Springsteen, Bruce - There Goes My Miracle Lyrics

Sunrise, sundown
The street's gone golden brown
Auburn skies above
I'm searching for my love
Searching for my love

There goes my miracle
Walking away, walking away
There goes my miracle
Walking away, walking away

Moonlight, moon bright
Where's my lucky star tonight?
Streets lost in lamp light
Then suddenly in sight
Suddenly in sight

There goes my miracle
Walking away, walking away
There goes my miracle
Walking away, walking away

Look what you've done, look what you've done, look what you've done
Look what you've done, look what you've done, look what you've done
Look what we've done, look what we've done, look what we've done

Heartache, heartbreak
Love gives, love takes
The book of love holds its rules
Disobeyed by fools
Disobeyed by fools

There goes my miracle
Walking away, walking away
There goes my miracle
Walking away, walking away
Walking away, walking away
There goes my miracle
Sunrise, sundown

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Springsteen, Bruce There Goes My Miracle Comments
  1. Edson Medson


  2. Luz Carrero

    To Her this song sound a little sad.Walking away,SIR??? Impossible,no way!!!She doesn’t need no more sadness,AGREEABLY???No tears at all!!!❤️❤️🌞🌞☀️☀️👁👁🌺🌸🎁😎💜💜

  3. Christiaan Jellesma

    He really is the boss

  4. Acecool444

    Vocal Range I never thought Springsteen had. Favorite Song off the album.

  5. Tomás Moreira

    Beautiful 😀
    Thanks Bruce 😀😀🌞🌛🌝

  6. Eriol-Michael

    My second-to-favorite song on this album ( the first being Moonlight Motel). Makes you wanna sing your guts out.

  7. Wowmusicable Warcraft Music

    I love this album! Never been a Bruce Springsteen fan before but this album is amazing! I have discovered Bruce Springsteen thanks to this album.

  8. Michael Covington

    Nancy tore up your miracle....just walk away

  9. Brigette Palumbo Dimino

    Look what you've done! Look what you've done! A new miracle❤ thank you Bruce

  10. Harry Xilouris

    unbelievable come back the boss is back

  11. Antonio Porto

    The Boss

  12. ronit azran

    perfect song😍

  13. Fiorella stella

    Sempre il.... MIGLIORE....

  14. caritha rågård

    I love yoy Bruce and your music!

  15. Liz Zárate


  16. catherine pitrel


  17. Damian McDonagh

    Freehold, New Jersey. The Boss.

  18. ste ste

    Semplicemente FANTASTICA ! Bruce is simple fantastic

  19. annarks

    breathtaking heights

  20. Darius Scheiblhofer

    Una delle più belle canzoni che ho mai sentito

  21. David Gargiulo

    Great song. As a song writer I wish I had written it. Really just such logical theory. It all fits and makes perfect sense.

  22. Maura Musy

    My Bruce..a poet forever...❤



  24. Michael Simon

    The Boss is back

  25. Space Suitor

    H O L Y B O W ! E

  26. Marisa Skok

    Incredible.... as always .....

  27. sanoneiro

    There goes my miracle... ‼️‼️‼️

  28. Vincenzo Galizia

    Unico The Boss

  29. Guvna07

    The most un Springsteen Springsteen I’ve ever heard and I love it!

  30. Pietro Giustini


  31. edenilza rodriguez

    Bellissima,, da brividi 🖐️🖐️🖐️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  32. Lee Bruce

    Purtroppo snobbato hai Gramnx Award
    come. Madonna
    hanno candidato Lana del. Rey
    Pietoso veramente

  33. Donatella Cristini

    Da brividi 💔💔💔

  34. Giorgio Gio

    Stupenda .grande bruce.stupenda la locadina.

  35. Εφη Ποψη

    Number one for few weeks
    On THESSALONIKI.. Miricle
    Fabulous song amazing
    Voice.!! ❤️ Respects Mr.

  36. Valdenora Maria Nascimento Cruz

    Amo você Bruce que deus te abençoe

  37. Ginger Bella

    Oh my what a voice 🥰🥰🥰

  38. nadia spagnesi

    Stupenda ,ascoltata x caso ...... mi ha colpito ❤️

  39. Emanuele Zecchino

    Molto commovente...grande Boss✌!

  40. hilda van mourik

    forerver thankfull; now my kids are asking for more Bruce's music and lyrics

  41. marco babetto

    Quanto amo quest'uomo!❤

  42. Barbara Biondi

    L ' ha tenuta in un cassetto per anni e anni ...... grazie per questo regalo BOSS


    ma quando mai, e' del 2019.

  43. Gino Trottolino

    Tanto di cappello per chi, alla soglia dei 70 anni, riesce ancora a tirar fuori un pezzo del genere. Veramente un miracolo di pezzo.


    ed era il tormentone di Luglio 2019. Impossibile dimenticare. Qui non parliamo di artisti usa-e-getta.

