Springsteen, Bruce - Murder Incorporated Lyrics

Bobby's got a gun that he keeps beneath his pillow
Out on the street your chances are zero
Take a look around you (come on now)
It ain't too complicated
You're messin' with Murder Incorporated

Now you check over your shoulder everywhere that you go
Walkin' down the street there's eyes in every shadow
You better take a look around you (come on now)
That equipment you got's so outdated
You can't compete with Murder Incorporated
Everywhere you look now, Murder Incorporated

So you keep a little secret down deep inside your dresser drawer
For dealing with the heat you're feelin' out on the killin' floor
No matter where you step you feel you're never out of danger
So the comfort that you keep's a gold-plated-snub-nose-thirty-two
I heard you

You got a job downtown, man that leaves your head cold
Everywhere you look life ain't got no soul
That apartment you live in feels like it's just a place to hide
When you're walkin' down the street you won't meet no one eye to eye
The cops reported you as just an another homicide
But I can tell that you were just frustrated
From living with Murder Incorporated
Everywhere you look now, Murder Incorporated
Murder Incorporated

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Springsteen, Bruce Murder Incorporated Comments
  1. William Goldrick

    bruce is cutting loose on this track clarences sax solo is out of this world fantastic i hear you e street tell it like it is

  2. anella d'ambrosio

    Che grinta !!!bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuce!😅😀😍😘♥️🎶💎🌟🎷🌲⛄

  3. Dougie Ballew

    Well we'll , thank you Mr judge for mention this song on 69 the rapper lol. 😆

  4. Carlos Mejia

    So can anyone explain to me why 69 judge references this song

  5. soolly 357

    Get ready to read about 69

  6. Sean Adams

    This looks like the dads who couldn't take listening to their kids Rock n Roll Talent show.. so now the boomers are up there

  7. Zach Coppola

    Who all here because of 69? lmoaaaaaaaaa

    soolly 357

    I was just reading about it

    HaE 231


  8. Ana Flávia



    Awesome.Up there with Tom Petty.

  10. George Andronis

    Many artists would base their career on that

  11. Douglas Saul


  12. Oppothumbs M

    Murder Incorporated was the name for a contract killing organization started in the 1930's by Albert Anastasia. It was basically the enforcement arm for the New York Mafia.
    Bruce grew up in Jersey in the 60's and 70's. Back then and there, the Mafia was more in charge than the government. This song is about what it is like to live under the mob's heel, to run afoul of them, to run, get bumped off, and then have the police not prosecute the case to hard because they're under the Mafia's pay.

  13. Evan Connors

    One of Bruce’s best decisions was bringing back Van Zandt and retaining Nils

  14. William Goldrick

    rock n roll whoooooooo eeeeeee

  15. Arshad Maqsood

    Boss is always right

  16. bossfan49

    Straight ahead, hard grinding rock and roll..with a message. Sort of reminiscent of Neil Young/Crazy Horse.

  17. Sunspot Dawn

    NJ are you listening?
    They're back.......
    The mafia drugrunners murderers....
    Drs killed because they wont push poison.

  18. Romulus The Ninja

    is springsteen rock or country rock...


    country rock?

    Markus Behringer

    @bossfan49 He's shitting us right??


    @Markus Behringer Perhaps he's asking because Bruce will soon be releasing a country-western influenced album "Western Stars". (He's released 3 singles so far...haven't listened to them yet) But, I mean...come on. Look at the guy's catalog...definitely a silly question.

    Markus Behringer

    @bossfan49 Ahh, ok. That makes more sense then.

  19. Quo Dolce

    Mizzica... Anche il Boss è invecchiato...

  20. Susana Silva

    incomparable beauty in every way ! <3

  21. fed1up

    Clarence is the man

  22. Jessica Barbot

    Strangely enough this song reminds me of Cocaine by Eric Clapton :)

  23. Andrew Ayling

    Seen him in concert twice,he is superb,love his music,this track,the bass,the sound its so strong.

  24. Harry Miram

    Don't really care much for Bruce but am liking this song!

  25. dab4546

    Miss you, my friend. RIP, Big Man...

  26. kike rivera

    el jefe

  27. Cristina Elena Rincon Llorca


  28. Antonio joaquim lucas Lucas

    its this ....

