St. Lucia - Closer Than This Lyrics

Off the ground headin for another take
I remember all the sounds you used to make
But I keep my down despite the animals on your face
How many times have I said

I've got a feeling we will never get closer than this
I can't imagine there's a way to get closer than this

Catch up with the other kids
Even falling far behind
Starlight in the middle of the Ocean
Opens up my heart tonight

I've got a feeling we will never get closer than this
I can't imagine there's a way to get closer than this
I've got a feeling we will never get closer than this
I can't imagine there's a way to get closer than this

And I keep on pushin
Keep on pushin
Keep on pushin on
Oh we keep on pushin
Keep on pushin
Keep on pushin on

I've got a feeling we will never get closer than this
I can't imagine there's a way to get closer than this
I've got a feeling we will never get closer than this
I can't imagine there's a way to get closer than this

And we keep on pushin
Keep on pushin
Keep on pushin on
And we keep on pushin
Keep on pushin
Keep on pushin on

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St. Lucia Closer Than This Comments
  1. Mia Celis

    Roadtrips 💕

  2. V Noble

    Idk if you guys knew this is a Christian band but I don’t really give a shit, they sound good

  3. Winterever

    Definitely deserves much much more views.

  4. Edgar Cruz

    Alguien aquí por le cc19? gg

  5. Chris Juarez

    Simona if you see this, I still love you.

  6. victor orejel

    This is what you walk too and just know life is going to get better good vibes

  7. Wendy Smith

    The closest voice to Peter Cetera that I've heard since his brother. Omfg. In LOVE with this sound.

  8. mistamowgli

    The Remix brought me here

  9. thewelcometochannel

    Thank you, Hollister, for introducing me to this great song!

  10. Ryan Pape



    Can't be proud about apartheid

  11. Chauntria Taylor

    Hollywood Exes introduced this song to me years ago. Been a fan of St. Lucia ever since!!! Love this song!

  12. Abeer 1997

    His voice & singing reminding me of Anthony from RHCP

  13. Ernest Monceaux

    So much love for this song!

  14. Ellen Fangman

    i'm tuned to the beat of this .... my heart is palpitating to his voice!

  15. Lam Pham

    Drinking with my ex (we lived together for 3.5 years) at a bar, listening to this song felt so unreal.

  16. a t

    Holy shit this is literally a modern Fleetwood Mac 😍😍😍😍

  17. Billy Hardy

    I LOVE this song 😊😊

  18. Familia Familia

    Thank to dsw for introduce me st lucia

  19. Hermione Gangeur

    Closer Than This To Die - St Lucius

  20. Felipe Bsb

    I remember of my crush.

  21. Mamnoo Hubb

    Just wanna dance under the stars next to the beach with someone special! (CA LOVE)

  22. Chris Juarez

    The girl I loved left me 3 years ago, after she left I listened to this song over and over.
    “I’ve got a feeling we will never get closer than this”..I still miss you Simona

  23. Sarah

    Love this.

  24. Alexandra Dun

    i came here bcz of SARAH BASKA thx 😍

  25. Dan Brat land

    this guy cant fking sing. WOW SHUT UP WOWWWWW OMFG ANNOYING SINGER

  26. Teresa Farmer

    This band is decades behind the times..... I just had a childhood flashback...some 80s shit. Sounds like they copied the only sound that Fleetwood Mac knew how to or thought they knew how to work with.
    Terrible songs. Every one of them...

  27. foxfabio1 fabio

    awesome 💖

  28. Richard Oakey

    what a album

  29. davidedickjr

    Magnificent chill

  30. BiGLiPZiT

    Whoa... Is that rat island?

  31. ili101

    why is this not mainstream?!?! this music is magic

    martin muro

    You just answered your own question. hehe.

    Mamnoo Hubb

    ili101 cuz radio ONLY plays what they get paid to play! Illuminati controls everything


    Every time I listen to this song I think the EXACT same thing

  32. Andrew Rouyer

    I'm going to imagine the 20s will sound like this

  33. Imani Price

    I find this song so amazingly beautiful

  34. Alejandrina Pereira

    son la leche!

