solar Panel

    this shit was so raw, still raw!

  9. The Great Gambino

    This track still hits so hard!

  10. cbrummitt3

    The sample is Strawberry letter 23 by the Brothers Johnson

  11. John Morley

    what song does this song sample?

    j hagz

    Nothing in history

    Doc Kaos815 Beats

    Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23


    John Morley Shuggie Otis : strawberry letter

  12. AntonChigir


  13. Trish Farrugia

    trish says hi nelly

  14. 305MRCITY

    How can i find the mp3 of this? i want to put this song  on my ipod


    +305MRCITY there are programs and apps that allow people to download off of youtube... if you're brave enough

    Talking Thrones

    YouTube to MP3

  15. Andy Wren

    Dope ass beat.

  16. karl schfekan

    This song is so awesome

  17. joodleproductions

    mariah carey fantasy

    Nibiru _

    Thats a sample too

    Doc Kaos815 Beats

    Brothers Johnson Strawberry Letter 23 is the sample

    Dj Ik2000

    Doc Kaos815 Beats exact 👍

  18. joodleproductions

    mariah carey fantasy feat ol' dirty

  19. Landon Albert

    Love this old shit!! Remember this back when they first started..and I'm from canada

  20. tont760

    A better track with the same beat: Mace and McGruff: Harlem World. But this is still tight, don't get me wrong.

  21. tont760

    Ish might be there best joint ever. Beat is off the chain, and this is the group at its best, young and angry. Bangin' My midwest dog introduced me to this freshman year at 'Cuse. Big up, Brad. This beat is ill! St. Lunatics, homey!

  22. MsMcmoe

    One of the classic Hip Hop groups of all time! Love from the Lou <3 thnx for the memories 7/21/12!

  23. sad Person

    bets song

  24. kawior

    genius of love

  25. Shealin Michelle

    What song is the beat from at the end from 4:15 -4:42?


    Shealin Michelle Tom Tom club : genius of love

  26. dbzisstillcool

    Epic took me right back to 8th grade...The best year of my life

  27. Justin C.

    @junction785 lol its like a few comments down, The Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23

  28. big spooopy

    deff a banger

    Ru Stilldown

    nope. nunya ny way. bang only ur bitch. fake ass snitches don't deserve stitches dey deserve ditches.

    lunatic 4 hire. bbpmgd

  29. MrGraybang

    some guy from league of legends sent me here

  30. T O

    This is a dope remix of the song that got them fame in their area.

  31. mksmn515

    I've been lookin 4 the remix version 4 a long time, thanks 4 posting!