St. Lucia - We Got It Wrong Lyrics

(Don't go, don't go away)

Under the stairs, simple enough
We got it wrong
This heart's broken

We shaped an illusion of trust
We got it wrong
Your heart,

Under the stairs, simple enough
We got it wrong
This heart's broken

We shaped an illusion of trust
We got it wrong

Wait, wait, wait
Morning sun
But you can't remember now
(Who are you to tell me why)

You don't want to know the answers
You're better off by self

(Don't go, don't go away)

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St. Lucia We Got It Wrong Comments
  1. alejandro espinosa

    Bro I Want A Girl Like Her... Am I wrong???

  2. Beach Girl

    I love this band and this song is great. The video is disturbing though, she reminds me of Cousin It.

  3. Kassavia Cobb

    Feel good vibes!♥️

  4. Luis Acevedo

    True artists

  5. Nicholas Mwangangi

    2019 anyone?

  6. Jimmy Breck-McKye

    So what is this video about, again?

  7. Maxrowsky OR

    Who is the girl????

  8. Chai Estrada

    Who needs drugs when this exists

  9. Chauntria Taylor

    I loooooove the feel of this song. It makes me want to dance somewhere care free with my hands up in the air, breeze blowing through my hair and fingertips.
    I'm so glad that I found this band. Been a fan for over five years.

  10. Michelle Boulton

    This song never gets old ❤️

  11. Laury Duplessi

    This vid is shorter now. PLEASE put back the full video!!

  12. Kini Media Group

    LOVE the song too much to care about how nonsensical the video is (to me at least...) St Lucia is my fave band right now. If you haven't seen them live, you don't know what you're missing

  13. Zhaoneng -

    2:10 Female straw hat?

  14. OO OO

    St.Lucia is the best EP I heard in 2012😄😄This song is amazing😘

  15. IoI xD


  16. TheCaoth

    Fantastic track. Surely it must be inspired by Prince - I Would Die 4 U?

  17. NovaxRed

    2:27-2:35 I love that chord progression

  18. NovaxRed

    Sorry, but I love her hair. Super long hair wouldn't work on most, but she's actually really cute.

  19. Backup Meg

    y'all stop worrying about the views and worry about the music

  20. Bob Zangar

    Love the song, didn't care for the video.

  21. Dafne Fuentes

    Sebastian Stan said he liked this band, so here I am... this is amazing. Thanks a lot, Seb.

  22. kat heck

    My fav song of theirs.

  23. Phil Roos

    I'm thinking this band is going places and when they HIT it bigger than on AltNation, everyone will go back and catch this great music! Keep it up St. Lucia. Love the sound and happy vibe!


    80s style :)

  25. Emiliano Llanio

    Jimmy Fallon brought me here

  26. JP Fontes

    Got yourselves a new fan today! 😍

  27. Silvana Kulyk

    Amazing song. But needs more views!

  28. Pizza and Cats

    What are the french lyrics in this song?

    Hasan Tawab

    Oui got it wrong

    Cecile Ward

    Hasan Tawab lol

  29. Sherlock Holmes

    Why does this song only have close to 300k views? It deserves a hellova lot more.

  30. nicolas diaz

    I must say thanks to Konami because I discoverd this band playing Pes 2016

    wu ryan

    +nicolas diaz ME 2 BRO

    Sono Jif

    me too. sometimes pes have grrat songs. pes 2016 and 2010's tracklists are my favorite from the franchise and i got to know some great bands too.


    +Sono Jif PES 15 to me also discovered good bands.


    +nicolas diaz me damn too... Elevate

    World Class Willian

    Fifa 13 m8

  31. gt0703

    loving this song!

  32. SHAKHIR2

    Through death she found liberation? It's haunting. Very sad. Love this song.

  33. Kevin Yeoh

    Does the title mean they got the wrong drug? I'm confused.

  34. s allen

    reminds me of cut copy/van she/washed out blended together!! sweet sound!

    Alexandra Fox

    Just found my new favorite band. Van she


    +Alexandra Fox Too bad they broke up

  35. JLGRproductions

    I can't believe this song and' Elevate don't have at least 1,000,000 views, WTH, this band makes great music and they need more recognition

    Akodia Emmanuel

    that is very true..they are my best actually


    Because the dopey public only go for the monopolies of Taylor Swift et al who copy all the talent 'beneath' them. 30 years ago these guys would have been allowed to be visible to the masses.

  36. AfroSamurai

    Am I the only South African getting definite maskandi vibes? Especially right at the end. 


    @AfroSamurai I would not doubt it. A majority of music (jazz, blues, pop, rock, indie, etc) contains African musical elements and characteristics. Africa is an influential continent :)


    @tyrenebanks72 A truer comment has never been left on YouTube. :)


    +AfroSamurai Main guy is from South Africa, so makes sense.

    Nomfundo V

    Yessss mos def!! Saffa music elements are there for sure!!

  37. Phillip Anthony


  38. 1219stiles

    thanks to my job, i have found this gem

  39. Unlimited/ Football/ Comps

    This reminds me of September.

  40. Sorry TurdStation

    Why am I just discovering this artist? My god their songs are infectious. Amazing stuff I tell you.


    Giles Smith Yeah. They are kind of the American equivalent to the Japanese band Sakanaction. Not quite as good as them but a very similar style.

  41. Ruth Popescu

    Guys... I'm not exactly sure about this... What is happening? 

    I think my brain died.


    @Ruth Popescu The video? Seems like a runaway/vagrant (doesn't matter how she became homeless, the fact that she is is sad enough). She breaks reality, the illusion of it, and finds freedom through death but in death she doesn't seem to realize that she's dead even after seeing her corpse laying on the steps. That's how I interpret it.

