St. Lucia - Full Moon Rising Lyrics

Full moon rising
Full moon rising
Don't give away your secrets
Don't give away your secrets

Coz we all know where this goes
Yeah we all know the answer
And we all know the antidote
Yeah nobody knows it better

Full moon rising
Full moon rising
And it walks on water
Talks on water

But the fire started years ago
And we've all seen the embers
But the fire ain't gonna slow

Away, don't walk away

Full moon rising
(And what did you say)
Holding on for morning
(When you went away)
But the sky is silver
(An immaculate dream)
And I could not forget her
(Nothing as it seems)

So we called Michelangelo
(We walked through the land)
Coz we all want answers
(The river and the streams)
Maybe he knows the antidote

Away, don't walk away

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St. Lucia Full Moon Rising Comments
  1. indie fanatic

    Songs from the big chair !

  2. Ça C'est Culte

    Great song !

  3. David Velez

    At 2:19 there’s a distinct 80’s band sound there....just can’t nail down the song I’m thinking of....but it’s still amazing!

    David Velez

    Don Henley - The Boys of Summer! I remembered now!

    D'Arci •

    At about 2:49, I could hear bits of Genesis with Phil Collins.

    David Velez

    DRC R

    Oh wow! You are you got me wondering if this song was a dedication to all the bands he said were inspirational to him (maybe there’s more Easter eggs)....what an interesting way to pay homage to them.

  4. Cecile Ward

    This just made my day so much better

  5. Gladys Maidana Castro

    Your music is for a better world!!!
    Tender and strong

  6. D'Arci •

    When I heard the first seconds of this song, I could "hear" the distinct sound of St. Lucia...their music brings so much joy & love! 💙