Springsteen, Bruce - Sundown Lyrics

I'm twenty five hundred miles from where I wanna be
It feels like a hundred years since you've been near to me
I guess what goes around, baby, comes around
Just wishing you were here with me, in Sundown

Sundown ain't the kind of place you want to be on your own
It's all long, hot, endless days and cold nights all alone
I drift from bar to bar, here in lonely town
Just wishing you were here with me, come sundown

In Sundown the cafés are filled with lovers passing time
In Sundown all I've got's trouble on my mind

So I work all day out here on the county line
I tell myself it's all just gonna work out in time
When summer's through, you'll come around
That little voice in my head's all that keeps me from sinking down
Come Sundown

When summer's through, you'll come around
That little voice in my head's all that keeps me from sinking down
Come Sundown

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Springsteen, Bruce Sundown Comments
  1. Ana Marrero


  2. RJ Gronewold

    so very pretty

  3. Sergio Romero

    Esa voz rota es incomparable!!!

  4. F. Júnior

    I love Baby!

  5. ゴッティーだよ。


    Matheus Henrique Antonio

    Eai tudo bem ✌

  6. Ton Bel

    Amazing that he can put music out there this good!!!!!.....after all the years!

  7. Carlo Allegretti

    Questa è l'America che mi piace, che mi fa impazzire, che genera emozioni. Grazie Bruce, sei un mito anche in Italia.

  8. Mirian l Silva lino

    Amo, Amo, Love , Love.❤❤❤

  9. Gustavo Henrique

    Vim até o canal por ver ele no clipe We Are The Word, voz rasgada demais lá, com o passar dos anos o talento continua!!!

  10. Marco Speekenbrink

    This is the most extraordinary poetic " love letter" about chronical depression and family support that i have heard before.
    The brilliantly nuanced lyrics and deep melancholy tone really hits home.
    If you've afflicted with major chronic depression you will easily understand what he's pointing at when he metaphorically sing about "sundown".
    This song is a very intimate masterpiece that i will always treasure.

    "...When summer's through, you'll come around
    That little voice in my head's all that keeps me from sinking down.
    Come Sundown".

  11. M Gabrielle

    Fire by brucespringfield

  12. Cal Tom

    simply amazing.

  13. Filomena Catinella


  14. Fatima Regina

    Phenomenon!🌟 My favorite musician.🎸🎶🎵💚💛🤗

  15. Edna Pereira

    Maravilhoso ❤

  16. Brigette Palumbo Dimino

    Amazingly awesome ❤

  17. Nand Pramono

    Greetings from Indonesia Bruce.....

  18. Sensforce

    Beauty song! Love Patti’s Gibson Hummingbird!

  19. Leonardo Favale

    Bella canzone. Splendida versione. Grazie Boss. Saluti dall'Italia 🇮🇹♥️

  20. Gisele_ Farina

    adorei 👏❤️

  21. John Brain

    The one and only The Boss!
    Wonderful with harmony and his gorgeous wife with him as well!
    Bruce I know you had a tough time but you are now totally blessed.
    Thank you for all the amazing music I have been priveleged to listen to!

  22. Gonzalo Villalba del Canto

    Marvelous ❤️

  23. john fox

    broadway and a healthy head of hair

  24. Steve Hyne

    Bruce keeps giving and uplifting thanks

  25. Michael M.

    My God, this is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, or whatever adjective you can find to describe this.Only hope Bruce can continue putting out music like this for many years to come. Already have the CD: gonna head out west in the spring and take it with me. Plug her in and travel through the desert!!!

    Ximo Cogollos

    Yo también iré al oeste🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🎸🎸🎸🎸🌵🌵🌵🌵

  26. Brian Bender

    I like this song also wild horses and there goes my miracale

  27. w900L

    The voice may still be there, but our boy needs to lay off the just for men. Bruce we love you, you’re 70. We know that hair’s not black anymore.

  28. É Hora de Realizar

    Amazing, amazing, amazing!

  29. 天空海闊

    俺はこれが見たかったんだ!!日本でWestern Starsの完全再現ライブのCD音源の販売もありがたいが、映像でを見たいのが本音です。是非Western Starsの完全再現ライブ映像を販売してほしい。

  30. Chico Marques

    Muito obrigado, amigo querido.

  31. Frank Biz

    One word.....Amazing!

