Springsteen, Bruce - Just Like Fire Would Lyrics

One night in a motel room
Eyes cast like steel
I drank the wine that they left on my table
I knew the morning was too far

I smoked my last cigarette
I stay only to defy
The night was dark and the land was cold
It's frozen right to the bone

Just like fire would, I burn up
Just like fire would
Just like fire would, I burn up

500 miles I've gone today
Tomorrow's 500 more
Outside my window the world passes by, it's
Stranger than a dream

Just like fire would, I burn
Just like fire would
Just like fire would, I burn up

I go to work and I earn my pay, Lord
My sweat it falls to the ground
I see you now but we may never meet again child
The ice is hanging on the door

One night in a motel room
Eyes cast like steel
I drank the wine that they left on my table
I knew the morning was too far

Just like fire would, I burn up
Just like fire would
Just like fire would, I burn up

Just like fire would, I burn
Just like fire would
Just like fire would, I burn up

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Springsteen, Bruce Just Like Fire Would Comments
  1. David Connors

    God. Springsteen isn't The Saints.

  2. Blackheathenly

    A great song totally butchered.

    Tommy Jackman

    Blackheathenly well that’s certainly not an opinion shared by the song’s writer Chris Bailey—you could read a few interviews he gave shortly before his untimely death.

    I suppose you either like the sound of the E Street Band or you don’t, but I just think there’s so much to love in both versions.

    Hell, I might well agree with you that the original is better, but to call this “butchered” without any elaboration—when it’s clearly anything but—seems a little silly.

    But we agree on the single most important point: this is a _great_ song.

  3. Ahjoostdedah Behigpu

    The Saints. Not so much “ahead of the times” but just truly “shit hot”!!!

  4. Tom Martyr

    This version is nowhere near as good as the original ... The Saints Forever!

  5. Claude Monete


  6. Barry Greenwood

    Had a walk today
    Fuck it was hot
    Saw a sign said firewood for sale
    Song x

    Barry Greenwood

    Just reminded me that's all
    Always hearing bruce songs in my head x

  7. Stuart French

    The saints were a unique aussie band .the boss shouldnt have covered it. Sorry bruce. Still love ur work

  8. John Coogan

    Springsteen plays this song like a cover band .. Saints were before their time

  9. fossaalta


  10. fossaalta


  11. Valquiria Bueno

    The Boss 🎸 Love 💘🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼💕💕💕

  12. Eddie RUKidding

    Good the Saints

  13. dazzlingdublinblue1

    Great cover of a great song by The Saints.

  14. Ana palmira coelho

    I like this music.

  15. Ana palmira coelho

    I Like

  16. Johnno Ipswich


  17. Ana palmira coelho

    I like

  18. MannBrothersFilms

    The Boss!

  19. Ramoz J

    🇦🇺 🇺🇸 🇦🇺 🇺🇸 🇦🇺 🇺🇸

  20. GoodMrDawes

    Awesome. They all look like they are enjoying playing this gem.

  21. 1970borntorun

    Sadly, Bruce himself doesn't even write songs with hooks like this anymore. Ever since The Rising came out, Bruce changed. I'm sure losing Danny and Clarence, and then dealing with his Depression have taken a huge toll on his Art. Still love him as a passionate songwriter, having said all of that, though.

  22. Ana palmira coelho

    A great

  23. Fred Montelatici

    The Saints, from Australia.

  24. dominique clément

    Thanx Boss ! From France !

  25. The Komodo Collective

    wood? firewood?

  26. Marlene Belgrove

    Powerful band

  27. Crash Creole

    no one can hit that high C chord on vocals, Chris Bailey had a great technique, that album was really Chris Bailey saying something more than he could confined in the Saints image,pure urban poetry ,credit to Chris Bailey

  28. Ana palmira coelho

    Gosto da música e do BOSS.

  29. Joe Strip

    Loved The Saints but it's AWESOME that this great song got new life

  30. Boris Bevan

    Not a bad cover of a great Aussie band. The Saints.
    Not as gritty as the original.
    Saints were classed as to punk for punk. Later songs were closer to folk rock.

  31. CruelxYouthh

    best ever aussie band the saints

  32. Weary Wanderer

    Well done cover

  33. h y

    just his sound

  34. Ted Time

    yea a gr8 saints cover, i love the saints, chris bailey and ed kuepper the real saints, plus St kilda Saints and New Orleans saints, go SAINTS!

  35. salamango81

    Aint no saints bud

  36. Ruby Jack

    Great cover of a classic.

  37. Victor Zuri

    111 jerks didn't like the video.

  38. forever young

    Great Cover to a Great Song

  39. Frank Philpott

    The Saints, Ed Keupper...Aussie legends.

  40. Ricardo Mayorga

    Perfect to hear meanwhile i'm working in my illustrations!! ... just the perfection that Bruce can make!! pure authentic music!!!