  35. mrslapside

    Bands fire

  36. Steven Hayes

    Great it definitely has that 80s stride and kick to it

  37. Faceless Role Models

    But this like one of those Target songs , you can hear this in Macy's or some shit

  38. Faceless Role Models

    I'm black and I like this song

    Kyle Weir

    Ckduub and?

    Ava Williams

    Ckduub lol me (it's okay, others don't get it)

    caleb roundy

    I’m guessing here: Apartheid and open South African racism is your reasoning, because the singer of St. Lucia is a white South African.


    I'm white and like this song

  39. banana boat

    saw this song in an ad and have to say its the most boring song ive ever heard

    brendan cleary

    well to quote the big lebowski that's just like you're opinion man

  40. Pablo Juarez


  41. Mário Mendes

    2016 <3

  42. Cristian Eduardo Cascztro Zárate

    de donde estos chicos??? que buena musica diosssdd....

    Jose Alberto Contreras Duran

    😑 calmate no es para tanto jajajajajajaha

    Jose Alberto Contreras Duran

    😑 calmate no es para tanto jajajajajajaha

  43. Meena

    Gonna see u

  44. Will Flems

    fuckin love these guys, they sound so eighty's and retro

  45. LiittleR3d

    They need more views!

  46. Abiely Flores

    I think of my crush when I listen to this song

    The kaiser

    I feel ya bro

    KALEIDO jess

    Me too lol, I feel stupid but I love this song 😊✨

    Cruzeiro Querido

    Abiely Flores i think everybody, im a EVERYTHINGSTUPIDONTHISWORLD

    Jordan Smith

    I think of the way she will never like me and how we will never get closer than this

    Mateus Lenhardt

    @Jordan Smith I lived ti song with this song in background :P!

  47. Shantel De Matos

    Proudly South African ♡


    Ain't gonna play Sun City

  48. Nana Alturki

    by Adam gallagher 😜

    Luquey Martinez

    +nana lavigne TRU

  49. Aziya

    Going to the St. Lucia concert in Seattle really soon!! <3

    Hallie Cerna

    ahhh lucky you!!!!

    Akodia Emmanuel

    oh my i can only imagine

  50. MU$IC

    I know this is a lot...... but I love St. Lucia !

    Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Jean-Philip Grobler aka St. Lucia grew up performing with the Drakensberg Boys Choir School, learning everything from Bach to minimalist opera. St. Lucia was born out of a moment in early 2010 when Grobler was looking to the past for inspiration. Growing frustrated with a rock project that was starting to feel forced, he delved back into the music that had first inspired him: Fleetwood Mac, Peter Gabriel, Madonna and other songs from his youth. After setting up shop in a small studio in Brooklyn, Grobler began to experiment with these new influences and open the lid on his new project. Teaming up with friends Nick Brown, Ross Clark, Nicky Paul and Patricia Beranek to perform live.

  51. Colby Larson

    He ripped off Powerline...

  52. Colby Larson

    I love the Goofy movie

    Will Flems

    I do too!!


    Colby Larson max is hot but he's a big dick to his dad

  53. Fernando Veytia Alarcón

    For all fans of St. Lucia I sincerely recommend you this: ...You're Welcome

    Rhombus Beakmaster

    Sick rec, got anymore?

  54. Joy Maina

    Saw them in concert twice when they opened for Two Door Cinema Club! Great band :)

  55. venusinscorpihoe

    *drunkenly singing/slurring* III-iiii'VE GOT A FEELIN' WE'LL NEVER GET CLOSER THAN THISSSSS

  56. Teresa R. Carpenter

    just pure happy

  57. Najib Hamid

    Damn I'm searching this song for so long mannnnnnnnnnn now Im fcking happy hahahah

  58. Matt C

    Coachella will be fun...

  59. gilda jahja

    omg heard this at AEO too 

  60. Kate Resendiz

    On Aeropostale's playlist😄

  61. Felipe Zava

    This is just unexpectedly what my ears have been longing for since the middle eighties I wasn't born in! 

  62. Steve-O-Matic

    This is like Fleetwood Mac meets Foster The People


    @Steve -O-Matic yes, no wonder i like it!

    Perez ENYD

    Great comparison!!

