St. Lucia - Last Dance Lyrics

Now, there's something I thought that I never thought I could say
It's like I lock and I load but I run out of words
It isn't easy
Coz I run like a lizard but I bow out like James Dean
But you say no, no, no, no
Hold on, my darling
Stay here with me before we go, go, go, go
Please hold onto something

Ooh I can wait, I can wait, I can wait
Is it too late to say
Save it for the last dance?

Now in the flick of a switch we could change everything, darling
And as the lights roll down, are we sticking around?
It gets so sticky
Coz the road is littered with impetuous things
And nights like this don't come around quick
Don't you know, know, know, know
It won't be easy
But we'll go, go, go, go
Out where the sky drops

Ooh I can wait, I can wait, I can wait
Is it too late to say
Save it for the last dance?

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St. Lucia Last Dance Comments
  1. Jeremy duBois

    That Bass!

  2. Troy Plumb

    That’s some Fleetwood Mac right there.

  3. Julieta Funes

    Please, come to Argentina! 🙏🏼

  4. Marcelo Henrique

    omg! this is great. song of the year 2018

  5. Cecile Ward

    I’m still shooketh that St.Lucia liked my Instagram comment....

    indie fanatic

    I know right!!! I have twitter and I always find Jean liking my comments and even better when he replys back to me. Absolute lovely guy

  6. Erick Escoto

    2nd Best Song of the album, after "Bigger"

  7. Jubernack

    Who disliked this song? It's beautiful.

  8. Natalie Santos

    Woke up to new St. Lucia jams!!!

  9. PJ Stenning

    Great track. Uplifting tune.

  10. Alejandro Moreno


  11. Sofie T

    ok go off

  12. Google Account

    Save it for the last dance 💃

  13. Koalas and Pandas