St. Lucia - The Night Comes Again Lyrics

Oh the night's coming again
Memories of all your friends
All the time in the world
Will never take you away
When the night's coming again
Are we gonna fade away?

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St. Lucia The Night Comes Again Comments
  1. Drew werd

    This is not 80s...but it sounds like it...but the 80s sound was indeed very nice.....has a chicago feel to it

  2. Liquid Ninja

    Surprised no one has noticed the similarities to Genesis - Behind the Lines

  3. Monica Mason

    Bought both their (his) albums and love them.

  4. Felipe Zava

    Loooooove this fucking song!!!!!!

  5. nancy esparza alcantar

    esta canción me puso de buenas

  6. Jordan Gardner

    2:40... Gunstar Heroes, anyone?

  7. Mark Smith

    Reminds me of Level 42

  8. Deeanna Charrion

    Accidentally came across this! Didn't get to see the first day of 2016 and this made me feel OK about it haha. Definetely will listen more to this :)

    Gabriel Castillo

    +Deeanna Charrion This song is so sick, like when you eat cereal you know


    +Gabriel Castillo wut lol

  9. Catherine McMillion

    I love you guys <3

  10. Marcus Daniel

    Best song of 1981....released in 2013 lol.

  11. Dadylle Sandins Yetti

    this is just... amazing..

  12. Taylor Richards

    saw them live with foster the people and now look, obsessed when originally never even heard of them!

  13. Maxee Whiteford

    I love St. Lucia and I'm so excited that they're visiting Minneapolis soon!! First Ave, 11/8. It's going down.

    Torrey Kanne

    that show was amazing!  Can't wait for them to come back!!!!!!

  14. David Butler

    This is totally a Miami Vice tune....

    Catherine McMillion

    @David Butler OMG, are you retarded?  I had the entire Miami Vice soundtracks when I was a kid....I was in love with Don....this music is way better and much more evolved.  Get a life douche bag!

    David Butler

    @Catherine McMillion um, I was saying that because this song would've been a great vice tune


    +Catherine McMillion chiiillllll

  15. ed1657

    love love love i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Emily Calimquim

    his voice in this song sounds like peter cetera

  17. mirkes1000

    I never heard of these guys until I saw them live. They were the opening band for Young the Giant in Vegas. My mind was absolutely blown away. They sound like angels ascending down to take you away to music heaven. I- I can't explain it. Words can't describe or do justice for how sexy they are live. Even the recording doesn't do it justice. All I know is I'm a changed person now, like I had a taste of the fine life and I have no intention of going back.

    David Butler

    Saw them open for Foster the People. Blew those guys away by comparison....

  18. BonoLightier

    This song sounds like the song that is going to be played if God comes down to earth

    Catherine McMillion

    @BonoLightier He came down a couple thousand years ago....hmmm

    Catherine McMillion

    @Catherine McMillion haaa,,,sorry, I am a smart ass

    james beaet

    +BonoLightier He already came down... Holocene played. Sorry!


    @james beaet Hahahahahahah

  19. Ginger Astaire

    Yup, this song should've been in The Breakfast Club next to "Don't You (Forget About Me)"

  20. Capture L'instant

    80's !!! :D 

  21. Andrina Hamill

    saw these guys in concert live touring with two door cinema club... man, they were they backup band then, but they are an AWESOME main band now.

  22. Christie Reeves

    LOve 80s music so it's no surprise that I LOve this!

  23. RogueStarkiller

    Cannot believe this doesn't have more hits!  I've listened to this whole album straight through every day at work for the last week.

  24. Drexel Hamilton

    has an 80's feel........I love it! real life soundtrack........I LOVE IT!

  25. Bernardo Casqueira

    This is fucking honey to my hears!