St. Lucia - Before The Dive Lyrics

Never found an answer, never found a reason
There was no talk back, 'cause you could never take back
Different conversation, little adulation
Took you to the bath-house, we waited at the entrance

I hope that we will never forget, seeing sinners of the night
I hope that we will never regret, seeing sinners of the night
'Cause we can not, we can't ever, no we can not, take it back (no)

Walking to the bedroom, waiting for the master
It's simple understanding, I talk you understand me (ooooh ooh oooh)
Wait till its over, when will it be over

I hope that we will never forget, seeing sinners of the night
I hope that we will never regret, seeing sinners of the night
'Cause we can not, we can't ever, no we can not, take it back

Now here we are, another voice from the afterlife
Who are we now? We know we're alive
We call you out, discover why we were left behind
The sun creates a different escape while we're still alive

Now we'll go, and know the answers are with us now
Console yourself, we already cried
Do we know too much? Are these pieces meant to be side by side?
I held my breath, you close your eyes, before the dive

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St. Lucia Before The Dive Comments
  1. Jorge Paredes

    It has been 7 years since the first time i heard this song and...feels like a new drug, everytime!!!

  2. Horus Alejandro Gonzalez Royero

    love this song and the video clip is awesome!

  3. Phantom SamuraiX

    Anyone here from Cinema Wins????

  4. Lloyd Saladaga

    And I find this on a meme page. This song is awesome

  5. Carpe diem

    2018 alv

  6. J0LLY J0SH

    I LOVE the Build up and 🎼🎼🎺🎷
    The synths at the end !!!

  7. Jason Patrick

    Adore this song, my fav of theirs. Wish they still played it live.

  8. Erin J.

    Those synths give me chills

  9. Ryno k

    Before the Fall, Being sinners, after finding God, Understanding, Changing in the name of the Son, Seeing our potential for everlasting life. Do not FORGET where you come from or what it has taken to get there in all of human existence. Praise YHWH.

  10. zenyheart

    2018 anyone??? lol

  11. David Huerta

    I'm in love with the video and song! Glad I found you on Pandora!

  12. Jose Rivera

    This song is so underrated. No matter how many times i come back to this song, it's always on repeat

  13. T Allen

    Great song!

  14. Frankie Featherstone

    CinemaWins brought me here

  15. Franco Swart

    I come from 9gag

    Strawberry Thunder


  16. SalimAdamcom

    The song and the visuals couldn't be more far apart if you tried. Poor Direction.

  17. Akodia Emmanuel

    holy shit this is an orgasmic song

  18. Eduardo Inagaki

    Much love

  19. Dabid Lopez

    this is one song that i thought was gunna be extremely popular eventually


    Surprised to see it still with less than 1 million views. Hmm

  20. Junior G

    Dislikes?!! How?! Why?! What an amazing track!!!!!

  21. musicforlife

    iTunes Genius Playlist for this great song:
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    Eric Levy

    you're a hero

    Dirk Dierking

    thank you

    aldi fajar rachman

    i saw chvrches i press like

  22. wandile

    i hear so much african influence in this song... its like a maskandi(genre in south africa) singer lost in the USA

    Shantel De Matos

    They are South african but decided to leave us :(

  23. pedrofredo

    I love this song!

  24. gary knowlson

    This song is the bee's knee's and is the focal point of me liking St. Lucia. Simply superb.

    ชูเกียรติ ซุปเปอร์ปู

    gary knowlson

  25. cleannacrabill

    Hearing this live in Boston last night multiplied my love for this song and my admiration for your talent, both as a musician and as a performer. Bravo and I look forward to seeing you perform again in the future!!

  26. Stomm X

    Why is this fantastic song not an international hit??!!

    fran dri

    i'm from uruguay, technically it is. been listening to these guys from the beginning. so proud of em

  27. Dadylle Sandins Yetti

    Saw them playing this song live. It was absolutely amazing

  28. Cheyenne Fuller

    Is this song even on an album of theirs?

  29. Møtíf

    Who else is a fellow sinner of the night? 😈

  30. Mojo Dope

    I love the Chrvches remix better sounds super 80's synth..

    Sky Net

    +Jo Luis That version loses the 'feel' of the song for me. But each to their own and all :-)

    Mojo Dope

    @Sky Net  You're actually right it's a totally different song remixed.

  31. narsingdih

    The story behind the Big Bang.

  32. Kelsey T

    This is the first song I've heard from St. Lucia, but it reminds me of Miike Snow's songs, and I like it. Same synth-pop feel.

  33. 2,197,566 views

    You all know this song is about gay right?


    fantastique ...

  35. ofthetide

    "God, I love this music.. isn't it too dreamy?" (Audrey Horne: Twin Peaks)                        Like witnessing Matter and Anti-Matter  collide.  Jack n' Jill went up the hill and destroyed/created  the Universe..

    Reed McLaughlin

    @ofthetide underrated comment


    @Reed McLaughlin Thanks, Man

  36. Shaun Bukuth

    absolutely love it.

  37. Борис Смоленский

    Очень красивая электронная музыка. Редкость в наше время. Удачи вам и новых творческих свершений!

  38. David Ramos

    These r good friends of mine. They r awesome

  39. Tenille Riechelmann


  40. Jesse Waugh

    Thank you for making good music. And an excellent video.

  41. TheGodFro _

    Saw it at a F.U.N concert when they performed. so good

  42. EirikHenden

    so great! Love it.

  43. NewViceCity

    If you want a glimpse of what they're like live, watch the outro of the official Elevate video. They put everything into their shows; drummer, keyboardist, backing vocals, bass, vocals, every one of them. It's great.

