Springsteen, Bruce - This Is Your Sword Lyrics

Brothers and sisters listen to me
These are the few things that I leave to thee
This sword of our fathers with lessons hard taught
This shield strong and sturdy from battles well fought

This is your sword, this is your shield
This is the power of love revealed
Carry them with you wherever you go
And give all the love that you have in your soul

The times they are dark, darkness covers the earth
But this world’s filled with the beauty of God’s work
Hold tight to your promise, stay righteous, stay strong
For the days of miracles will come along

This is your sword, this is your shield
This is the power of love revealed
Carry it with you wherever you go
And give all the love that you have in your soul

In the days of despair you can grow hard
Till you close your mind and empty your heart
If you find yourself staring in the abyss
Hold tight to your loved ones and remember this

This shield will protect your sacred heart
This sword will defend from what comes in the dark
Should you grow weary on the battlefield
Do not despair our love is real

This is your sword, this is your shield
This is the power of love revealed
Carry it with you wherever you go
And give all the love that you have in your soul
And give all the love that you have in your soul

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Springsteen, Bruce This Is Your Sword Comments
  1. Rob Dillon

    Great song

  2. vasdishuh

    I love Springsteen's songwriting and Braveheart too, but it's an odd combination here. Like "Let's have a jolly good battle, kill each other and slurp some blood..."

  3. Shawn Weston

    beautiful song,one of my favorites.

  4. Bossladyone2

    Psalms 91 "This is Your Sword"
    *Ti Amo Bruce * Thank you for this song God Bless You

  5. Fotograafie Media

    One of the best songs givin hope and telling people whats important. And i guess the video editor is amateur but WHAT A FUCKING GREAT CHOICE of pictures. 33.000 views are too less. Great Work and thankx, i watch this time to time and enjoy!

  6. dave idmarx

    Perfect video for another gem from Bruce. I was extremely fortunate to be in the audience when he played this in Albany last year! Great song.

  7. Bossladyone2

    " Hold tight to your loved ones stay righteous stay strong."
    The Beauty and Miracle of God's Love is still here and has not gone.
    Do not despair, his love for you and all of us is real.
    Come on up for the rising and  "Keep Your Eyes On The Prize"  Hold On!!!

  8. J Prescott

    Arrow 3x22 brought me here.

    Shelly Dobson


    Nick Speziale

    Yeaaahhhh boi

    Prometheus Dazza

    J Prescott all arrow e22 titles are a name of one of Bruce's song

  9. Nancy Baker

    Love this song!! The only thing missing is the pipes!  He should record a version of this with The Picts, (The Court of Equity)!!  That would be perfect!

  10. Nancy Baker

    Awesome!!  Should be the Scottish Independence theme song!!

  11. angelo mancini


  12. Terrance Hill

    Another Home run from "The Boss,"  I really miss Clarence"s Sax punctuating the ballads like this one, Tom Morello's guitar cuts like a sword through the heavy percussion Max Weinburg lays down very nicely. It's been a long ride for Bruce and all of us who are getting better with age....Lol I'll be 64 in June, and Bruce has turned 65 if I'm not mistaken, this past year, and he's still pulling out world tours and gunning those 4 hour concerts...amazing, thank you Lord!!!

  13. U2coholics


  14. Gábor Manninger

    It1s Great !


    It1s Great !

  15. Belén Baldonedo del Río

    Great job! I've enjoyed a lot with this video

  16. Douglas Rosa

    Congratulations!!! I´m from Brazil and I love all musics of Bruce Springsteen and Breveheart. This video is fantastic!


    Thank you Douglas.
    Did you have the opportunity to see Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band last year in Brasil? I hope you did :-)

    Devin Hanson

    Tá bom o inglês cara :-) sou americano. Adoro a musica de Bruce Springsteen e adoro a lingua de vocês brasileiros

    Douglas Rosa

    @badlandso73 Yes, I was there! I went in São Paulo for the first show, and them they did another show in Rock In Rio. For all midia, newspappes and sites the show was the best to Rock in Rio and considered historical. The show in São Paulo had 3 hours and 15 minutes. I will never forget this moment and I hope they return in 2014 or 2015. Thanks for the clips.

    Douglas Rosa

    @Devin Hanson Obrigado Devin. Estou fazendo um curso de inglês, gosto muito da língua e espero um dia visitar a terra de vocês. Grande abraço.

    Tiziana Lelii

    E'fantastico!Sono contenta che anche dal Brasile"la capitale della bella musica"viene ammirato Bruce.

  17. Jim Page

    Thanks Badlands73 for sharing, one of my favourite films, Braveheart...Bruce is reminding all of us that we need to be ready for battle at all times, because the enemy can strike at any moment...Scripture tells us that Ephesians 6 v 10-12 gives details of the armour that was essential to any Roman soldier who was worth his salt. So, stay hard stay hungry stay alive! Thanks Bruce for another great track. High Hopes indeed!!


    Thanks Jim.