  29. Daniel R

    This is one of my favorite Bruce Springsteen song next to Human Touch and Tunnel Of Love

  30. Jack Vai

    guy wrote a bunch of unforgettable stuff

  31. Chr Hat

    "So you keep a little secret down deep inside your dresser drawer
    For dealing with the heat you're feelin'- out on the killin' floor
    No matter where you step you feel you're never out of danger

    So, the comfort that you keep's a gold-plated-snub-nose-thirty-two
    WELL, I heard you got a job downtown, man that leaves your head cold !"

    This is JUST SCREAMING purgatory, doom, and destruction.....

    He fucking kills it.

  32. Matt DeBlass

    The E Street band and Murder Inc: Both included a bunch of Italian-American and Jewish members, and both put out a lot of hits!

  33. Isma Rguez

    To make such a powerful rock and at low revolutions is one of the virtues of bruce. He did it also in the lp of darkness and in many other great songs. He is the best !!

    Susana Silva

    Incomparable !! I love Bruce !!

  34. Instant Karma

    What is Nicholas Cage doing there #4:04 playing the drums?😳 Not many can touch Bruce talent wise, if any.

    Henk Debal

    That's Danny Federici playing the keyboards :D But I like your comment :-)

  35. Daughter of the Horn

    Best 🎸 player!

  36. semperf1dude

    such an under rated track - love it, my fave

  37. Daughter of the Horn

    I see you 🔫!

  38. laura gigante

    ....kidnapping my mother is a murder , I sweat that we'll have justice......some where.....!

  39. laura gigante



    MENTAL .................................

  41. My beautiful beautiful world

    I love the motherf****** beats though 😎

  42. Steven Hodgson

    Have seen Springsteen several times, but always in arenas or stadiums. In a club like that must be incredible.

    Ftank Pyle

    It is unreal in a club

    Ftank Pyle

    I have seen him at the stone pony when he just showed up unreal it can not be described

    Luigi Napolitano

    Steven Hodgson I caught Bruce at the stone pony one night ....was sitting at the end of the bar with his hat tucked low when all of a sudden he stood up grabbed a guitar and played a hour and 45 minute set

    Best 2 hours of my life

  43. Carleton Candis

    Danny Federrici RIP

  44. derekocathain

    Who ever edited this video - diserves an award. Great cuts my friend.


    Film maker Jonathan Demme.

  45. Sebastiaan Sweers

    Ik ga uit mijn plaat nu

  46. Sebastiaan Sweers

    Super briljant

  47. Sebastiaan Sweers

    Love it

  48. Sebastiaan Sweers


  49. Terry Casey


  50. Donna Dumenko

    So hot!

  51. Rick Kilimun

    Needs to be on the 'Suicide Squad II' soundtrack

  52. Sohail Baloch

    This music will be remembered in centuries

  53. Therese C.

    Soooo good to revisit this incredible song and video again!

  54. Don Scott

    Even true blue Republicans love Bruce

  55. Floyd Mcfarlane

    brilliant bruce springteen song

  56. Mark X

    TBH I am not usually impressed with Bruce's music but this song is awesome :-)

  57. Martin Davies

    the boss at his best.

  58. Daniel Mclaughlin

    Great work. Should be played more. Springsteen at his best!!

  59. Giancarlo Felici

    The boss.......

  60. 斎藤建司


  61. Danielle Curran

    Should have been the the opening song for the HBO's Sopranos...especially with Steven Van Zandt being playing a role in the show..

    Scott Taylor

    SO TRUE.

    Peter London

    What was wrong with the opening theme to 'Sopranos'? It seemed perfect and so well threaded to the landscape being passed through, providing so much information and context for what viewers were about to see. The series included murders but was about corruption, arrogance, cynicism, greed and criminality as joint causes at work.

  62. tom

    forgot how good this was

  63. apothic D

    The United States Government is murder Inc. They don't give a shit about you unless you've got money that they can take. See the events of 911, then do your research. (That is if you have the power of deduction which most people don't due to their satisfaction with the smell of their own shit)

    Don Scott

    apothic D zz- - - zzzzzz

    apothic D

    Hey Don Scotty, you stutter much? I cant understand zz---zzzzzz.  You should get that checked. You sound like an idiot. Or you should get yourself away from the keyboard. You might accidentally insult someone due to your handicap.

    Don Scott

    You're a great American

    Don Scott

    You first a******

    Don Scott

    I can't decide if your big or little Apothic d

  64. TJ Harshbarger

    1 of his best

  65. StartabandRoxy

    Everybody was uninspired in the grunge era.


    And since.