  44. Feona Dong

    Ah yes my favorite. Music that's really good but has a video that doesn't make any sense. 

    Pixel Nerd

    It don't have to make any sense :)

    Preda Vlad

    @Feona Dong The video doesn't make any sense? Please tell me more of how you did not watch it!

  45. lmaoroflmao

    Such a genius musical masterpiece.

  46. Rodrigo Vivanco

    I cannot stop listening to this song! Those synths at the end...!!!

  47. Avant Garde

    This will be trapped forever in my mind.

  48. Burpman

    I cant believe you guys with Columbia Records..hoping they dont force u guys to change your sound.... or take all of your money from  record sales...most labels are VULTURES. Good luck..

  49. supravista

    I was on MDMA when I first heard this... holy shit.


    So much love. I ate Psilocybin and listened to this.. the psychedelic era man, so great! 


    @EirikHendenMedia Forever, man! Peace be with you, brother.


    @supravista You too my friend :)


    +EirikHenden I wonder what this is like with Psilocybin

    MDMA - with mad rushes of serotonin, and that cloud, that part that starts at 2:29 blew my fucking mind. So haunting, epic, and beautiful.

  50. Ross caravati

    Im still in awe that they’re Touring with Foster the People right now. Cant wait to see them open at the Roseland in Portland on the 22nd

  51. wormyish

    Saw them live on the 5th, fantastic.

  52. EthalaRide

    I heard Sebastian Stan mention St. Lucia in an interview, and I had to check it out. Glad I did! 

  53. Willem van der Schyf

    I'm so excited, they're coming to South Africa end of May!

  54. Djuggernaut

    Sounds so much like Duran Duran to me. Not a bad thing, I swear lol

  55. michael t

    Like an 80's smoothie:  A cup of Visage, handful of Depeche Mode, a sprinkle of Camouflage, and a kiss of Book of Love!   YUM!!! 

  56. Caitlin C

    This is an amazing and beautiful video. Perfect for the song.

  57. Sean B

    I seriously get a "feel good" high off their music,lol I LOVE THEM!! XD
    they help me wake up in the morning when I feel like crap, lol

  58. Asess or

    what can i say?
    mindblowing video!

  59. C vH

    ... What does she look like?!

  60. Arnold Mogieliński

    Amazing video.

  61. rae1300

    dreamlike visions that seem so comfortably familiar. Love this

  62. rae1300

    love it.

  63. olivia satterfield

    fuck this song is so good

  64. Sam Pickles

    Im gonna need a a bannnananana for scale. 

  65. Francesca Varias

    Love it!!

  66. dossantos

    Freakin awesome song!!! What makes it even better is that this is a South African band. South Africa rocks!!!

  67. Charlotte Cumberbatch

    Thank you for existing, St. Lucia, so I can drown out other people's terrible music

  68. Max Gavin

    Coastline Festival??

  69. Lizz Chester

    Discovered this song on Spotify a couple months ago. Been in regular rotation ever since. Love it!

  70. Alison M

    What a pleasant surprise that an opening band will sound so good! Can't wait to see them open for TDCC!!

  71. allerdyce

    this may be the best indie band around right now. Picked up When the Night a week ago and it hasn't let me down

  72. SomeoneFancy

    Well the video and the song don't quite portray the same idea. But starting at 2:29, my friend said it's when you meet your other half/true love. And the explosion and surrealism is literally how you feel when you kiss. They did an amazing job at portraying the entire thing.


    I think their is a lot of symbolism in the both dropping what they were holding. Rocks and the suitcase both could represent weight so maybe it's implying the weightlessness you feel when you kiss someone.

  73. ongnable

    such an amazing video for such an amazing song by such an amazing artist

  74. lidhoom

    I'm so sad that you didn't add this song in "when the night"

  75. Sean Shipley

    Will we hear an Interpol cover during the show?

  76. oscar morón

    Two Door Cinema Club brought me here.

  77. Big Bad Roman

    See them again tonight! Discovered them when they toured with Ellie!

  78. Jodi Rendel

    these people don't wear socks

  79. Audrey Grantman

    Love it

  80. Alexander King

    I'm going mad for this band. Such great sound in all their songs...

  81. CTsOwnHD

    Del rio champ!!

  82. CrippledJoin

    I agree! It's really beautiful, and the song is amazing as well. Saw it first time for like a year ago though

  83. contramano

    One of the best videos I've seen lately. Very existential, and beautifully done. I almost cried when they kiss and they disintegrate. Great song too. Well done

  84. woah11ify

    Wow that's awesome they are actually a headliner! Time sure does fly by :')

  85. Lissa Renee

    me too :)

  86. An Angry Bear

    St. Lucia's awesome, you guys should check out the lineup of KahBang, their on it and a bunch of other great bands... just google KahBang

  87. Jack Rumery

    So happy I found St. Lucia before Lollapalooza... Will absolutely be seeing them.

  88. misslovelybunny15

    this song is orgasmic!!!

  89. carkemish

    Why are they displaying their "private parts"?

  90. Edgar

    for free?! I'm Jealous..

  91. João Paulo Prado

    Amazing work, love it!

  92. Eric Lehrman

    Seeing them on the 26th for a free show in LA. Can't.f-ing.wait.

  93. mcbitch

    What is the song that sounds like the chorus of this?

  94. Jill

    Wow... just, wow.

  95. mark1138

    the tree of life

  96. madelinef17

    this song fuckin rocks

  97. Gnar Boarders

    this song is good as fuck.