  32. B Athens

    I want to see this in a theater! Would've had to drive 100 miles to find the nearest one who ran it

  33. Stephanie genuina

    Toujours au top le Boss!

  34. Ricky candra

    What genre is this?

  35. madalyn _

    Saved me. Hope I get the opportunity to see him one day

  36. laura le clown

    Bruce ❤️❤️❤️❤️🧸

  37. Claudio Morea

    Mamma mia Bruce che canzone stupenda hai tirato fuori dal cilindro .... al primo ascolto mi ha letteralmente commosso ❣️❣️

  38. B- ROCK Justice

    The ( Boss) still have the same butiful Voice.

  39. Γιάννης Πολιτόπουλος

    Το ατέλειωτο όνειρο

    Με την ίδια πάντα
    παιδική φωνή

    Με τα ίδια πάντα
    νεανικά όνειρα

    Με την ίδια πάντα
    θερμή αγκαλιά

    Τραγούδι γράφουν
    τα χείλη του

    Μέλλον αγγίζουν
    τα μάτια του

    Γιατί είναι
    ο Bruce της αγάπης μας

  40. One Dirt Road

    I would love to hear this song with just Bruce and his guitar.

  41. Boonana 527

    It's not fair my parents got him and we got Drake


    Boonana 527 you got him right here. He’s touring again next year. Go see him. You won’t regret it.

    Tray P

    You can't compare both of them and if I'm being honest drake is overall better as an artist.

  42. Boonana 527

    He'd be the most legendary grandpa

  43. FRFAN1908

    I saw this movie in the theater and I was just like wow. I have to admit, Bruce is my favorite artist. But I had to get used to the album Western Stars, but after hearing it a few times it became better and better. And this live version, well I always say that the really great singers always sound the best live, and with Bruce this has always been the case. These live versions of the album make the songs so much better. I was just blown away in the movie theater.

    John Brain

    Sadly not been able to catch the film yet.
    Love this vid and I have listened to the album many times, it’s getting better each time I hear it!

  44. defaye philippe

    Bruce Springsteen est un génie musical doublé d'un homme droit et respectable dans toutes les dimension de sa vie.
    Longue vie à lui et qu'il produise encore des chansons aussi belles et émouvantes que celle-ci.

  45. Christophe P

    Bruce, the best, the boss, I love this artist. A great, great man, for me 🙏👏

  46. Maria Uilma

    Apaixonada estou😍

  47. Maria Uilma

    Como vivi 33 anos sem conhecer você???
    Completamente apaixonada 🤗😍

    Sergio Romero

    Yo lo conocí a los 21 años,su nostalgia es la mía, grande Bruce

  48. Tocimah

    it seems like a glenn campbell song. this before i saw Rhinestone Cowboy on the track. And some of the other songs have Johnny Cash influence prominently. Can tell his influences but definitely IS Bruce Springsteen stamp of creativity.

  49. Diego Bernards

    How someone dislike Bruce? No way! He's a Legend!

  50. Joop Van Den Heuvel


  51. Ljiljana Raičević

    obožavam ga ..sve su mu pjesme sjajne

  52. Massimo Massimo

    Awwww, he's still around with wonderful songs!!!
    THANK YOU, Bruce!!! 🤩😍🎸😁🔥🤠🇺🇸

  53. Gelci Ribeiro

    Música lindaaa👏👏

  54. Rosa Perico

    Incommensurabile. Grande Grande Entra nell"Anima😘😘😘

  55. Elisa Salonia

    Top of my Best,ogni volta che sento questa voce mi sento orgoglioso di averti seguito da sempre.Grazie Infinite BOSS!!!!

  56. Gun hellsweek

    Like this song

  57. Ronald Huberts

    Prachtige muziek. 👍😄

  58. Brian Morris

    Gosh I love this new album. To me, it's his best album since Tunnel of Love.

  59. Hal 9000

    Shut up and sing.

  60. Dewi. Rowlands

    Brilliant Bruce😎

  61. Hi Tech

    This song gives me chills every single time and hearing it "LIVE".... gives me orgasms.. Thank you God!!!

  62. Scott Rushing

    Bruce still sounds great! I love this album!

  63. Γιάννης Πολιτόπουλος

    Bruce is a summer dream that take us far away to the land of his perfect dreams.