  41. oatmealsavage9


  42. James Lee

    original is best no disrespect to Bruce Springsteen is intended !

  43. job Rothberg

    Bailey sings smoked my last pack of foreign cigarettes but Springsteen sings smoked my last cigarette, chris bailey had a knack for fitting whatever he wanted into a phrase also I think there's a verse missing lyrically one of the best. It's a bit weird, I give it a thumbs up but with broken thumb

    James Nolan

    job Rothberg .. No verse missing, everything the same pretty much apart from the one line change as you mentioned

  44. Barbara Cameron-Smith

    The Boss. The great song by The Saints.

  45. Richard Albert Henderson

    Not a bad version, hopefully Chris Bailey from The Saints will get well deserved income from the sales of this......

    Andrew Rogers

    Richard Albert Henderson hopefully yes, I agree. But when the Boss covers one of your songs... well, naturally, that's a career highlight.


    Excelente canção de Bruce..

  47. Cheryl Maroz

    Who gives a flying fiddlers fark about Patties hair... its a great son

  48. Juan Manuel Escobar

    Quien es el autor de esta musica...?

  49. Clive Bindley

    Hate the way Patti has her hair on this video, doesn't suit her at all.

    This must be the best song Bruce has covered that he didn't write..great tune.

    Jason Harshman

    I think Patti looks great here.

    Clive Bindley

    Naaa...she looks too severe with her hair pulled back.
    Looks better long and flowing.
    Just my taste I guess, I would never go for a woman with short hair.

    Sean Grant

    A nod to Aussie rockers The Saints

  50. machia0705

    As soon as I saw Morello , I turned this off .


    LOL !
    Well behaved ! Ha ha , I like that ...A well behaved Morello . OK , good point . Still like the stripped down band better though .

  51. DMXVevø

    fire always wins

  52. Wade Rawluk

    Who were the Saints?

    Merduh Yurass

    a Brisband band


    A Brisbane band that released a punk single before the Sex Pistols and The Damned, but a little after The Ramones' first album. Original line-up split in London and singer Chris Bailey continued the name (like Chrissie Hynde of Pretenders) and eventually turned the punk identity into a more heartland singer-songwriter thing. The Boss also did a version of Suicide's 'Dream Baby Dream', which proves he was born with his ear to the ground.

  53. George Chatziemmanouil

    This is THE BOSS......respect!

  54. Jarno Colosio

    Eric Burdon

  55. craig pollard

    great by the saints great by bruce springsteen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. GoodMrDawes

    Way go Bruce

  57. LR III

    The saints were so great. What a fantastic song.

    And, oh! Now we should all remember how fucking cool Springsteen is. This guy don't care about shit; if he likes it, he's gonna cover it. i'd be honored if Bruce Springsteen covered one of my tunes.

    John Hocking

    No kidding. I'd be thrilled just to meet him. Maybe spend a weekend bar-hopping in Manhattan.

    REM played six shows with him in early October, 2004, on the short "Vote For Change" tour, the purpose of which was to help turn out the progressive vote in an effort to defeat George Bush.

    They were in awe, and after returning to Athens, GA, where they, and I, live, raved about how modest, gracious and just plain nice he was. Bruce was obviously a much bigger deal than even REM. REM!! But they said he was just a regular guy, not a hint of a prima donna. (Traci Chapman and John Fogarty were also on the bill.) Apparently if you didn't know that Bruce Springsteen has been one of the biggest rock stars in the world for over 40 years, you wouldn't know it from hanging out with him.

    I mean REM? Hardly a second rate band (although, of course now disbanded).

    (Videos of many of the performances on this tour are available on YouTube.)

    Craig Williams

    couldn't have put it any better, in the immortal words of Meatloaf, " you took the words right out of my mouth "

    Bill Gulliver

    LR III right on LR!!

    Lena Johansson

    What LR III said!

  58. Louise L

    the original far far better

  59. John Seabrook

    Despite a cast of thousands,& all the right intentions, the original version of nearly 3 decades ago still prevails.

    Frank Philpott

    True. I love the original, and my band plays it too. Bruce is paying homage.

    John Seabrook

    I should add that Springsteen’s version is just fine too. I wasn’t being critical. Just so used to the original.

    Tim Martindale

    I love both. Great song by Chris Bailey, Springsteen's voice is insanely good.


    Chris has such a distinct rich voice. Hard to compete.

  60. ElCoyote1230

    Keeps me just smiling :D love this song. And the trumpets/the brass at 2:15. Hail to the Boss.

  61. Михаил Займидоров


  62. SLAYER HellAwaits

    Yep, my idol singing a mega fucking awesome Aussie song....thankyou bosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.....THANKYOU SAINTS!!!!