    Dan J

    I agree with that it sounds like a more modern synthy Fleetwood Mac. Foster the people is trash though

    Daniel Bennett

    @Dan J trash..? Shit opinion dawg.

  63. Anna Iacoviello

    This band is awesome!!

  64. Jose Garcia

    sounds like fleetwood mac! love it


    this song sound like 80 i liked so much

  66. Class Punk

    They should team up with Wild Nothing for their guitar work and Luke Steele for vocals, and make the world's most chill album ever invented by anyone, sponsored by both @Pepsi and @Coca-Cola because its so chill.

    Ciero Kilpatrrick

    Second it


    @Class Punk This is the best comment I have stumbled upon in a while.

    pines is gone

    @Class Punk YES.

  67. Windy Lamb

    I'm in love with this song!!!!

    Windy Lamb

    scott holder because it's fucking Great

  68. FoxtheImpersonator

    Highway speed, sound of the road beneath my wheels. This is by far the ultimate road song. I keep it on repeat on long distances trips. It's bliss

  69. Francesca De Castro

    Thank you Banana Republic for introducing me to St. Lucia.

    Patricia Flores

    Francesca De Castro LOL I heard them for the first time at a CK dressing room

    Viveka Lopez

    Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf brought me here

  70. VeritasEIREAequitas

    Damn.. this band has caught lightening in a bottle... They're sound is one of a kind... Truly great musicians

  71. gamefan6219

    i love this song on hollister's new playlist! :D

  72. Marge Bateman

    this song is like sunshine lol 

    Keith Shelton

    My thoughts exactly!

    Christopher Rine

    ya I like sushi too

    Jennifer Papuga

    ❤ this song! Makes my heart happy!!!


    @Jennifer Papuga me too)
    Peace from russia

  73. Jonathan Espinoza

    Saw them open for two door cinema club. Best concert I've been to

    Tatiana Solis

    Yesss I know! Last October is when I saw them! Do you know the song names that they performed for their opening act?

  74. Christopher Myers

    Great song

  75. allysann valle

    You guys always seem to amaze me(: every song is just beautiful and puts a smile on my face! Thank you,

  76. Renate Scholtz

    I love this song!

  77. Eva Thyssen

    So 80s :D yay!

  78. Mid West

    The keyboard intro sounds like an 80s song. What is it?? Madonna's Into the Groove??


    kinda similar to seven wonders by fleetwood mac...

  79. Dajiah Elliott

    Saw them open for Young the Giant last night, thoroughly impressed! They put on an awesome show!!!

  80. Christian Pastoriza

    Penshoppe ♥

  81. Christian Pastoriza

    Penshoppe ♥

  82. Fly Rivers

    love it

  83. Jaris Goes Ahead Pretty

    This needs to be on my cruising playlist.

  84. D Scoz

    Saw them open for 2dcc on Halloween and they are even better live. These guys are great!

  85. Draculaura

    Yes, sounds like New Wave Fleetwood Mac, 80s pop - makes me breathe full lungs again! Great tune.

  86. SizzleWackoSnap

    Seriously love this! I'm hoping theyll play it at their show on the 26th in Minneapolis. Got my tickets already!! haha

  87. Emily Rose

    woo they play this in victoria's secret 

  88. Karen E.

    You should definitely come to Squamish Music Festival 2014!!

  89. Wes Beights

    i really hope you guys are coming to coachella... Saw you in san diego on Halloween and it was unreal. 

  90. jeffsfleet

    Just heard this last Sunday night for the first time on WMMS in Cleveland. Glad they took a break from all the mainstream garbage to play something different.

  91. Steph Colvin

    I can't stand listening to the same song over and over for hours. I come home singing the stupid playlist!

  92. oneofthosekaitys

    Just saw them open for two door cinema club last night, they're were freaking awesome

  93. markdigz

    sounds a little gotye-y, but much better

  94. Ashley Smith

    Amazeballs! I think i just had an eargasm! Theyre only relatively new down under but this kinda love needs to be shared. If this is what peeps are sayin is cbee

  95. Michelle N

    This sounds so fleet wood mac esq! Love it!!

  96. Kimber Sanchez

    Hollister doesn't play this good of music... believe me I work there.

  97. XCaliber

    I was at Hollister one day last year and I swore I heard this exact song :)