St. Lucia - September Lyrics

Hold me down,
Let me drown,
I don't want,
To have any of it.

Flow my cloud,
On the ground,
I don't want,
To have any of it.

We could run, all you want,
We could talk,
Like you never knew it.

'Cause there was never anyone to talk to you,
Like you ever knew it.

But you don't mind,
You don't mind,
Where you want it, do ya?

And you can talk loud,
You can talk loud,
if you know you want it.

I just want you to remember,
Before you get carried away,
What happened just this September,
If you know you want it, baby.

Hold your head up,
Reach for the sun.

Reaching for the sun,
Reaching for the sun, you know it... [Repeated]

I just want you to remember,
Before you get carried away,
What happened just this September,
if you know you want it, baby.

Yeah, I just want you to remember,
Before you get carried away,
What happened just this September,
If you know you want it, baby.

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St. Lucia September Comments
  1. Lucas Oliveira

    Fifa 13 in 2020 😍

  2. Patricia Mester



    I just want you to remember
    Before you get carried away
    What happened just this September
    If you know you want it, baby

  4. Gaming W/ Nicko

    The fifa 13 memories

    Just Yuri


  5. vaghet68

    Fantastic Sound.....!!

  6. Gustavo 77

    Best FIFA 13 Song!

  7. Just Yuri

    Memories of FIFA 13...

  8. Josh Lsr

    September Rocks! Forever and ever.

  9. Figis


  10. Action Bastard

    This actually good for a fast drive on the open road especially just right after sun down.

  11. Cecile Ward

    Anyone else listening in September 2018?
    Edit: It’s September 2019 and here I am again, I’ll be back next September.

  12. Israeli365

    So so wonderful

  13. astonfunk

    Hold me down
    Let me drown
    I don't want
    To have any of it

    Throw the crown
    On the ground
    I don't want
    To have any of it

    We could run
    All you want
    We could talk
    Like you never knew it

    Cause there was never anyone to talk to you
    Like you ever knew it

    But you don't mind
    You don't mind
    Where you want it, do ya?

    And you can talk loud
    You can talk loud
    If you know you want it

    I just want you to remember
    Before you get carried away
    What happened just this September
    If you know you want it, baby

    [Bridge x4]
    Hold your head up
    Reach for the sun

    Reaching for the sun
    Reaching for the sun, you know it

    [Chorus x2]
    I just want you to remember
    Before you get carried away
    What happened just this September

    If you know you want it, baby

  14. The Underrated Guy

    Best song from fifa 13! So inspirational

  15. Tunnel Vision44

    Sooooooooo underrated WTF!!!!!

  16. Sarah Appifanie

    This is probably one of my favorite songs ever.

  17. Ray Lehto

    Art beauty fashion sex

  18. Jani Erik Heikkinen

    I just love their music!!!

  19. Lindsey E

    This needs to be on the stranger things season 2 soundtrack

  20. Adem O'Byrne

    Such a Presets vibe going on here.

  21. El Casho

    Love this! Sounds a lot like Empire of the Sun

  22. belinda gillies

    Holy shit, you guys are seriously amazing! Why are you not more famous than you are.

  23. Victor Espino

    24 people with bad taste in music.

  24. Shelly Uh

    so glad i found you guys <3

  25. Kevin K

    yo this is dope

  26. Ulises Acosta

    This fucking love.❤

  27. ABC XYZ

    fifa 13 had the best songs!

    Just Yuri


  28. Legal Fiction

    this song makes me feel some type of way

  29. agustin castilla

    Son geniales, un sonido muy Synthpop .,Pero suenan bien ,buen ritmo voces elegantes
    ya es la hora .Da gusto escuchar musica que transmite y es elegante ,ME ENCANTAN

  30. Sanchit Anand

    I start getting the chills post 3:00.

  31. burneduplikefire

    One of the best songs that was listed as FIFA soundtrack..

  32. Joseph Collareta

    When they played this in the concert i felt my body overcome with excitement, best experience ever. Lead singer sang next to me too, it was so beautiful

    Kyah Phelan

    Joseph Collareta same here, i was so overcome with every emotion ❤️

  33. Khalid Al Fouzan

    Rip laptop 2012-2012

    Khalid Al Fouzan

    btw nice cheeks

  34. Mel Castro

    in my humble opinion the video sucks!!! but I'm so in love with this song.

  35. Sadie Lane Photography


  36. M00rtin

    best song from this band even with "matter" out

  37. Paul Rivera

    The song that made me evolve!!

    Will Flems

    me too!!

  38. Amy Marks


  39. David Abrass

    Blancmange, Erasure, Heaven 17, ABC, Dead or Alive. It's all in there. I get the Tangerine Dream reference too.

  40. Hella Average

    perfect song to work out to! 👌👊

  41. Troy Evitt

    80's Much? DEVO Tangerine Dream. Kraftwerk. Madonna.

  42. necrophagist00

    this song is so hype it's ridiculous

  43. NintendoJulius

    I love you guys! You're like my new fav band

  44. giacomo Bordo

    I don't know exactly why this song reminds me of Wild Boys lol

  45. Gav

    fifa 😆

  46. Ben Smith

    Lol my friend said that this song isn't "danceable"


    +Ben Smith they must not know how to dance lol

  47. drizzit71

    so fresh :))

  48. Porcelain Beats ™ Official

    AMAZING!!!! <3

  49. Gilded Sin

    crazy video o: <3

  50. stuntedmonk

    "The man that's on the run, the man that's on the run... is a dirty sonofagun"

    Is what the opening hook reminds me of. Love this tune mind you.