  63. John G

    I prefer the original version

    Jon Rakestraw

    As close as u can get to the original

  64. 100x100ghiozzo

    Bella canzone!

  65. Crystal Belle

    Sounds great! Many had never heard it, and sometimes singers are inspired to do the song of another. Would take a heck of a woman to inspire him to sing that, so doubt that was it in this case. Many reasons, but imitation is a great form of flattery. Perhaps he just likes the band and the song. It was as good for me as it was for him. Kiddos Boss.

  66. Miguel Andrade

    Muito Bomm Showww

  67. Pennatini Giorgio

    Altro pezzo di BRUCE magnifico anche questo non si deve dire più niente ascoltare e basta mamma perchè e cosi bravo Gio Penna." Just Like Fire Would "

  68. Phillip Ramm

    Please adjust the notes here to read: Music: "Just Like Fire Would" by Chris Bailey (The Saints)

    Deanne Doyle

    + Phillip Ramm you hit the nail on the head Phillip ) even though this rocks I love the raw sound of the The Saints and Chris Bailey was such a great Aussie character in the 80's loved the band live.


    Never had the pleasure but this American has listened to The Saints off 'n' on since 1977...maybe '78.  :)


    Amo Bruce Springsteen.....Assisto todos seus vídeos, todos os dias.

  70. shegocrazy

    Great cover by the Boss. Suits his voice perfectly.

  71. Michael Norman

    Awesome version!

  72. Nella Crosiglia

    Hello Uncle!

  73. russellbest74

    Not nearly as good as the original.

  74. Antonio Maria Jardim Gouveia


  75. Elvis Amaral

    The best, very good 

  76. Kilo Band

     A great compliment to a great band who happened to be light years ahead of their time - the Saints.

    Veli-Pekka Saarinen

    Amen to that.

    ken ross

    Inala Richlands "I Love so much" as i do the original song,

    Tim Martindale

    Remember light years is a measure of distance (the distance light can travel in a year). You're looking for a measure of time, not distance..


    When the boss covers you....welcome to the big leagues

    Ahjoostdedah Behigpu

    The Saints. Not so much “ahead of the times” but just truly “shit hot”!!!

  77. Bryan Wendorf

    This is a pretty great cover but very faithful to the original which was a hit for the great Australian band The Saints in the 80s. more people should know about them.

    Boris Bevan

    Bryan Wendorf
    Yes yes.
    Love the Saints


    yeah i agree

    Tim Martindale

    Arguably the first punk band. A lot hinges on what you call "punk", though. Ramones, for example, were called "punk" but were pretty boring. Sex Pistols were anti-establishment but a bit artificial. Saints played the kind of music that was to become known as "punk" but weren't called punk until later, after the Sex Pistols had made it big.


    Perfectly said!!


    Amen brother.

  78. Adler Post HC

    Bruce really likes "fire", right???


    Lol, yep, the way U2 likes "tonight"

  79. Adler Post HC

    Bruce really likes "fire", right???

  80. Krunoslav Šokić

    ...sounds a bit like David Bowie...:)

    Adler Post HC

    No, it doesn't.

  81. Sady Saiel


  82. Sady Saiel


  83. Javier Domínguez Paz

    Que. Puedes, decir de más. Grande ??. Nada........!!!!!!

  84. Matthew Bauman

    Are Tom and Bruce both playing lead guitar?

    fiery moon

    During this tour, it was really hard to say who was truly LEAD guitar...Tom shined on songs like "The Ghost of Tom Joad" and a few others but mostly hung in the back and was more or less a compliment to Bruce and Nils's playing (Stevie was gone for a big chunk of the tour when he was filming)"

  85. Screamin Eagle

    Tom morrello is in this video!?!? Love hime

  86. Shelley Porter

    Go th boss,keep rocken,till yor end..

  87. brenda lee sellers

    love this song

  88. Naomi andI

    Je suis amoureuse !! love u boss


    Covering the "Saints", great move the Boss,.Right on

  90. Ralph Sutton

    Hey boss pretty amazing you and the band aint ever sounded better !

  91. 1pd

    This has to be the worst song i have ever heard, absolutely terrible...sounds like he is dying behind the mic

  92. daniele pelaia

    excellent song by the boss

  93. paul davies

    wow great job boss, one of best aussie songs of the 80,s

  94. Bond JamesBond

    Please go and find he original Saints song on YouTube. It is so much better than this cover.

  95. Joseph Garrido

    Just like fire wood

  96. Damon Marsh

    A fitting tribute and acknowledgement by Bruce singing a song from one of the worlds influential bands from back in the day, The Saints.

  97. Max madeinitaly

    The Boss is back !!!

    fiery moon

    Hasn't ever left...!

    S H

    Never left

  98. thehucksters1

    fantastic song . Nearly as good as The Saints version. Well done Bruce.   

    The Hucksters.