St. Lucia - Bigger Lyrics

Oh child, it's up to you
'Cause I tried to tell the truth
But the world got in the way
Now it's much too late

We'll swim in the lake
At night we'll do it again
'Cause these words I tried to say
They got in the way

'Cause oh, your heart is bigger than they say
Bigger than they say, for sure
No your heart will never entertain
Never entertain their minds

Oh child, it's down to you
The cold nights, the cage of youth
All the heartache, the heartache and the fruit
Is it out for you?

'Cause oh, your heart is bigger than they say
Bigger than they say, for sure
No your heart will never entertain
Never entertain their minds

'Cause oh, your heart is bigger than they say
Bigger than they say, for sure
No your heart will never entertain
Never entertain their minds

'Cause oh, your heart is bigger than they say
Bigger than they say, for sure
No your heart will never entertain
Never entertain their minds

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St. Lucia Bigger Comments
  1. journey1186

    crj brot me here. good opener

  2. David Somers

    This is just such a fresh and full sound, like your original stuff. I somehow missed the album drop but I'm gonna have to pick this one up right away. You guys gotta come back to Minneapolis soon!

  3. David Joncheff

    The saviour of modern music!

  4. Melina C

    Yuta knew what he was doing when he put this in his playlist...🤩😍


    Yuta NCT brought me here

    Maria Vlassopoulou

    tasya mira SAME LOLLLL


    Me too:)

  6. Ian H

    I heard Dancing on Glass in December of 2015. This is my December of 2018 song. Forever.

  7. Julieta Funes

    Great St. Lucia! Go for more! 💪🏼

  8. POP Studio DJ

    Seriously why are they NOT bigger then Maroon 5?? They're far more interesting!

  9. Augustus Payne

    This song embodies the spirit of 70's & 80's music with a modern-day twist of pop. The enthusiasm of the artist's is reminded me of another bands style Bears Den a British band with a similar style. 🙌🙌🙌

  10. Mir Yana


  11. Perilous3D

    Why no CD for the new album? I understand CD's are somewhat archaic nowadays but I own all your other CD's. I really wanted to own this one too and I don't do vinyl. Would you consider putting a CD out there for purchase? Also, the $15 for a button thing was disappointing. Hopefully you can get that bug sorted out in your store.

    In any case, the new album is fantastic! Cheers and much success to you all! Love you guys! <3


    That is sad. I would also like a CD and was going to look for a copy next time I made my way to my local chain of record/dvd stores.

    Speed up Vinyl

    If you didn't know already they weren't planning on doing one because CD sales for them were so low for their other albums and they stated that CD sales have been dropping everywhere. I know I wanted to buy the album on CD as well because I've think that is one of the best formats in my opinion. Just buy a cheap vinyl player in your area if you want a physical copy they aren't too bad sound wise.

  12. Vasu Sharma

    Bro keep going . This song sounds so classic 😎

  13. Vasu Sharma

    Man this song is so lit. Have this on my prime's playlist

  14. A Mital

    Thank you for this track, reminds me of why I enjoyed your music 4 years ago!

  15. conzyreaper2

    I love their new stuff so much!

  16. Space Rock

    Good job, St. Lucia!

  17. Speed up Vinyl

    Anybody else feel when the night vibes from this track?

    Hari7989911620 Hari

    Jack Cartwright x4e

  18. God's Community

    Hello everyone. Breathe!

  19. Erik9994

    This is so soothing... :)

  20. KrakerJackz11

    Super chingona!!!!

  21. Parker Scott

    now THIS is a dream

  22. jon akin

    I really like the sweeping chorus and the very upbeat lyrics...Very nice!!!

  23. Jayla_ Mae

    Umm st . Lucia is the name of my country

    Heretta Huston


  24. Jesus Ruano


    POP Studio DJ

    Yeah I don't get it at all!

  25. Parker Scott

    this is it

  26. spinct83

    I love love love it. I am getting goosebumps listening to it and it’s only my first listen!

  27. TaylorMade

    See you in october in Austin

  28. ThatSlug

    y’all just keep releasing them bops

  29. dmclean18

    I get to see you guys on my birthday (11/3) in my city! Raleigh welcomes you! Thanks for giving me something to look forward to as I turn 25!

  30. Class Punk

    This is my music video idea. Make all the voices and sound in the video mute other than the music. Have a boy or young male teenager who is forced to take ritalin in the morning by an emotionally distant, chainsmoking single mother, who screams at him and slaps him once to get him to take the pill, then have walk towards the school bus and get on it; have him go to school and get pushed around and have his hair messed with by a couple other students, then have a student frame him for a note someone passed to him and a female teacher yell at him and send him to a stern female principle who sends him to detention with another stern female teacher and a female student. Then show him in detention doing homework, eyeballing a girl's pink cell phone sitting on the table inside of a binder, and stealing it when she needs to go to the bathroom and the teacher goes with her, then show him outside of school getting yelled at by his mom after detention, going home and playing video games, and going to bed crying. Then start the next morning with him pretending to take ritalin, walking out the door with his bookbag on, walking in the opposite direction of the bus with the camera panning to him getting in a cop car with a male police officer and handing the cop the girl's cell phone.

    I relinquish all ownership rights to this idea.

  31. Lego Edo


  32. José Augusto dos Santos

    "BR" MUITO BO"

  33. Google Account

    Your Heart is Bigger Than They Say

  34. Natalie Santos

    ❤ you St. Lucia!

  35. Jesus Gomez

    Me encanta❤❤

  36. JuanMa

    genial!! y esa percusión <3

  37. woah11ify

    Aw this song is so sweet ❤️

    Koalas and Pandas

    woah11ify especially since they said they wrote this album thinking of their kid and what kind of world they wanna present to little Indy 😭❤️

  38. Brendan Sweeney

    well you guys done it again. new favorite song. :)

  39. Mario ley


  40. Delayne

    Been a fan since the September EP album. No matter how you guys evolve throughout the years its always spectacular work..well done.

  41. Alan Barbosa


  42. Claire L

    see ya in november 💗💗

  43. Heidi Bonilla

    Notice me Senpai 🙂

  44. Koalas and Pandas

    #YouTubenotificationsquad thanks for letting me know about my fav band 🙏 ❤️

  45. Phil Roos

    Just got your vinyl on order. Congrats on this! Come to AZ!


    St. Lucia will be at Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix on 21 Oct :)


    FIRST LIKE, FIRST COMMENT :) Pls check out our music videos too! love your music!