  66. Ed Wu

    Amother great song here

  67. I'm not Gayyy




  69. Larry Daniel

    I had to wait 25 years to finally see and hear the song "Murder Incorporated". it to me is some of his most passionate work. The beat, guitar licks/ solo and drumwork in conjunction with everything else-makes it a monster driving and action song.

  70. Todd Roberts

    Hell Yeah !!!

  71. james pevec

    My favorite boss song, love patti to!!

  72. sadalmelik76

    31 dislike by Murder Inc. (ILOVETHISSONG!)

  73. Martin Davies

    boss by name and by nature

  74. Youza 75


  75. PsyVen

    Max Weinberg: most underrated drummer in rock n' roll?


    @Sunspot Dawn Joan Jett?

    Carleton Candis

    The Mighty Max


    Underrated according to whom?

    Grannysan Wilson

    Max reassured me after I was scared
    Then I was just plain terrified.yeah

    Joe REMery

    Him and Bill Berry are the 2 most underrated drummers ever.

  76. Antonio Lunanova



    his best tune...

  78. Patrick Rice

    this song kills coming from a guy who's played metal all of his life and love's all music from Hagard to steely Dan and not particularly a boss fan but when a song is strong you just have to tip your hat!!!

  79. Izel Vargas



    r.i.p Jonathan Demme


    What's his relevance to this song?

    I'm not Gayyy

    MrMortsnarg I would also like to know


    MARCO RUDEL rip big man

  81. dave

    Tranquilo. esta mañana decian que venian 400 ahora son solo5 vamos mejorando

  82. Pepe Molina

    gran teme de rock

  83. Martin Davies

    love this song

  84. Martin Davies

    brilliant song


    THE BOSS .....

  86. Bee Kay

    Not a huge fan of his, but just heard this for the first time on MTV classic. Great song! He should duet with Neil Young on this one.

  87. Rux Fertall

    The Boss is the best

  88. eric heine

    Written in 1975 while watching Prime Cut with Lee Marvin. Followed by Dial M for murder on channel 36. The gold plated snub nosed 38 was in the Robb Report. The writing of a sixteen year old kid. It's not so cmplicated. Iron American Dream on YouTube. Share it. Take a ride across the promised land.


    He wasn't sixteen in 1975...

  89. richard allonzo

    Seth Rich is jammin out to this one right now with about 50 more departed souls thanks to Hillary and Bill.


    Umm, what ??


    "Drank the Koolaid" ?? The only person drinking anything around here, apparently is you. You know have no idea what you are talking about. Tell us genius, how is Bruce corrupt now?

    M Mc

    The Clinton body count continues doesn't it Richard.

  90. Ellen Ward

    Brilliant Bruce Springsteen. Love 😍 the song so much. I have it on CD. Play it full 🌕 blast so good when you are driving

    Enrique Vazquez

    the fucking boss

    Daniel R

    Heck yeah. The Boss rocks The House

  91. wildpartypeople

    Hillary Clinton should play this song as her theme.

    Lori Olson

    wildpartypeople LMAO


    MG77 God bless PRESIDENT TRUMP, you losers. Trump campaigned for the votes of the salt-of-the-earth people Bruce Springsteen likes to sing about. Springsteen campaigned not for the votes of characters from his songs but for the votes of millionaires who pay him to write and tour those songs, company executives.

    Instant Karma

    Mister Sarajevo 😂😂🤣🤣

    Instant Karma

    @Magyar Dániel 👍👏👏👏👏❤

  92. The God of Truth

    This song should have been left on the Born in the USA album.

  93. MrLecourbe

    I just saw him and the E-Street Band this weekend at Zürich. One of the best concert I'v seen.

  94. lovewalruss


  95. Andrew Collins

    Without a doubt he nails it

  96. Steven Campbell

    what's Murder Incorporated about?

    Michael Burke

    It's about the enforcement arm of the mafia in America.

    Steven Campbell

    +Michael Burke.Thanks. It's a great song saw it live.

    Michael Burke

    @Steven Campbell Same. I went absolutely mental with it.

    Billy Therhinonyc

    im not so sure its specifically JUST about the OLD mafia/Mrdr inc., think it refers much more to the general amount of armed violence in the usa, including the us military, and the paranoia and fear of crime it creates-its like saying lost in the flood is about a rain storm


    well, the song was first recorded in '82 before its '95 release, '82 was one of the worst years in terms of violent crimes in the U.S including murders