    Fifa 13

  52. Tyler Durden

    SEPTEMBER 23 2015

    nuke (Fake Asteroid) off east coast Earthquakes and Tidal Waves east and west coast ports destroyed

    i have been studying for to long ... enjoy the last days of america as We know it

    gnarles barkley im crazy

    I Didn’t Know She Was 14

    Tyler Durden rotard

  53. Christopher Garvie

    Fifa 13 brings me here :)

    MM Modern Music

    Christopher Garvie me too


    Such a good game

    Just Yuri

    Me too, coming here some years later than FIFA 13 hahahah

  54. Romello Hodge

    This song should have been in GTA V.

    j travolto

    Romello Hodge no((((

    El Desván del Gamer


    sairam shenoy

    It's already in FIFA 13

  55. Andrew Barajas

    Saw them and heard of them 1st time on AXIS TV from Coachella, Caught my ears by storm. Reminded me of 80’s bands – they are very good.  I like them.

  56. JAG214

    People do not know good music because they are not playing Fifa every year

  57. Daniel Espinosa

    Why does this only have 66,913 views? That's downright criminal. Should be at least a few million!

  58. Julio Quispe

    another band that sounds similar?

  59. Ethan

    Fantastic video St Lucia! Love all your stuff, my favorites are September and Elevate. Pulls me right back to my childhood and 80's music.

  60. Thibaut De Doncker

    I saw them live at pukkelpop 2014. Its normally not my kind of music, but its so gooood :)

  61. Ryan O.

    Never heard of this group until I seen them LIVE at TIME Festival in Toronto July, 2014. Glad I seen them and was introduced to a great new band for me to listen to!

  62. Mattteus

    I'm not sure why but this video reminds me of John Dies at the End... the movie, not the book

  63. Sammy P

    I can't believe these guys haven't gotten more recognition...I am addicted to their music! something about it puts me in a good mood no matter what

    Just Yuri

    They are recognized for some musics in FIFA, but deserves more recognition

  64. Maikeru110572

    Strange, this music evokes the 80s bug in me - Like they're channeling OMD, ABC, Depeche Mode, Talk Talk, and those other great synth pop bands.

    Rocky Stradlin

    As an 80s music fan I feel the same.

  65. Sean B

    anybody else gets a "feel good" high off their music?! XD haha..I LOVE THEM!!!

    S e a n O'Doherty

    Yes Sean B! Me too. I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to their music

    Josh !

    You've said that in two music videos and yes I do too!

  66. Space Tunes

    sexy song right there

  67. Gwen Bates

    I saw you guys lat night in Pomona when you opened for two door! I Absoluteyl loved you!!

  68. David Sanchez

    Saw them last night at SanDiego! they were amazing!

  69. Dan Head

    Just saw these guys open for Two Door Cinema Club, havent heard any of their music before and as soon as I got home i bought their album and have just been jamin ever since

  70. radskateboards

    These dudes (and gal) opened for Two Door Cinema Club last night, they were great!

  71. Ricardo Pomalaza

    Best song!! The beat is great. The melody superb!



  73. Eric Walz

    The beat is as addictive as it comes.

  74. Alan Lopez

    I just dropped these guys off at the airport :D great music.

  75. isabel roe

    Jean-Philip (St Lucia) will never sell out, He is so down to earth and such a nice guy.

  76. Spinky550

    Agreed. I rue the day they're basically producing albums of 'Music For Adverts'

  77. ziggy wellbless

    strange to find a band name St. Lucia thats the name of my country lol

  78. Miguel Angel Sáenz

    Excelente video.

  79. JAG214

    FIFA 13

  80. James Damon

    FIFA 13

  81. Aaron Dejenu

    As much as I love St.Lucia, I dont want them to sell out... They've featured in Fifa, Victoria's Secret, and even Hollister. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm proud as hell about how much they have grown, but I just don't want to see them go down as (sellouts).

  82. okwolfv

    chicken-heading XD

  83. Serdal Kalayci

    vantouch avantgarde fashion

  84. Bondi 420

    This tune has made me lose many fifa 13 matches. I stop playing and start chicken-heading to it.

  85. Laurel Jacketti Funk

    Saw them at the Electric Factory in Philly. They're freaking perfect!!

  86. Dax Martinez-Vargas

    Sweeeeeeeet. Is that Ms. St. Lucia? What's her problem? Existential despair? Probably. I feel bad for her.

  87. Vanessa Casablancas

    Their presence was so amazing<3 Ellie Goulding concert January 21st, New York.

  88. The Werner Fam

    Saw you guys with ellie goulding in philly! sick sick sick and amazing in loveeee! i was the girl with the pink hatttt ahah :D

  89. ihabdu69

    Fifa 13 =D

  90. Al Agpoon

    included in my best artist/band of 2012, i love st. lucia

  91. jason gomez

    I usually listen to rap & hip hop, but st.lucia get down man!!

  92. Nicolás Steven Rojas

    So into St. Lucia, I'm musically falling in love :)

  93. TheCowCrossing

    Wicked Video guys, Perfect for the song!

  94. Juan Jose Sosa Breton

    love it!