  64. Michelle Halpin

    Love that guitar Bruce! You and Patti looks great doing this song together


    Great Boss! 💓🎸🎤

  65. athexa

    there is no music like that any longer. there are no lyrics like that any longer. he is truly one of the best. there will never be another Bruce.

  66. Thomas Maier

    Boss Bester for ever...from Germany...You are ever blessed for ever...Yes Sir Boss


    Great Boss! 💓🎸🎤

  67. Roy Causton

    As a 70 year old .... I look at this guy .... and just Love him ... his music ...his HEART .... a Great man to me ..one I would follow into battle ... literally

    nomans land

    Just a little aside: Google "Did Bruce Springsteen serve in Vietnam?" Not that I don't love Bruce Springsteen.😍

  68. chreif

    A Annette que se amarra

  69. chreif

    Hey Ms.

  70. Staffan Olofsson

    2:06 Vad fint att se att vår egen Malou von Siewers sjunger med i kören!!!

  71. Consult Assessoria

    Obrigado Bruce por suas músicas. Thank you Bruce for your songs.

  72. Pac Gang

    No, no, no, this is a breaker for very big stadiums. He does some very nice kicks in this version which would be perfect for late evenings with 90.000 sisters 'n brothers...

  73. Mécanique-Antique

    Votre musique a toujours accompagné les moments de ma vie depuis ce votre premier concert à Paris en Juin 1985 et je souhaite que sa dure le plus longtemps possible

  74. Valquiria Bueno

    Stupendoooo 🎸🎤 Love 💘 Bruce 💓

  75. rudy sanchez

    Still got the voice, doesn't look old, still making magic!

  76. Thomas

    Bruce Springsteen said, "The stewardship of the nation is — has been thrown away to somebody who doesn't have a clue as to what that means ... And unfortunately, we have somebody who I feel doesn't have a grasp of the deep meaning of what it means to be an American."

    Bruce, does the USA have to go 80% Latino and Somalian for it to be the America you envision? After driving home Barack Obama's message of hate for 8 years and at least 50 years of US Presidents driving home a globalist message to the people of the USA, don't you think America First is the message we should be working on?

    Where are you Bruce? Did you trade in your little brick house for a mansion in a gated community?

    Bruce David

    Bruce Springsteen is a weak little punk! Has very thin skin for being born in the USA.

  77. Mark Foster

    Someone please enlighten me as to what guitar he is playing? Cheers

  78. Terry C

    My birthday came early this year.
    3 long weeks for "Western Stars Film" in Kinepolis.

  79. DimensionVisitor

    Super album Bruce!!

  80. Bruce David

    Don`t follow their promoters, choose your own stars! Bruce Springsteen, George Carlin, Robin Williams, John Belushi just to name a few hacks!

  81. Jason Joannou

    Only ever 1 BOSS

  82. Matteo D'Argento

    musica ancestrale...

  83. Isabella Montero

    Where is it available to watch the whole film? I don't think it comes out in Spanish cinemas- can I watch it on iTunes Movies or?

    Ominous Dust

    It’s only in theaters for now I believe

  84. Ximo Cogollos

    The next album....next winter..... Tour 2020.....Bruce forever! Is Love.... Is God! 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🎸🎸🎸🎸 greats from Spain

  85. TheBstar49

    Love this version with the orchestra it's awesome

  86. Ralf Jäger

    i love your wife brother maahoo

  87. Ralf Jäger

    montag i am happy at this massege in salzburg

    David Adams

    I lived in Salzburg for a couple of years and went to school in Schloss Leopoldskron (spelling?) It's great to hear that you like Bruce. Oh, I went to school in Salzburg when I was 21-22 years old; I am 63 now but still have such fond memories of exploring Salzburg. It helped me understand more about the world and realize the US is not the only country of importance. Charming people in Salzburg and they were very nice to me

  88. Ralf Jäger


  89. Ronin

    Is he singing this about Ann Kelly ?

  90. Flor Cabj

    Que chabón más hermoso

  91. Maryanna Chris

    Magnifique !!


    Bruce the great!

  92. Toni Grosso




  93. Jack Sparrow




  94. Heiko Seefeld

    CD ist eh schon gekauft. Super Musik!

  95. Evgenia Morgan

    Come to Poland please Bruce, Yours Music give me a Power✌