  42. B1990R

    wtf i use to work down the street from there i need to find good spots like this in la 

  43. Muz Husain

    Still a better love story than Twilight.

  44. aka4love

    Lol I love this song!

  45. Ace High

    Uncle thing got sexy

  46. PhoenixAngelus

    Love it, the video looks like it could be a great trailer to the album. I really don't like cliffhangers but I love how everytime I hear the "who are you" part drift in, it made me want to play the original audio and dance to it again and again.

  47. raddest

    that girl is like 90% hair 


    You like it and I know ;)

  48. Tactical Awootist


  49. Vr. Evif Neves Gen

    Do we know that music videos can ruin songs??

  50. Hypo Girl's Journey

    My joint. 

  51. Bri

    how does this have so little views -_-

  52. mateuszcyg

    1:56 hue hue hue XD



  54. louis ammerman

    This dern video make a no sense.

  55. Judd Demonbreun

    Saw them live and they are great

    The K Car

    Just saw them with Foster the People in Charlotte. AMAZING 

  56. Disha Vishwakarma

    Trippy as hell...what a beautiful vibe dis music is...have not been able to hear something so good from sometime!!! This woman and her dancing freaks me out...what a feel...blessed to have heard did track :D

  57. Disha Vishwakarma

    Trippy as hell...what a beautiful vibe dis music is...have not been able to hear something so good from sometime!!! This woman and her dancing freaks me out...what a feel...blessed to have heard did track :D

  58. Ivor Dunaiski

    I've been OBSESSED with HAERTS - Wings. And then I heard this song and thought that he must have a hand in producing their record. And boom, I was right. I love that he's taken the 80s sound, and added some warmth to it. St Lucia, you rock.

  59. thits89

    OMG....i love the band

  60. Elma van der Merwe

    Fav song at the moment !


    when i listen to this i feel like i've taken a a time machine back to the 80's

    Joe Buscemi

    Same here, I love how they brought back a classic alternative sound! 

    Akodia Emmanuel



    In that case, check out Prince - I Would Die 4 U, which must have been the inspiration for this track!

  62. Sean B

    anybody else always gets a feel good high off their music?!... I LOVE them.

    Torrey Kanne


  63. Liam C. Anderson

    looks like the hobo from Mulholland Drive

  64. Macall Benton

    And I still don't understand this music video!

  65. Christopher Liando


    Public Private Investigator

    They were off the chain at The Hoxton!



  66. DaTeacha

    New wave or Syth-pop

  67. Miceup

    What type of music is this?

    Max Boucher

    there are certain bands that just make there own music and there really is no genre attached to it. However I would recommend m83 if you like this kind of music.


    Oh thats nice, I already knew M83 but u made me listen to it again haha


    and Phoenix is a great band too that would be simular to M83, I love Lisztomania, 1901, Rome, and Too Young by Phoenix, just to name a few :) Also, look up these guys named Hurts, songs called Stay and Somebody to Die for are pretty great by them, :D hope this helps!  I love music <3 <3


    If you like female singers with this music, check out Little Daylight. Some songs are "Mona Lisa," and "Nothing to Lose." Her voice is awesome and they have a really good sound and cool songs.

  68. Mattteus

    wow... that was beautiful!

  69. 1259Janet

    Aww she dances like Lorde! Love it!

    schuyler brooks

    You mean Lorde dances like her?

  70. Nakib Ahmed

    Absolutely awesome....

  71. Alexandre Braga

    This song is absolutely awesome! Needed at least a million views!

  72. OccipixelLobe

    damn. that couldn't have been more snobbishly hipster. good song, though.

  73. ulises navarro

    This song got me so hyped at the Two Door Cinema Club concert! They are amazing live and very good at pumping up the crowd!

  74. Marlene Silva Perez

    i just watched this guys las night opeening for two door cinema club....i cant believe im about to say it but i dont even know who should open for whom...this guy is so talented! i could totally go to one of their gigs, amazing show!

  75. Daniel Gray

    Easily one of the best songs I've heard.

  76. Vaudenoir


  77. Vaudenoir

    Her hair... It's so magical!

  78. Openfacefont

    Does the carpet match the drapes ?

  79. Psylonz

    Hey it's Lorde :P

  80. Taylor Trueman

    Cousin it!

  81. Alexander King

    More gold!

  82. lucianbabe1

    I thought that was abt my country st lucia

  83. Dominc Fanelli

    It's not 80's, its called synthpop. and its always been around.

  84. Cewa Paiget

    It's Merida from Pixar's Brave! XD

  85. Evan R

    Me- "The 80's called. They want their music back."

    St. Lucia - "No."

  86. John Mcdonald 123

    Australian musics wheres its at!

  87. Makenzie Lynne

    Looks like Cousin It from the Addams Family

  88. Nathan Kbm

    I have to learn those dance moves ! *_*

  89. Dan Joseph

    St. Lucia is my country's name can't believe i found a band with the same

  90. Peter Lim

    That dance in the end is wow

  91. João Paulo Prado

    In love.

  92. ErdoS845

    Great song but the video makes me say "WTF?" 20 times over

  93. JamesPaulHaughey

    We got it wrong Xaphoon Jones remix. Check it out, it's really good!

  94. Gracie Shahan

    Her hair

  95. xmusicloverr

    This song is great, but omg the hands make me so uncomfortable

  96. itarfer

    Oh my god. That would have made my head literally explode.

  97. Draven

    St. Lucia is one of the best new bands on the scene...I hope they hit it big.

  98. skatinsteezy

    this is great

  99. Jack

    fucking awsome

  100. Simon R.-J.

    Don't go, don't go away! <3