  44. guglielmo scerra


  45. Rosanna Persiani

    Il boss è sempre il boss!!! Bellissima!!!!!!!! Brividi!

  46. Gionata Venturini


  47. niki 3

    Un cavallo selvaggio con un manto di velluto. Foto stupenda, stupenda canzone!

  48. Martin McDonald

    God Bless The Boss. This man just gets better. Is there a dud track on this masterpiece? It's been nearly 35 years since Slane Castle and Bruce still rocks, and few can write a ditty as sweet. Saw him on Graham Norton show, humble and cool. That's why he's the Boss.

  49. Louis Dettor, Esq.

    I thought I was a great song writer...Then I hear this and realize I know nothing of the craft.

    Martin McDonald

    Louis Dettor, Esq. Keep at it man. You know where you want to go with music. It is a great track. Good luck.

  50. lori burke

    This song is absolutely beautiful! The words the music, the voice... Love it!! Thank you Bruce..l Burke

  51. MORGAN5005

    Una delle poche belle canzoni di questo anno ( e anche degli ultimi tempi direi )

  52. Lee Bruce

    The best
    Tina. Turner

  53. Gib Williamson

    Geez, I bet Pavarotti could have done a great version of this

  54. johnny bajone

    best singing I heard from him.He qualified as a singer now.Great song, great stuff.

  55. DaveDaveTor



    Top man , top song ,just how many comments, that says it all! Listening jan2020👋

  57. Dave Parsons

    Totally David Bowie....totally

  58. Marco Rey


  59. Εφη Ποψη

    Super... Excellent.!!! 👏👏😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  60. Elisabetta Agnoletto

    Ogni volta che la ascolto mi emoziona tantissimo ❤️❤️❤️ c'è molta magia ✨✨✨

  61. Moreno Liberati


  62. Fedele Crusco


  63. Gary Smith

    Bruce has matured into a musical tour de force

  64. Sol Rosenberg

    An under rated song.

  65. Joe Briggs

    He tried to hard.

  66. Michele AMano

    This song makes me think of Roy Orbison. Love it!!!

  67. Andy Salcius

    Nice hook, reflects an effort to push his boundaries. Still.

  68. Dino Donzelli

    Grate Bruce, fantastic Song!

  69. Michael Escareno

    I saw the film Western Stars yesterday. IT IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!! Fantastic performances, fantastic sound, and beautiful photography of the performances and southwestern scenery in the introductions between songs!

  70. boils

    Bruce sounds like Sinatra at times here (which I mean as a compliment).

  71. Rosario Napolano

    Vorrei la Base per cantarla a karaoke come posso fare raga? Non lo trovata

  72. Kristiina Lagus

    I am wordless!!! Beautiful so beautiful,,Miracles!

  73. dryerlint17

    Hi Mexicans. I'm from Ohio. Glad to here from you guys. USA ain't no joke. Everything has a price. Welcome.

  74. david hodder

    Does it get any better

  75. Joe Baggins

    Very 'The Rising' esque

  76. Daniele Milani

    Penso che abbia in se una delle cose più importanti della musica, è diretta al cuore,ti fa chiudere gli occhi e ti fa dire "Ecco il mio Miracolo" un grande!Uno dei quei "Vecchi" che ancora oggi radunano milioni di cuori pronti per una nuova avventura
    Thank you Bruce ,you are Miracle

  77. Elisabet Karlsson


  78. Gordan Gordan


  79. Laurie Roemmele

    I lost my miracle and I’m looking for it. Thank you to Bruce for making me somehow find it again.

  80. Gianni Cannavacciuolo

    The boss is back...


    Però mi apre che assomigli un pò troppo ad un altro pezzo di Michael Bubblè ....Non trovate ?

  82. Federico Gallo


  83. Gregg Todd

    I love the multilingual posts Bruce inspires on this feed and countless others across the world. Even if I don’t understand the language the emojis, punctuation and structure speak volumes. The simplified 2nd language posts in English can be surprisingly deep and profound. Oh and I love The Boss and new album too.

  84. Paul Jacobson

    Love this song so much. Can't wait to see what he does with it in the film...

  85. Gun hellsweek

    Love this song siging

  86. Fabio Flamigni


  87. Martine Billen

    Love this song so much !!!!

  88. Tiziana Turtula

    Che miracolo di canzone ❤️❤️

  89. Antonio Gomes


  90. Eleonora Brunetta

    Bellissima canzone..nn smetto mai di ascoltarla..

  91. Carole Ethier

    À quand Montréal Qc ,,,, Tu Nous Manque Bruce XOxoxo

  92. יעקב צמח

    Come to tel aviv - israel. love you!

  93. Melody Moon

    LOVE 🥰

  94. Mauro Dallapietra

    fantastica e rillassante